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  1. EnJuuso

    add asp back

    +1...cant snipe with asp
  2. EnJuuso

    vM - VENOM

    Accepted - Join TS for your tags
  3. EnJuuso

    Combat Storing

  4. EnJuuso

    Mechanic Job

    Hell na
  5. EnJuuso

    Old but gold

    Damn..good shit!
  6. EnJuuso

    CTSFO Patrol Limit

    Tbh only had 4 suv's out and got 2 Hunters and 1-2 prowlers + whole cop force after us..
  7. EnJuuso

    CTSFO Patrol Limit

    Kinda meme to see 2hunters and full cop force against few suv's
  8. EnJuuso

    Maximum Jail Sentence

    Tbh If i would get 1h jail time lets say for like 4cop and 4rebel kills i kinda might leave the server instantly.. @Nick Coca seems like u did alot effort this and thank u If this works somehow..
  9. EnJuuso

    Reply button

    Aa lazy person i like the idea 😂
  10. EnJuuso

    Compensation Request - vM l J.R - 07/07/18

    Hmm... If i aint wrong there were staff member watching our situation but not sure about The name...
  11. EnJuuso

    Compensation Request - vM l J.R - 07/07/18

    https://gyazo.com/240ef03d5a56c8e3a2e482b7f9fe4c75 As "any evidence" the picture what i had is only proof..
  12. What is this luck...go to chop huron and every1 gets killed by hacker xD

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Alexander


      It is a new way of removing money from the economy

    3. EnJuuso


      @Alexander Well kinda ain't working if the person who owns it still has it :D

    4. Alexander


      Shit @Sig disable the kill all script men

  13. Time Submitted: 03:10:09 AM | 07/07/18 Submitted By: EnJuuso (162) In-Game Name: vM l J.R Steam / Player ID: 76561198097776708 Date of Event: 07/07/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): http://prntscr.com/k3jjp1 Details of Event: Right before 4am restart hacker attacks and kills everyone... Compensation Amount: ak-12=500k 7.62 suppressor=300k lv4 vest 100k 13mags=78k Only wanting comp for these Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  14. EnJuuso

    Blue zones

    After that u get pulled into support of camping bz..
  15. EnJuuso

    Blue zones

    Just bank and prison?