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  1. 1DEABE51-4D57-40AC-A324-20F6AE64A4E2.thumb.png.aa0d824a8ff1d56b1eee075946e3d4fc.png

    Ligma fuckin nuts lol get memed on

    Am actually in awe that people are falling for this and uploading it as news ahaha

  2. Charlie Knight

    It's time

    Will miss you man, hmu for cs whenever ❤️
  3. Charlie Knight


    That moment when crash landing isn’t enough, you phase through time and space itself
  4. Charlie Knight

    NO medics for help

    this thread is such a meme
  5. Charlie Knight

    The Altian Front - Take To The Streets On The 18th!

    I will kill the both of you
  6. Charlie Knight

    The Altian Front - Take To The Streets On The 18th!

    oh you're a cunt. still ly ❤️ xoxo
  7. Charlie Knight

    The Altian Front - The Party Of The True Altian!

    This’ll be fun
  8. Charlie Knight

    Petition for the popo to be charged for their equipment

    I like the points you’re making. In regards to us being mainly a SWAT force there’s not a lot we can do to combat that. At the end of the day, Altis is an island of terrorists. It’s not very often we can be in regular police situations as to what you’d see in real life. Police are only ever really called in by other civilians and even command when armed rebels are planning to cause harm and not when the local drunk is going around acting mental. But this is for a different topic. As for the current topic, I know a lot of people have been mentioning me stating that we need ways of making money and those suggestions being denied. This is where I’d like to bring up the government funding idea. If done correctly, it could work and we could also end up making money ourselves making playing as a cop worth more of our time and more enticing in general. But obviously, we do need more ways of earning cash. Until that comes about the this suggestion may not go far.
  9. Charlie Knight

    Petition for the popo to be charged for their equipment

    At the end of the day, we have almost zero ways to pay for our gear, other than our very small paychecks which don’t amount to anything in terms of a loadout. Give us a way to make money and 9/10 cops would be more than willing to pay for their guns, myself included. There would be some cops in total disagreement, it’s true, however that’s because of some of your points are indeed valid, and I’m not trying to say that they’re invalid at all, before any confusion arises on my points. We simply don’t earn, or in most cases have, enough money to fund our gear as we earn little to no money every play session. Say basic police gear is free, that’s all well and good until we look at the fact that we are a police force meant to protect and serve the island and can’t hope to match a rebel gang armed to the teeth with 6.5’s and 7.62’s with 5.56’s and a rubber bullet gun. You may argue, “why not buy better guns then?” Because we can’t, at least not for very long, because we have no way of making money. I would be happy to pay for my gear provided we had a way to make cash the same way HAVOC do. Obviously we are not HAVOC and will never be able to do some of the stuff that they do and become carbon copies of one another, rebel activities being an example of this. Finally, I’d like to bring up the fact that our gear is very limited as is, so if you see cops walking around with carrier rigs, 7.62’s etc. Just know they put in the time and work in order to get these weapons and armour and not everyone has done this.
  10. Charlie Knight


  11. Charlie Knight

    Government System

    Idea sounds good on paper but in the end the “government” is management and staff. The power to physically change stuff in game wouldn’t come to pass, even if it was as simple as speed limits.
  12. Charlie Knight

    LoTUK - Applications Open

    is it coming home ?: fuck
  13. Charlie Knight

    CTSFO Patrol Limit

    But they’re not illegal on their own, are they mate? Sounds to me like you’re just complaining about your given situation so let me do a quick analysis. CT do their job as a counterterrorism group, complaining that it’s impossible to beat them is kind of the point, they’re a highly trained counterterrorism group. Saying you’ve given up trying to negotiate making it obvious you’re out for combat with cops and whining when CT proceed to do their job and what they’re trained to do by neutralising you and your group, or any group giving the police force trouble. If you were winning every fight you ever had against CT we wouldn’t be having this conversation. In fact you’d probably be posting videos in the memes section about it. You’re making this sound quite one-sided. About having 10 or so men on patrol there’s a good enough reasoning for that. If you have an advantage that is there to be taken, you take it. You don’t look at it and kiss it goodbye, especially when you’re a unit specialised in dealing with rebel organisations and terrorists. It’d be the same if you as a rebel gang have an advantage. You wouldn’t just look at it and say “nah” would you?
  14. @Michael Constantino and myself have found new life in Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting.