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  1. Mrdbuffalo

    not meeting ping requiremts

    Dont use a free vpn...
  2. Mrdbuffalo

    not meeting ping requiremts

    *cough* use a vpn *cough*
  3. Time Submitted: 11:30:38 AM | 05/30/18 Submitted By: Mrdbuffalo (1607) In-Game Name: Alexander Downie Steam / Player ID: 76561198144590299 Administrator who issued ban: Thomas & Charlie Date of ban: 03/21/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Money duping. What reason was given for your ban? Money duping. Why should you be unbanned? I think I should be unbanned as it has been a long time since I was banned (The data given is rough, I don't know the exact date). I have also learned the effect the duping money has on the community, making hours of hard work by others pointless. I also now know that people put a lot of work into saving up money and doing runs just for me to be lazy and dupe. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  4. Mrdbuffalo

    The True Order { apps are now open}

    Ye good luck!
  5. Mrdbuffalo

    Initiation on Life

    I think if you clearly have a lethal weapon (visible) you can tell someone to do anything and they have to do it. So I have heard
  6. Mrdbuffalo

    United Rebel Army

    Name: Alexander Downie steam ID: 76561198144590229 Time on the server: 106 hours Any previous bans if yes what for: No bans why you want to join: I want to be apart of a group that is focused on having good rp but also making money at the same time. As I was told the URA isnt focused on robbing everyone they see but rather giving protection to the newer players. What member can vouch for you or directed you to this gang: G. Wolf, Raymond Reddington
  7. Can anyone else not loot unconscious players? I have advanced rebel and I could always loot them and then one day it just stopped working, is it that way for everyone?
  8. Mrdbuffalo

    The Best Run

    What is the best run after the update? I know that a hemit full of meth sells for £1mil. Sadly havent had time to check out the other updated runs.