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  1. Dex

    AJA | Recruiting

    Locked at the Request of OP
  2. Dex

    Ban Appeal - anthony - 04/22/18 - Altis Life

    Declined: Timed out
  3. Declined: To appeal a community ban use this email link: [email protected]
  4. Accepted: Please do not let anything like this happen again, if you need help understanding any of the rules please come to the support rooms on ts and speak to a support / staff team member.
  5. R.I.P Halo Online: the best halo game since 3's original release. also, fuck you Microsoft!

    1. Charlie Knight
    2. Matt


      Wait the one by ElDewRitto??

  6. im going to be placing this Under Review i will update here with a decision. in the meantime i just want to make sure you understand why you get banned for restraint glitching, when you are placed in restraints you have 0 accsess to your hands, legs, inventory, when you are placed into the back of a police car you have no means of escape, if you jump out using the scroll option that would be failrp
  7. could you tell me what rules you broke and why it is important not to break them
  8. Dex

    Ban Appeal - Shadowfrags - 04/23/18 - Altis Life

    Declined: the things you have said are not acceptable in this community.
  9. Accepted: 1500 comp issued
  10. Dex

    Ban Appeal - anthony - 04/22/18 - Altis Life

    Do you understand the rules you broke, and why its important that the rule is followed?
  11. Dex

    Ban Appeal - ChanEx1337 - 04/17/18 - GTA FiveM

    Declined: Timed Out
  12. Accepted: GB issued to scotty lang for VDM
  13. Accepted: GB has been issued for combat logging
  14. Time Submitted: 01:12:07 PM | 04/20/18 Submitted By: Dex (1597) Full Character Name: Dick Martin Date of Birth 06/05/85 Age 32 Character RP Story: My name is Dick Martin, i was born to a drug addict in eastern paleto bay, my upbringing was not an easy one, a life of petty crime and prison time was what most people expected from me, instead on my 18th birthday i moved out paleto bay and moved to the city, i lived in a small 4x8 appartment until i got a job as a paramedic in training, now that i am on my feet finacially i would like to move on emotionally, i have decided to dedicate my life to cleaning the streets of addicts like my mother, getting them the help they need and hopfully to end the use of drugs entirley all over the city Why do you want to join LSPD?: i want to join the LSPD because when i was growing up in paleto bay i saw that most of the police there are on the payroll of the major drug cartels, they turn a blind eye to drugs and violence on their streets, and take the blood money from the families of victims... My goal is to put a stop to this, by leading by example i hope to ensure that every cop on my patrol has only the interests of the Department in mind, while this is my primary concern i have a few others that i would like to fix, such as the blatent disregard for trafic laws people seem to have these days. Why should we choose you over other candidates?: you should chose me because i have experience in the emergancy services, i am also confident and willing to learn.

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