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  1. Wish I was as good as this
  2. He was a shitter back then, he’s alright now I guess🤔 n1
  3. +1 no one does bank atm
  4. Jackk

    Qutting Arma

    everyone comes back 😉
  5. Here to bitch? It's called 'General Discussion' for a reason. And I am discussing what you have stated.
  6. You're complaining about saying that a faction should not be going about shooting others and all they should do is Roleplay. Many roleplay situations do turn out into gunfights, thats just how Altis Life works and other RP servers work.
  7. Not true at all xD All of my arma hours have been on RP servers with a bit of TDM, I enjoy to RP and I enjoy to frag just like many other people on these RP communities. If you spend your time here whining about not winning gunfights, either get better at shooting, do alternative things to make money, or go to cartels at different times. I have been an admin on this community, doubt they'd want someone as an admin that just cares about fragging in the staff team 😕
  8. Make money different ways then???? Or don't get fragged????
  9. If you are so focussed on RP, why are you going to the cartels anyway? @Liam Scott
  10. I understand your point here but you have to realise that Police can have there fun shooting people as well, because after all the game is based on shooting others. I understand there are many other servers that people can play to go a shoot people on like KOTH or TDM but, it is different as to shooting players on Altis life. The reason police go to cartels is stop gangs from earning money as when they cap, they get money into their gang funds and after all they are drug/weapon cartels which is illegal. So, police are doing their job by preventing them from gaining money and spending that money on more weapons. Only TFU and command can go to these cartels and, they can only go when there are like 10 officers on normal patrols so, when they are in capture cartels there are other cops on patrol etc. @Liam Scott
  11. I accept your apology gamer xox
  12. happy bday DGN leader

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