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    1. ✝ Трелони-высокий класс ✝
    2. Jackk


      Black Ops 4 is still better, they just gotta fix this fast xD

    3. ✝ Трелони-высокий класс ✝

      ✝ Трелони-высокий класс ✝

      Well they are different games, the release shall show what the game is worth even though they fucked up by adding soldiers that were irrelevant to ww2 I had quite some fun in the beta and I like the new gameplay mechanics. Also graphics are way better and from what I see, you will be able to change your soldier so you don't have to be some 18 year old irrelevant girl with a german machine gun running around holding it with your metal arm xD 


  1. Jackk

    So long...

    Like I said, they know who they are 😉
  2. Jackk

    So long...

    Zinner is the only lucky one that got a tag xD. Cya later buddy ❤️
  3. Jackk

    So long...

    I agree +1
  4. Jackk

    So long...

    CYA dude and yes please. Carry me to DMG plz. Gold Nova Master right now xD
  5. Jackk

    So long...

    Bye bye bby xox
  6. Jackk

    So long...

    Add me now brooo - https://steamcommunity.com/id/minty_0123/
  7. Jackk

    So long...

    As some of you already know I haven’t been playing Arma at all lately (CSGO MAIN). The reason being is that I have spent long enough playing Arma and games in general tbh. I want to thank the people who have made my experience on PhoenixRP great! Those people know who they are so no need for tags. Also want to give a big thanks to the Staff Team, especially @Zinner for allowing me to reach the point I wanted to get to in the staff team. Anyway may be on steam every now and again or discord so if you want you can still keep in contact. Thanks Everyone!
  8. Jackk

    In a bit lads.

    True maybe something like this for me soon. Busy with life LOL
  9. Jackk

    In a bit lads.

    Wow I’m salty now @Moh Lester
  10. Jackk


  11. Jackk

    Character bug

    After that server crash, everything seems to have fixed itself.
  12. Jackk

    Character bug

    Joined the server and had the taxi and police app but after joining today I didn't have them in my phone. Also, I now have no money in my bank account and I cannot pick up weed, meth, etc.
  13. Time Submitted: 09:57:00 PM | 09/21/18 Submitted By: Jackk (1563) Full Character Name: Jackk Date of Birth 07/02/00 Age 18 Character RP Story: My name is Jackk, I have been working a pizza delivery boy in Los Santos for the last few years while finishing off college. I have always been interested in becoming an officer of the law, since I was young boy I watched so many police documentaries and movies and my uncle was one too. He was an Inspector, until one day when being on duty, a group of gang members shot and killed two officers, one of them being my uncle. The gang members were never found and my aim as an officer of the law is to make sure nothing like that happens to anyone ever again, I will do my duty as an officer to put a stop to it, and I will try my best to investigate who was responsible for my uncles death. Why do you want to join LSPD?: I want to join the LSPD as I am new to FiveM servers and I think join a faction will help me gain experience in this area, and I am expecting a lot of fun to come out of roleplaying as an officer. Another reason why I want to join the the police is because I already have experience on what RP'ing as a police officer is like due to playing on the Altis Life server, I would love to see what it is like here. Why should we choose you over other candidates?: You should choose me over other candidates because I already have experience on the police side of roleplay which not all do and I can help with anything that needs to be done. I also stream quite a bit and so I can show others what being a police officer on FiveM is like.
  14. Wait... ethan does dev work? Jks +1 ❤️ Ethan