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  1. John Colten

    Clothing Store

    I will take a look
  2. John Colten

    Athira Hospital Spawn

    Thanks for your report We already know this issue and I will take a look on this issue today
  3. John Colten

    Possible jobs?

    I'm currently working on different jobs. Taxi - having a passage in your vehicle and you will earn money. Worker - getting material and build a house. burger bar at Zaros - You need to put burgers on the grill and flip them after some seconds. You also need to make the burger. And after that, you will have some burgers on you that you can sell to people and ofc you will earn money every minute you work there. Tree worker - cutting a tree down and they will fall down and you will need to pick it up and you will get an item in your inventory you can sell. Working on more jobs but now you got some examples of jobs I had created in beta.
  4. John Colten

    Observations of a new player

    Hey and welcome to PhoenixRP; Wayne, As many other servers, this is a roleplay server and not a king of the hill. What my points are if the prices for heavy guns is too low people will just run around with the guns out because they do not care losing it for they can just buy a new one really cheap. If it's too high well we will lose some people. I like a gun fight but not if every RP situation turns into a gunfight. It's a RP server and that is the most important therefore I like the prices what it's right now. It takes like around 5 hours to get a big gun if you are new. I rather increase that time so we have less people running around guns because they are careful not losing it because making money taking time. But yea that is my view in this. The price for a helicopter is again not too high if you ask me. We have something unique on this server called Havoc. We own the left side of altis. If the price is high for a heli we force people using a vehicle to come into our land and make some great roleplay. 80 percent of people buying jets using them to troll. Again people do not lose their vehicle and air vehicle when they blow up. after restart, it's coming back in the garage. So 44 mil for a blackfish that is fine. People have something to earn money for and have something unique that many people do not have. Police and havoc are using armored hellcat to shot people down in the air. So we need hellcat. You can buy gulli shoots in rebel if you have the big rebel license. And again it's a roleplay server, not a war server. So rather removing them, then having them on server but again that is my view and people want it on, so therefor it's on the server You can buy the van in a car shop. But I know people having problems with buying it so I'm looking into that. I had now moved it into suggestions section
  5. John Colten

    Cap Zone's being contested

    Well, agree it's not a combat server but a roleplay server. Why do we so have capture zones? To great roleplay against other gangs. On every server, I had played on there had been places where rebels can shoot each other and waste their money on gear. It's help on the server economy. And the medic should not be allowed to revive people at the capture zone so that people will lose their gear. But I understand the management decision in other posts. They need to protect the server from being an rdm server and make the server to a more roleplay based server. But it's a war game and people will always have guns on them and therefore you need a place where they can use these instead of they are using it on robbing people or shooting cops. And the notification thing is a great suggestion so +1 on that
  6. John Colten

    Cap Zone's being contested

    What if we only had one capture zone and we higher the amount of money you are getting? We are creating more combat for civilian, and there would properly be more people trying to capture the area to get money and have the title of the rebels of Altis until someone else capture the area. Or two capture zones, one for havoc and one for police
  7. John Colten

    hotmic script

    I like the suggestion, but I could see this being annoyed when you are trying to negotiate, and the hostage just keeps being annoying, or if you have background noises, this will be bad too. But I definitely like the idea behind it but not the outcome in some situations.
  8. John Colten

    hostage negotiation rework

    Didn't see you were a police officer. My answer to your suggestions would be different. I misunderstood your suggestions too, and I had reread it and thought about it. You could higher the amount of value you are allowed to give to a hostage-taker. If you, as a police officer, believe that it would increase the chance of you guys getting the hostage and it will step of the roleplay in the hostage situation. I would not stand in your way
  9. John Colten

    hostage negotiation rework

    Everything is not just about money; everything is about roleplay. I do not care if I get 200k or 10 mils for a hostage. I rather want to have a great and funny roleplay with the police force. For example, they need to sing a song and they can have the hostage, or I need to feed my 20 children at home and therefore need 100 burgers. If you step up your roleplay with the cops in a different way the police will properly be more willing to roleplay it out, then it ends up in a gunfight after they had been giving the hostage. So I don't like this suggestion, it will just higher the risk to being taking hostage then higher the chance for police having roleplay with a person without gunfights and about money
  10. John Colten

    New HM?

    I like the suggestions, but currently, there are not many players on the server, and the cops faction is not that big again. So having 2 HM will just make it harder for cops. I'm with Benjamin already working on creating more things to do as a civilian, and I'm currently working on a job center, to create more jobs for people to do and to help people to create roleplay and help people to get money differently than picking up and process an item. And another thing, it's not the way that the HM is sharped that create roleplay and combat. It's you as a person and what you want to do. If you want to roleplay with the police, well have a guy with a gun on the back or in the backpack standing at the gate, and there will properly come a police officer over to you and negotiate with you. I had with the Havoc "robbing" the bank, where the Roleplay was that we all were a banker and working in there and we were just moving the gold to a secure location so we could renovate the building. But I like the suggestions when the server has more players, and the overall experience for all faction has lifted to a higher level, so we can do PhoenixRP great again with roleplay without there are needs for a gunfight.
  11. John Colten


    This suggestion makes sense because it steps of the experience for people on the server. Not that robbing a person is a good thing But it makes sense that you do not need to knock a person down to rob them but they just need to take their hands up. I will implement this suggestion.
  12. John Colten


    Well, maybe people should start roleplaying with the cops and stop always turn every situation into a gunfight. Maybe the police force is tired of people not wanna roleplay. Civilian just keep finding a way to kill more cops. Yes, the police force needs to step up there roleplay in some cases. But every time I had been in a roleplay with the cops as Havoc, I had always laughed even if the cops want to arrest us. If you start to roleplay with the cops and do not always try to win the situation, well they properly will step up there roleplay. But what I had seen is only 1 out of 10 cases in my experience the cops have been ruining the roleplay. But I daily see police that is being either afk in HQ or going to the greenzone to have a break from people trying to hunt them down 24/7. There should even be strict rules about interaction with the police, so it does not always end up in gunfights. The bleeding out thing, I kind da like it and in the same time not. I can see why you want this implemented, but I also see the majority of people will just abuse this and just camp the place until they know the timer is off, just to ruin another person experiences on the server.
  13. John Colten


    As Preckrasno said, there is an airfield like 1 km out of Zaros. Your friends can just drive over there, and you will not get warning shots fired at you. The reason there is no helipad at Zaros, and it's illegal to land in Zaros and other cities, is that the helicopter is so loud and ruining roleplay. There should even be a no-fly zone in Zaros because it's the main town. There are too many helicopters in the air at Zaros then it's just annoying. So do not like this suggestion at all.
  14. John Colten

    A fun moment as a Havoc

    I just do not think there was enough of the m letters in moment, so I just slipped an extra one in. ?? Let's hope some other devs will check my spelling before a release ?
  15. John Colten

    A fun moment as a Havoc

    That is my laugh Kevin ?