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  1. Rebel Stuff

    +1, everyone you see is head to toe in advanced gear.
  2. Crime Level or NATO or something

    I'm a bit unsure about this because while there are heavily armed groups that run around robbing everyone in sight there are also rp groups who keep 6.5-7.62 weapons only to defend themselves. While i think that raising the crime level would be good to an extent it would come at a cost of killing a portion of rp from both sides, cops because they will always be inclined to arrest anyone armed, and rebels because they will always be inclined to initiate on the cops before they can make a move.
  3. General faction interviews

    The people who work at the Sainsbury's near me very rarely speak, usually only just give glares. Would that effectively mean they cry when they open their eyes?

    Here* also, a huge +1 from me!
  5. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Peaky Blinders
  6. Thomas White's Driving standards

    Fucking let down
  7. Free Forum Banners

    Could you slide me one too? Something dark and horror themed
  8. The Struggle is real

    Your fucking laugh
  9. Phoenix Radio ingame

    +1 would be a fun little thing
  10. Ban Appeal - Sniperlewie - 01/13/18

  11. Altis News

    Loving the new intro @Alex King!
  12. Ally system

    This was suggested about 4 months ago, I can’t remember how it turned out but if it’s a possibility then +1
  13. PhoenixRP or Phoenixpvp

    Right this is beginning to get out of hand. Can we tone it down?
  14. PhoenixRP or Phoenixpvp

    The red capture zones are money makers as well as combat zones, there's a reason to fight for them. Is there a reason to rob a hobo doing a copper run which I've seen several gangs doing without any intention of rp'ing? There's no reason to get into a fight with someone with a rook because you want their Zamak half full of copper. I see gangs making deals with people doing runs, 50% of the run's profits for protection or 50% or they won't be robbed, either one is better than initiating, robbing them blind, potentially getting into a firefight and killing them all the while having no intention to rp.
  15. PhoenixRP or Phoenixpvp


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