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  1. Player Report - HBG A.V.F - 01/07/18

    @Raymond Reddington ye
  2. Time Submitted: 11:31:51 PM | 01/07/18 Submitted By: PLOJ (1525) Your In-Game Name: [titan] tyrone Who are you reporting?: HBG A.V.F Time/Date of event: 1/6/2018, after 10 i think it was yesterday day so.. Rule's Broken: RDM and comabt logging Explain what happened: i was running to get a drink with my gun on my back and he peeks round the corner and shoots me, i check the map in the video and shows where he shot me was not in the yellow zone. afterwards he combat logs after being killed. i would have tried to resolve it but he combat logged top i couldnt msg him Evidence (Video/Screenshot): http://plays.tv/video/5a5162689776bd5776/not-in-zone-dummy http://plays.tv/video/5a5167253e6b6307f3/him-comabt-loggin Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?: ken barlow
  3. Farewell for now, kinda

    coz orangeknights is my "b"omie @Tim @Charlie Knight
  4. Meth Dispensary Garage

  5. #2 Frag Movie Phoenix RP

    most of those are just average kills... apart from the last one lol
  6. whose fault was it

    the clip doesnt show that. give me a longer clip so i can see
  7. Christmas Giveaway

    CHRISTMAS coz i can even tho it ended im cool
  8. whose fault was it

    orca , lol y is this even a quention its obvious
  9. Charlie Knight for staff

    thirdly idc weather you admit paying me i'm still balling and charlie? really....... charlie char lie. Atleast use your real name next time
  10. Charlie Knight for staff

    +1 paid me 10 mil hes called orange!!! fffs
  11. tbh ive seen admins do way worse than that lol, not sayin names coz im friendly with em but in a sit at tobaco trader some peeps came and tried to rob me andshot out my truck tire, i drove about a click out and thy vdm,d me with another car and the car and truck i was in blew up and when i was revived they robbed me. is like gettin in a heli isnt a big deal at all lol. i mean if an admin did that it would be like "no biggie man just playin around". and if they put a report up it would be like 3 day bam or less
  12. what if a cop is getting robbed and kills the thief? would that get u licked from cops

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