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  1. Time Submitted: 10:11:56 AM | 02/16/20 Submitted By: 7sheep (1555) In-Game Name: Ethan Steam / Player ID: 76561198096181161 Date of Event: 08/17/19 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://imgur.com/a/vybaGNQ Details of Event: After Phoenix 2.0 was released to my knowledge the Prestige system was removed. Those who has purchased the prestige ranks had lost them as well as the money that they had spent on the prestige ranks, which was a lot of ingame money as the prestiges cost upwards of £10 million for each prestige. After returning back to the server after taking some time off and to see that the prestige system was removed, I am wondering if I can have the money for the prestiges refunded back as it was out of my control what happened as well as around £30,000,000 is a lot of money to just have taken away from you. The screenshot I have linked in the evidence section shows me with the prestige level that gave you the red name. I am not sure which prestige it was but it was around prestige 2 or 3. The screenshot shows me in the steam overlay, proving it is me even though my name in that situation is "The Sun". 7sheep is my steam profile name and the name of this account, that is the account that I purchased the prestige levels with and the account that I lost them due to the servers update. The date in the box above is note exact, Ive only just returned and I do not remember exactly when the server moved to its 2.0 Version. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks - 7sheep/Ethan Compensation Amount: Around £30,000,000 to £40,000,000. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  2. What effects the sell price of drugs at drug dealers? Amount of players on? Police online? The dealer you go to?
  3. We agreed that if he compensated me we would forget about the situation and not take it further however compensation was never received and enough time was given for him to have given it so I have taken it further. @Roy
  4. Time Submitted: 08:47:33 AM | 08/18/19 Submitted By: 7sheep (1555) Your In-Game Name: Carbon Protect Who are you reporting?: SPN Mike Time/Date of event: 15/08/2019 @ 21:47 Rule's Broken: 1.1 Explain what happened: My group notices an empty hellcat on the airfield so we land to have a look, it turns out to be unlocked but damaged so I (Ethan) begin to repair the hellcat. I manage to repair the hellcat and begin to start it up and the blades start moving clearly indicating that I was inside of it attempting to take off. SPN Mike then appears in a Ifrit and begins to ram the hellcat damaging it further so I get out to repair it again, he rams it a second time blowing it up which then kills me. Later claiming in support later on that "he thought it was empty" so it would be okay to ram the ifrit. I am bringing this back up as in support it was agreed I would be compensated for what I had lost however after messaging ( with my in game name as he had asked) him in game to tell him I am online and he can compensate me the compensation was never received. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/d7effe6ff6efb0a81616f2917eb88c57 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o60yyL7nV70&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?:
  5. @magicz From my point of view at the time It did not look like what you have just said. Sorry, it was a misunderstanding on my behalf, yet as I said that it is not the focus of the report.
  6. Time Submitted: 09:34:06 PM | 11/21/17 Submitted By: 7sheep (1555) Your In-Game Name: Ethan Who are you reporting?: Magicz, Mk1, Monson, Jake. Time/Date of event: Time: Around 21:00 - Date: Tuesday 21st November 2017 Rule's Broken: 5.6 Medical Custody Explain what happened: I was chasing someone to help their friend in Atheria, we arrive almost at the scene where his friend had "fallen off" a DMT tower. As we approach the tower nexus MK1 jumps out of a house and fails to initiate correctly then a few moments later kills the player they were trying to initiate on. Then I only approach them with the intent to "pass them a note" saying that was bad inciation and was not valid then they ask me to help their friend. So I respond "are you sure I am safe here and will not be harmed in any way" and they all say yes that I will be safe and I'm out of danger so I help their friend up and then am told to help this second guy. I respond by saying "yes I will help him but by the looks of his injuries he will have to be taken into medical custody with me" Immediately after I say that Monson says "Medical Custody will not be happening" and all of Nexus at the scene deny me the ability to take the man into medical custody and rob him as soon as he is revived even though I hint through Roleplay by saying "there are new laws of the land about this sort of thing" hinting medical custody is now a rule. I accept the fact that they may not have known yet I do not accept that as Nexus has returned today and posted their gang application on the forums and since yesterday or the day before there has been a big green banner at the top of the forums saying "We have updated our server rules, please ensure you have a read through them before playing on the server." This clearly indicates they have not read the rules even though as a gang returning to the server that did not leave in the best way possible having had some members being banned, they should have read the new rules that have clearly been changed and are very easy to get to and read. Ignorance of the law usually does not matter in some cases like this but with the rules having clearly been changed and some nexus members clearly have been on the forums and seen this there really should not have been a reason why they broke rule 5.6. I was advised to create this by the support member I spoke to after the situation. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): I do have the video of this happening yet my voice was not recorded for some reason yet I will be able to inform staff what I was saying at that certain time, yet at some points it is very obvious what I was saying. I do not have evidence of the failed initiation yet this is not the focus of the player report. Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6tlCIr3W74 Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?: !Willy - Not 100% certain.
  7. Name: Ethan Age: 14 (15 In December) Nationality: British Arma 3 hours played: 849 Why do you want to join Rusty Enterprises?: I would like to join Rusty Enterprises as I am looking for a better roleplay experience and a group of people to be with and enjoy being around. I initially met Rusty In a Support case which he ended up resolving for me, I then again met a group of Rusty, while I was working as a FireFighter and helped one of your guys, You all ran out of nowhere singing and dancing and you all seem like a very nice group of people to be with as we had an entertaining 5 minutes together in the middle of nowhere. I just looking for a nice calm group of people to be with and run around with to have a great time, no matter what the situation is. I would also like to join a gang that value's the idea of roleplay and is not all about trying to kill people all of the time.** What will you bring to the team?: I will bring good roleplay to Rusty Enterprises as I am decent at roleplaying and getting out of awkward situations with the use of roleplay. I am also a decent Pilot, by no means am I the best yet I can fly and land quickly without playing around with auto-hover. In combat, I am an okay shot and can hold my own in a combat situation, though I prefer to roleplay with the people in the situation rather than turning immediately to combat. I am good with communications or "comms" and I am able to listen and do what I am told when I am told to do it without question.* Tell us about you: I first traveled to Altis on a holiday with my family and friends for a two week relaxed and calm holiday, we enjoyed every moment of our stay on Kavala Beach and enjoyed walking around the streets of Kavala, while on holiday in Kavala we decided to go swimming with the Turtles on the beach and found an endless fish population. Eventually, our Holiday was cut short by a terrorist attack in Atheria that caused most of the island to have to evacuate. And So we did, sadly we were flown back to Britain where we watched the crisis unfold in Altis. After a week or two I could not take any more of sitting and watching this unfold and decided to come back to Altis in an effort to stop all the fighting that was caused due to the attack, eventually, gangs started to form and take control amongst the police and what was left of the civilian population daring to stay in the major towns of Altis, and this is where I find myself now.... - Please Ignore My Nexus Licence as it will be removed.
  8. This looks amazing, you should implement this! +1
  9. About the two things Thomas White and Ashley Raven have said. This is my first time playing Altis Life not Arma I had no idea logging off after you die saves your gear. Those 400 hours were spent on Wasteland and King Of The Hill with my friend, thats why we have the gang or gang tags in our name.
  10. Oh okay, We didn't know it saved your gear when we left, we just got frustrated by what had happened, neither of us had played this before so we didn't know it did that. Thank you anyway
  11. Time Submitted: 08:49:03 AM | 08/25/17 Submitted By: 7sheep (1555) In-Game Name: Ethan Steam / Player ID: STEAM_0:1:67957716 Administrator who issued ban: Nick Date of ban: 08/25/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I do not know exactly why I have been banned. What reason was given for your ban? The report given against me says I "combat logged" with my friend after our car randomly exploded and we both gave up playing and decided to quit as it was our first time playing Altis Life. Why should you be unbanned? I think that I should be unbanned because me and my friend didn't really do anything wrong, all we did was attempt to play altis life for the first time and our car just blew up while we were driving so we both quit or "rage quit" and didn't rejoin for about a day or two after considering trying Altis life again. I don't think that is combat logging as we were not in combat with anyone like the ban report says that is what we must be banned for. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Link to initial report (if applicable): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/4626-player-report-ppu-ethan-ppu-whales-082217/
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