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  1. Gas stations

    Lost 850k worth of gear -,-
  2. For Thomas

    House, Garage or Vehicle: Huron crate Your name: Juuso Your Steam ID: 76561198097776708 Registered Owner: Juuso https://altislife.me/player/76561198097776708 Transferring to (IGN): Thomas Orochata https://altislife.me/player/76561198129871866 Receivers Steam ID:76561198129871866
  3. Time Submitted: 06:54:23 AM | 08/23/17 Submitted By: EnJuuso (162) In-Game Name: [R] Juuso Steam / Player ID: 76561198097776708 Date of Event: 08/23/17 Link to evidence (player report or video): N/A Details of Event: This happened 15-20minutes before 8AM restart I bought my lovely mk200 from rebel and drove to kore fuel to buy some red bull and accidentally scrolled to rob gas station and it kicked me out. I joined back to server instantly and spawned and my mk200 was despawned. Pretty sure you can check the logs about me buying the gun and like 5mins after getting kicked. Compensation Amount: Mk200 750k MRCO 10k bipods 15k Silencer 75k TOTAL AMOUNT 850k Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  4. Gas stations

    When u start robbing gas station it kicks u out
  5. Make qilin legal

    500k or something
  6. Make qilin legal

    +1 Qillin is "no used" vehicle atm least what I have seen. I'd like to be able to drive around normally with Qillin without no worry of cops coming after.
  7. I might be on today 😮 

  8. Store all Button

    +1 Yes, this would speed runs and another shit, not much but still.
  9. Stop police from seeing wanted level

    Hell no... U gonna kill em' if they come for u...
  10. More and Bigger Greenzones

    -1 I dont like this
  11. New Server Rule

    Ill get some popcorn and watch where this goes. 😂
  12. Its gonna be hunting day...

  13. Scout all those runs fast