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  1. Jackk

    First Man To The Moon

    Damn, my cover is now blown
  2. Jackk

    Ban Appeal - MIKE - 08/18/18 - Altis Life

    Timed Out Declined
  3. Jackk

    Player Report - Arter - 08/19/18 - Altis Life

    Okay, after reviewing the evidence. Arthur does not give you enough time to comply, as he finishes is initiation once you are already aiming at him. Artur has been warned 3 times for this and clearly has not learnt his lesson. Report Accepted Ban Issued: DSC 4 Days | RDM @Benwh: If you would like compensation for this, please go to our compensation form and link your evidence.
  4. Jackk

    Compensation Request - [SFG] Neil Wilson - 08/19/18

    Since the medic was only 500m from when you were downed, you had a good chance of getting revived. I will be accepting your comp request. Total: 611,000 (This will be in your account at the 16:00 BST Restart ACCEPTED
  5. Jackk

    Compensation Request - BigPotato - 08/19/18

    Hello, I have reviewed the evidence and all I see is you getting kicked off when flying a hellcat. I do not see the part where you are getting robbed. You only lose your hellcat if it gets chopped, and since there is not evidence of it getting robbed from you, I will be declining this compensation request. Also, you may have been getting kicked off due to high ping and if that is the case this issue would be client side. Compensation Request Declined.
  6. Jackk

    Thanks Phoenix! It has been fun.

    Cya later my dude. First admin I met on the server, you will be missed 😥
  7. Jackk

    Ban Appeal - MIKE - 08/18/18 - Altis Life

    @mike 44 Please respond within 24 hours otherwise this appeal will time out.
  8. Jackk

    Ban Appeal - Alex Jones - 08/19/18 - Altis Life

    Since this was a long time ago, I am will to lift your ban. Please make sure you go ahead and read through the rules as there has been many changes, you can find them here Unbanned
  9. Jackk

    Player Report - Arter - 08/19/18 - Altis Life

    The accused has 24 Hours to respond to this report.
  10. Jackk

    Kaane Phoenix 1

    Sick tage 🔥
  11. Jackk

    Ban Appeal - Alex Jones - 08/19/18 - Altis Life

    Can you please quote the rule that you broke and explain it in your own words.
  12. Jackk

    Compensation Request - maykel - 08/18/18

    Compensation Request Accepted Total : 3,200,000 This will be in your bank at the 12 PM Restart
  13. +Rep best staff guy

  14. Jackk

    Compensation Request - C|Neamt - 08/18/18

    Compensation Request Accepted Total Amount : 2,400,000 (This will be in your bank account at the 12 AM Restart.