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  1. Police prowler

    Could we get sirens and lights added back to prowler
  2. Time Submitted: 11:25:24 PM | 10/19/17 Submitted By: EnJuuso (162) In-Game Name: White Death Steam / Player ID: 76561198097776708 Date of Event: 10/20/17 Link to evidence (player report or video): N/A Details of Event: Were on the server today and spawned into my house and large crates were gone and these crates had nice stuff. This is the second time that this happens to me..this has happened to my other house 8/12/17 If im right this is possible to confirm through logs? I know that i had AK - 12 with black ams and suppressor and bipods +13 mags. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/858359137153849647/957D91E9439C673279234E934C2334053C40AD04/ --Ak-12 is what i want to be comped as item's. Pretty sure that i had one of my mk200 inside another crate there with 4 mag's Last time when this happened the crates staid as ghost crates in the house so i couldn't put more crates so had to re-buy the house. @Tim can confirm this as he told to rebuy it Compensation Amount: Ak-12 with 7.62 suppressor +bipod black nato + flashlight + AMS Black + 12x 7.62 30rnd mags As item's <3 ---------------------------------- 2x Large crate's =300k Mk200 = 750k? 4x 200rnd mag's =380k? These are 1 430 000£ ------------------------------- Might be some vest's etc but these are what i want to be comped at least...(If there is more found through logs i want those too <3) Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  3. BLACK AK12

  4. christian police channels

    +1 Please no swearing
  5. Martial law

    +1 but the limit for operation gear should be like 75 players and there have to be mass gunfights going. Otherways -1
  6. Good bye for now..

    Hell fucking naaaaa......miss u
  7. Toggleable speed limiter

    +1 yes plez
  8. Fast rope for hummingbirds

    Just combat land the heli? -1
  9. 1 Year of PhoenixRP + EVENT!

    Btw @Raymond Reddington Is best admin!
  10. 1 Year of PhoenixRP + EVENT!

    When i first time joined server there were only 12 players. One of them were jay matafaking brean who showed this community to me. After 1-2 months on this server it started getting new player records every weekend and now its going really well 35-65 players everyday on server. I personally thank @Jelle @BertSon-G and OG Titan members for being cunt's againts me when i fucked up speaking english..but god damn...its long time ago we met first time! Been great route with you! <3 Then i thank support members like @Birdy for great help when needed! What comes to staff members...that they are great people, they know mostly what they are doing. Btw @Raymond Reddington Is best admin! And our most needed people red n' blue's, management and dev team members are the key for EVERYTHING here. Without them we wouldn't have this community.
  11. Funny how parents think that punishments are going to help to get motivation into school. Tbh it makes the motivation even lower than it is...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Harry / MK-1

      Harry / MK-1

      Punishments are memes.

    3. Wasted


      It just starts a rebellion ! 

      What ever it is, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Chin up, you'l look back on it some day and maybe even laugh about it. 

      It does indeed suck when a irl admin gives you an irl warning point -_- 

    4. Zinner


      Punishment only works as motivation not to break the same rule again. Positive reinforcements works as motivation.

  12. Quilins shoudn't be scrapped

    Been suggested plenty times already
  13. Air to Air initiation

    Yes yes yes and hell yes! +1

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