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  1. Please can someone give me DELTA tagzzz for the forums thxx xox

    1. Alex King

      Alex King

      Done and done

    2. <Just Jack>

      <Just Jack>

      Thanks mate 

  2. <Just Jack>

    Less rain

    + 1 Lagz for dayz
  3. <Just Jack>

    Thoughts on rubbers?

    I think rubbers are fine lol
  4. <Just Jack>

    Fake ID

    + 1 However, I reckon you should have to work for it (make it yourself) as it it will be too easy to just buy one
  5. BTW I am not the Just Jack everyone keeps asking me, I just coincidentally have the same name XD My name is Just Jack because it's just Jack :91_thumbsup:

  6. <Just Jack>

    Seize cash

    +1 However, it should be made so that the money will disappear as this will mean Police/DELTA will receive all the money from the drug run into their hand. Doubt the devs will make it like this as that is a bit OP but just putting a point across.
  7. <Just Jack>

    How to Use the Dispute Menu

    Helpful video actually, was wondering how you could do that. Thanks! @Kiran
  8. <Just Jack>

    Cops pay for 7.62

    How about they pay for their donuts?! SORTED
  9. <Just Jack>

    Cops pay for 7.62

    Rebels have there side of the fun as runs can be fun. They work for there chance to get there hands on weapons and licenses as that is part of being a civ/rebel. Making police have to pay for there gear just makes no sense to me as they are a whitelisted faction and they are meant to be responding to high crime with big weapons. If police had to pay for their gear, yeah maybe they’d value their life more because of having to spend money on weapons etc. But I just think there aren’t many police within the server and this will definitely lower the numbers.
  10. <Just Jack>

    Cops pay for 7.62

    This was tried on a server I used to play on and it did not work there so I doubt it world work here. It will most likely stop police from playing all together. Yes I get the fact you’re trying to do this so rebel’s and police are fair. It doesn’t take long at all to start earning money as a rebel, join a gang and get them to defend you when doing runs. Police should not have to buy their own gear because it is meant to be Roleplayed as a job which means clothing and armoury is police issue (presented to them for free). Also, usually whenever we (Dudes get Nudes) go up against police it’s usually a fight where all of us have 7.62 weapons and only some police have 7.62 (Command/CTSFO). I’d say it fair.
  11. <Just Jack>


    Good luck lads, Looking forward to bumping into you in game.
  12. <Just Jack>

    Agios Spawn

    Isn't that for the purpose of patrol as a taxi driver though, in my opinion its kinda exploiting the fact you have paid for the taxi licence just so you can spawn there.
  13. <Just Jack>

    Agios Spawn

    I am suggesting that there could be a choice to spawn in Agios as it is a major town on Altis and there is already a garage there. I suggest that if this does get implemented you relocate the gun shop in Agios to somewhere else, I am sure that many people don't think its a good idea to let new players have their hands on a weapon in the first 5 minutes of playing as they should need to work for it beforehand.
  14. <Just Jack>


    I think the prices of gear seem to be fine, it is so easy to earn money on the server. A cocaine run in a tempest device takes around 12 minutes and you'll get a big increase in profits if you have all the drug cartels captured. Also if people roleplay with the police instead of jumping into your truck you might even get away with it, roleplaying your way out of situation is what police prefer instead of always shooting your way out of situations.
  15. <Just Jack>


    +1 haven’t needed to use a fuel station once tbh. Also, fuel cans will be used more often as well

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