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  1. yo

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    2. Michael


      The staff lead I wanted but we got @Alexander instead 😧 

    3. Alexander


      Only if you were active micheal, only if.

    4. Cobra★
  2. Dex


    nobody will ever know quite how much i love tea....
  3. Dex


    this has been on the horizon for a while now, but i did think it would be a while away, but anyway today i am announcing that i will be stepping down from my position in the staff team and leaving the community, this is due to many things, a lot of them being a mixture of rl stuff and the fact that i cant have fun on arma anymore, i have a few thank yous but not that many, @Charlie Knight and @Matty James you two have been my best mates on phoenix since i met you guys and i doubt that will change now. @fleur its sad to leave you before you could even take a police holiday but i will always remember SNU and the fun we had trying to hold the dead unit up @FoxHound & @Zinner thank you two for giving me a chance in the staff team and for leading it the way you did, you are both a credit to this community @Sean Raven i hope you know you are carrying me through for honor right?? #Sean4Admin @Alexander thanks for letting me enjoy those fat altis news paychecks. (still waiting on admin paychecks btw) keep up the good work as staff lead bro @Ninj nearly forgot the pointless ninj mention! stay squeeky boi if i have missed you its because its midnight and im tiered af... peace ❤️
  4. Dex

    Compensation Request - Carlos Vuitton - 06/20/18

    Accepted: 300k Comp Issued
  5. Accepted: GB issued to [SC]Kumkashi for RDM + Fail Initiation
  6. Dex


    Declined but for real buddy i will miss you, it certainly will be different! you better still be on the teamspeak!
  7. Accepted: 243,750 comp issued
  8. Dex

    Compensation Request - [TBA] Jimmie Akesson - 06/20/18

    Accepted: 300k comp issued
  9. Dex

    Nerf cartels

    havoc starts at 40k police about half that this is a great response, well thought out and has maths behind it, while i can admit that the 70mil per day number is overexadgerated (through no fault of mine) 50 mil is still a lot even as a top end number, its more than you can make doing runs all day and with runs there is the chance to rp, i still think the way forward is to nerf the cartels so they are either in line with runs, or just behind them. this would increase rp by encouraging runs (which are much more social) as apposed to cartels, while at the same time still rewarding cartels for people that enjoy them.
  10. Dex

    Nerf cartels

    a police holiday gang, more than likley inactive or disbanded
  11. Dex

    Nerf cartels

    that number was given to me by @Michael Constantino when i asked how much he made in 1 day after forming a gang
  12. Dex

    Nerf cartels

    ATM rebel groups could create a gang and make around 70mil in less than a day this is an issue for the server regardless of much you individually like money and we need to recognise that. @Zyn @Matty [email protected] Raven @Michael Constantino
  13. Declined: with the greatest of respect, to have such a term ready to blurt out as a reaction says to me more than this ban appeal does
  14. the video you provided is not available, could you update the link for me
  15. Accepted: 200k comp issued