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  1. Jackk

    Hi guys, it's me, Dredd.

  2. Jackk

    Phoenix 5

    Crazed... I like that RP
  3. Jackk


    @Eoin Thanks mate, I really appreciate it!
  4. Original Is Steaming! 




  5. Jackk

    NO medics for help

    @Razvan Medics cannot help everyone, especially when there aren't many online. If you have a problem with medics not responding to certain situations in fast response time, I have a perfect solution -- https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/4-ams-application/ - Go and apply to be a medic, have fun!
  6. Jackk

    Compensation Request - S | Bacon - 07/11/18

    @Alexander Yes me and @Ciaran witnessed this happen, he reconnected and lost all of his gear after Ciaran had to kick him due to his player being bugged.
  7. Jackk

    Cinematic Mode

    Nice Idea!
  8. Looks good! Good luck!
  9. @robin Came to support and attempted to resolve this rulebreak with 409Chat. We waited around 10 minutes after the dispute was sent out to him in-game and he did not come to talk about this. @Sean Raven Case No. 7147
  10. Jackk

    Jackk recomend for admin

    This the only word you know now? YIKES
  11. Jackk

    i guess this is it

    Cyaa man, will miss ya D00D. Had some great times, you boiz in DGN got me to where I am in the community today. Hope you will be back soon my man 🖐️
  12. Jackk

    ASDA - Apply to us today!

    ASDA We are a bundle of employees who are on strike about our wages, we are employing more people to join us on strike. We will stack shelves throughout the day, but we will cause chaos on the streets at night. Want to apply to ASDA? CV Template Name: Age: Gender: Any work experience?: Goals/Aims: Can you ride a trolley?: Education: Previous Jobs: