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  1. AJD

    Need a loan

    Impressive, how much did you get in the end?
  2. AJD

    Need a loan

    Why do you need to get 3/5 million to restart your Altis life? Ask for 350k and work back up or even better get yourself over to the peach field.
  3. AJD

    Bohemia Server API

    It is, I thought that you guys used this for your player count at the top of the forum?
  4. AJD

    Bohemia Server API

    Ye, a Query API would have been great but it would be pretty easy to make one just using xPaws PHP Source Query.
  5. AJD

    Bohemia Server API

    So basically its a list of every server's IP and port which has ever been found by Bohemia. Its a lot like the in-game browser but very VERY outdated, filled with old servers and this list can be accessed by anyone with a browser (which is the good bit). Because of the way it works all of the currently online servers are in this list so if you were to check every one of the IPs and ports and saved the online ones you would have a list of all the currently online servers. Example use: Let's say you want to see what is currently most used Arma 3 Map is, you can check all the server which you have found to be online (query the results from the API and then store them if found to be online) and then you can see what currently is the most popular map. Another example: You want to see which game server provider has hosted the most Arma 3 servers... Easy, record all the results from the API and then use another API or database to check who owns the IP. And the just see which is the most common and there you go. Hopefully, that's a bit of help if it's not just think of it as a list of all the new and old servers.
  6. A Quick Note So basically this is an API run by Bohemia which is meant for use by their server browser (the online one at least) and isn't really documented but is very handy. Most of the over 1.3 million servers are no longer online but in theory, ALL of the currently online servers are in this API. This is because the servers are queried once when they are found/added and that's it... unless someone on the website clicks the manual refresh (spoiler no one does) so all the data is outdated and needs to be confirmed by yourselves. Support Games and the Number of Servers*: GAME ID | NAME (NUM OF SERVERS) Arma 2 (835) Arma 1 (148) Arma: Cold War Assault (204) Take On Helicopters (35) Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead (2,979) Arma 3 (1,337,508) *The number of servers includes those who were last seen as offline API Endpoint https://master.bistudio.com/game/{GAME ID}?count={NUM RESULTS}&page={PAGE NUM} {GAME ID} = The id of the game (they are listed above) {NUM RESULTS} = The number of servers you want in response (the servers start to die on out about 10,000) {PAGE NUM} = The page you want to go to (makes scraping the servers a walk) Example Request https://master.bistudio.com/game/6?count=1&page=1 Response (JSON) { "total":1337519, "result":[ { "port_id":"234859", "number":"2303", "game_port":"2302", "name":"An Amazing Arma Server - Kavala 24/7", "players":"0", "max_players":"64", "mod":"Arma 3;Arma 3 Zeus;Arma 3 Karts;Arma 3 Helicopters;Arma 3 DLC Bundle;", "map":"", "mission":"Arma 3", "type":null, "password":"0", "dedicated":"1", "game_id":"6", "server_id":"3", "status":"1", "created_at":"2014-12-17 17:09:41", "updated_at":"2014-12-17 17:09:42", "server":{ "server_id":"3", "ip_address":"", "created_at":"2014-05-31 08:32:09", "updated_at":"2014-05-31 08:32:09" }, "game":{ "game_id":"6", "name":"Arma 3", "appid":"107410", "protocol":"steam", "position":"2", "created_at":"-0001-11-30 00:00:00", "updated_at":"-0001-11-30 00:00:00" } } ] } Filtering There is a way to filter stuff out but I can be bothered explaining its format so will stick the most important one below. But if you want to filter out something else then you need to go to the server bowser, fill in the filters you want and then right clicked and open up the Inspector, go to the Network tab and then submit the form. You will see tons of stuff (wait till its stop loading) and then look for one which has a reasonable Waterfall and isn't and images. It will also begin with the Game ID, in my example, it's 5, Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead. A filter I recommend is the "Online" one, which will give you a better chance of getting online servers: https://master.bistudio.com/game/{GAME ID}?count={NUM RESULTS}&filter%5Bstatus%5D=1&page={PAGE NUM} The End So I am not sure how many of you found this usefully or at-all not boring but if you did a like and a comment would be appreciated. The API is great if you want to start a server tracking website (so you have ip addresses of possible servers) or just like coding and want a bit of data to play with. I will put a small PHP script below so you can play around with it on a web server however the API is a bit slow. If you have any questions just drop them below and I will try my best. Enjoy. PHP Example Script <!-- Simple CSS Styling --> <style>table {font-family: arial, sans-serif;border-collapse: collapse;width: 100%;}td, th {border: 1px solid rgb(232, 232, 232);text-align: left;padding: 8px;}tr:nth-child(even) {background-color: rgb(232, 232, 232);}a {font-family: arial, sans-serif;}</style> <!-- Results Table --> <table> <tr> <th>Hostname</th> <th>Map</th> <th>IP Address</th> <th>Port</th> </tr> <?php $starttime = microtime(true); //Takes the time when request send out if ($api = file_get_contents('https://master.bistudio.com/game/6?count=10&filter%5Bstatus%5D=1&page=1')){ //Sends request to server api $endtime = microtime(true); //Takes the time when request recieved $result = json_decode($api, true); //The response is in JSON so needs decoded $num_servers_loaded = 0; $total_servers = $result['total']; //The server's response gives the total number of servers accessible so may aswell print it foreach($result['result'] as $num){ //Loops through all of the servers given in response to the request echo("<tr><td>" . $num['name'] . "</td><td>" . $num['map'] . "</td><td>" . $num['server']['ip_address'] . "</td><td>" . $num['game_port'] . "</td></tr>"); //Prints to table ++$num_servers_loaded; //Add one to the servers loaded counter } $respond_time = round($endtime - $starttime, 2); //Finds the total time taken for the server to respond to the request echo("<br><a>$num_servers_loaded servers loaded out of a possible $total_servers - It took $respond_time seconds for Bohemia's servers to respond.</a><br><br>"); //Prints status //Remove the slashes from the 3 lines below to get the 'raw' output //echo("<pre>"); //print_r($result); //echo("</pre>"); } else { echo ("Page could not be loaded..."); //Incase it dosent load } ?> </table>
  7. AJD

    not meeting ping requiremts

    Dont use a free vpn...
  8. AJD

    not meeting ping requiremts

    *cough* use a vpn *cough*
  9. Time Submitted: 11:30:38 AM | 05/30/18 Submitted By: Mrdbuffalo (1607) In-Game Name: Alexander Downie Steam / Player ID: 76561198144590299 Administrator who issued ban: Thomas & Charlie Date of ban: 03/21/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: Money duping. What reason was given for your ban? Money duping. Why should you be unbanned? I think I should be unbanned as it has been a long time since I was banned (The data given is rough, I don't know the exact date). I have also learned the effect the duping money has on the community, making hours of hard work by others pointless. I also now know that people put a lot of work into saving up money and doing runs just for me to be lazy and dupe. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  10. AJD

    The True Order { apps are now open}

    Ye good luck!
  11. AJD

    Initiation on Life

    I think if you clearly have a lethal weapon (visible) you can tell someone to do anything and they have to do it. So I have heard
  12. AJD

    United Rebel Army

    Name: Alexander Downie steam ID: 76561198144590229 Time on the server: 106 hours Any previous bans if yes what for: No bans why you want to join: I want to be apart of a group that is focused on having good rp but also making money at the same time. As I was told the URA isnt focused on robbing everyone they see but rather giving protection to the newer players. What member can vouch for you or directed you to this gang: G. Wolf, Raymond Reddington
  13. Can anyone else not loot unconscious players? I have advanced rebel and I could always loot them and then one day it just stopped working, is it that way for everyone?
  14. AJD

    The Best Run

    What is the best run after the update? I know that a hemit full of meth sells for £1mil. Sadly havent had time to check out the other updated runs.