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  1. Time Submitted: 01:23:59 PM | 12/14/17 Submitted By: LSC (1605) In-Game Name: Lindo Steam / Player ID: 76561198031634619 Date of Event: 12/14/17 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://youtu.be/4xg82eez-ig?t=25 Details of Event: i just logged on after being away over a week and now have a balance in bank of £0, had to get a friend to send me £100,000 just so i can retrieve my vehicles, you can see in this video i used to have over £100,000,000 Compensation Amount: dunno i gave a few mill away after that video so lets say £105,000,000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  2. LSC

    Lost over a Mil

    Not been on server for like a week and came back to bank balance of 0. I previously had over 100 million pounds.
  3. LSC

    Lost over a Mil

    Not been server for like a week and came back to bank balance of 0. I previously had over 100 million pounds.
  4. Again someone too stupid to pay attention to my arguments, i never said i shouldn't have been banned... Also Jelle, remember that time you broke a rule on me and i just let you off completely because I'm not an ass.
  5. If anyone can demonstrate how what I've stated is wrong then please feel free to do so and I'll happily take back my statements.... until then don't be surprised why people are unhappy with the conduct of the people managing this server.
  6. How is this not civil? I'm giving you clear and fair feedback. If the truth hurts your feelings then I'm sorry there is little i can do to remedy that.
  7. lol I'm not after reporting people.. As i was expressing in the video... its a game. Get over yourselves, lording your positions over others. Ruin his experience? what a laugh i can upload the 30 min "Experience" and demonstrate how poor it was on their part. So trust me nothing was ruined. Don't act like seeing admins f#!k around on the server with you and you all laugh with me part of it that I'm not going to think "well obviously rules aren't the be all and end all". This wasn't just anyone i did this too, it was Conner knowing full well its Conner. ... thats the whole point!
  8. Why should i be expected to keep my observations to myself when others are not? lol This video was posted to demonstrate the unfair, hypocritical management on this server. Conner didn't even let me talk to him and banned me for something so minor in comparison to what others have done to me that hold high positions on this server yet i shrug it off and laugh and say don't worry about it. I was in the video trying to explain that just the other day Wasted moved a vehicle of mine and spawned building around me. Was that not FailRp also? Foxhound RDM'd me and i laugh and say no worries. etc etc Conner was in my opinion abusing his power and throwing a tantrum. This video was to demonstrate that. Not to claim I'm at no fault.
  9. I'm sorry am i trying to say i shouldn't have been banned or that i didn't break a rule, No? Then why are you talking about it? You're obviously clueless of the reason it was posted.
  10. It wasn't an insult, just mere observation. If this is truly all he derives from the video then hes seriously lacking.....
  11. lol aren't you a sad individual
  12. yes, you're .. .as in "you are" lol
  13. Then you're lacking in your senses, that or you're simply stupid.
  14. Conner throwing a tantrum ..... as i tried to explain though that when him and wasted do the same or worse to me its okay... but i got T1'd lol abuse of power? Didn't even let me talk to him before banning.
  15. Conner learn to take a joke....