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  1. HOI 4 Campaign

    Unless it's during the day and I can get to destiny by 6pm :p if so I'll stick to USA but the communist states of America No land grabbing or justifying war goals until 1938???
  2. HOI 4 Campaign

    Taken by Kayle bud @Raymond Reddington just remembered I can't make it, destiny 2 comes out tomorrow, USA is open
  3. NPAS Vehicle spawn

    since the latest update i have been unable to spawn vehicles at the NPAS store all i get is this screen and i have to re log into the server
  4. HOI 4 Campaign

    Calling USA!! Murica!
  5. HOI 4 Campaign

    Can we form alliances?
  6. Personal curiosity

    Every officer is different, and it's hard to draw a specific line in the sand about police attitude to armed civs everything is case by case, all I will say is we do try to reward role play but it's difficult when everyone's default reaction to police (and vice versa) is hostility. Everyone is on edge all the time and it leaves very little room to rp. I would suggest that we all initiate a little less overall, not everything has to end in a gunfight or an arrest.
  7. Thanx Phoenix

    Or failing that just lie really far back and use your body as a desk, I personally can fit all my monsters and fidget spinners on my belly and still have room for a few packs of Doritos.

    +1 and necro bump because I think this is a really good idea for havoc, have a small heist worth about 5-7mil. I have done a little draft of where I think would make a good heist red is the gallery and blue is the trader. (This was made on my phone and in less than a minute)
  9. NEW BANK?

    +1 the msr gives rebels little to no time between starting the bank and police showing up, would be cool to respond to a bank and see them loading up by the time I get there, or having to stop a convoy of rebels sounds like a lot more fun than wait for negotiations to fail then start shooting, we already know where everyone is as we had 5 mins to set up and Mark everyone on the map.
  10. What textures would you like to see?

    Bring back the tiger hummingbird!
  11. Huge congratulations to @Kayle Ravelle well deserved!!!

  12. RP rewards

    The rp should be the reward, I would suggest the opposite, such as demotions in your faction / gang for poor rp.
  13. Player Report - @Dimo @Kazuhira - 10/20/17

    from what i can see in the evidence there was only you and 2 other gang members, the other player inst part of your gang. even with the other player with you that's still 4 people. they were not surrounded from what i can see and 4-2 is considered a fair fight and not in breach of 7.1. @Dimo what is your side of the story??
  14. RP rewards

    I like the idea of having a role play section on the forums but I do not see Phoenix being able to hand out cash every month
  15. Moonshine Runs - Risk = Reward

    Or, and I know I'm going to get some push back here, but havoc could tone down the punishments? Not speaking from personal experience as I think their punishments are fine but if community perception is that it is too risky maybe it's the answer

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