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  1. PLOJ

    Rework the ANPR system for rental cars.

    why would they pull you over for having a rental i think your missing the point , cops don't pull over people who have scrambler perk coz they cant see their wanted level
  2. PLOJ

    A few series of suggestions in one.

    disagree with all apart from no1
  3. PLOJ

    Warning shots

    it doesnt say the people in the heli can shoot back
  4. PLOJ

    Suicide Vests?

    why does everyone say this , you just have to set it up correctly
  5. PLOJ

    Suicide Vests?

    set price to 1 mil it wont be used by hobos to rdm
  6. PLOJ

    Cops gear

    oh thats what i was told thanks
  7. PLOJ

    Cops gear

    they do taxes in tickets now @Zyn
  8. PLOJ

    Cops gear

    havoc have this "inconvenience"
  9. PLOJ

    Cops gear

    would still make cops value their lives more
  10. and cops cant ANPR in gz since its meant to be a "safe zone"
  11. easy solution is if they tazer initiate you can knock them out this would work
  12. (some) admins streaming Minecraft all day is abit annoying like but not gonna hate coz they'll ban me but inactive much lol, and putting it on phoenix front page is funny because people who play arma arn't usually into minecraft streams just saying. *EMPHASIS ON SOME*
  13. PLOJ

    Abolish the '3 minute since last shot; rule.

    change it to 5 mins