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  1. Name: Devin Memphis Age[16+]: 17 almost 18 How many hours do you have[1000+] Exceptions can be made: i have 941 Previous Gangs: none Steam ID:76561198131977758 Why do you want to join the gang [50 words+]: i want to join the gang because i tierd of going on as a lone wolf and i want to belong to some crew/gang because i like to be in a gang/crew because i like to be apart of something What makes you right for Adapt?: what makes me right for Adapt is that im loyal and listens to commands very good What skills do you have[Be Specific]: my best skill is sniping and long range combat Who in the gang can vouch for you: Sig (ive been in Havoc with him)
  2. Me John Memphis Agrees to change my name to Devin Memphis
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