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  1. Vans

    It is on the server?
  2. Payout for runs

    Runs were great before.. Some say's that those were too op but currently there is only like 1-3 profit runs to do..
  3. Impound lot

    +1 Yes plez
  4. During past 2 weeks i've realized what real life is XD

  5. ACF ting

    Acf running low on money? Dont really see need for this at the end
  6. Gang tags

    +1 cuz great idea
  7. Police Checkpoints.

    +1 cuz why not
  8. Well emm.. 35C8CA38B5F84578BA2CB4F2B5AF356C1C677ADF

  9. 50.cal mags for type 115

    Give rebels 50.cal mags for type 115 or remove those fully... Personally remove the 50cal mags from server due how op those are...
  10. #Make meth better

    So the meth is still shit and useless run... My suggestion would be... Meth barrel price 2 500 full hemt box 250,000 Meth barrels weight 8 (100 barrels in hemt box) Processed meth weight 6 Meth sale for 14 000 (income from full hemt box is 1 400 000 - 250 000=1 150 000) Something like this.
  11. Repacking magazines

    Tbh there is need for this -, -
  12. Good night. @Charlie Knight @Tiger @Blackie @BertSon-G @Sig @Potato @Titan 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Alex King
    3. Charlie Knight

      Charlie Knight

      Really? I'm the only one who was nice? XD 

    4. EnJuuso


      @Alex King xd? @Sig i can try to ingnore u? 

  13. Bye

    Meh... My god @Jord

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