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  1. Hows life being stuck with @fisher?

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    2. Sanders


      you cant live without him.

    3. CaaaM_


      just like you cant live without me

    4. Sanders



  2. Already downloaded it. About 50mins till it unlocks
  3. Here i clip from my point of view: http://plays.tv/video/5ba7ba6605cf0e664f/case-2518 My officer is in the cell with you. He takes the cuffs off so you're free to move around inside the cell. But that sec he does he walk out the cell to lock the door behind. But the sec you get them off you run for the door. That is in my opinon some very poor RP. You that get outside and get into a police car where you start running people over. As you had RP ongoing with the Police its technically not VDM, but stil VERY poor, which is something we're not looking for on our server. But you also hit a civ doing this, which is VDM. This hole case boils down to 1x VDM and countless times of very poor RP. Which is why you were banned.
  4. You need to understand that this is a roleplay server. That means there will be people talking "shit" but 9/10 its gonna be within roleplay. Im saying this because if i unban you, im affaid that the same thing will happen, and i dont see the need for anyone to become upset in one way or another But come to Teamspeak at ts.phoenixrp.co.uk and find me, then we will work out what do to next
  5. You and an other trucker, not sure if it were a friend or not. Were driving around the PD and Garage hitting NPCs, ramming parked police cars I were spectating you for good 2 mins, as it then was clear it was not mistake as you did it around 3 times before i banned you
  6. Previously to this incident you and a friend rob a gas station. The police rolling up, taking you down. Medic gets on scene, get you up as you are being detained. You starting to get an attitude, starting to break RP and talking down to the officers on scene (Sounds alot like out of RP) You then got in a car and "lagged" into the gas pump. It seemed, and still does. To all the emergency units on scene that this were done with full intent Ban appeal: Declined
  7. @Crags VDM'ing had never been allowed regardless of what server you've ever been on, so it cant come as mush as a surprice. Also im gonna need the date of the ban as the date you've put in aint right.
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