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  1. We need some help designing our outfits. So if anyone is up for the job please hmu!
  2. I just noticed the line the guy says when you log into the game, i dont know if this has been for long. But you're quite a legend the guy who added it
  3. Jax ;)

    NAD | Navy Devils | Recruiting

    Welcome to Navy Devils Navy Devils is a ex-military group that decided to leave the army because of what the limitation in the army they had. Now they went to Altis to continue their journey on their own. Application Requirements Good mood. Have the basic knowledge of how Altis Life works. Know how to roleplay. Good control of communicating with other members. Application Whats your in game name? How old are you? (Does not really matter) What can you do to make NAD better community? Why do you want to join? Have you been in any other gangs? Fill out this application down below and I will either Accept, Deny or On hold it. Gang Roster NAD Handbook with backstory Discord (For interviews)
  4. Jax ;)

    EYYYYY BIG giveaway

    Love you, hope you decide to come back one day, i joined in august and has not been very active since and you seem like a real nice guy when i read the comments. Hope you come back one time
  5. Jax ;)

    Rusty Enterprises | R | Recruitment [Open]

    Name: Cpt. Price (Kristoffer IRL) Age: 19 Nationality: Norway Arma 3 hours played: 479 hours total of playtime. Why do you want to join Rusty Enterpises?: To be honest, I want fun people to play with, your gang is pretty big as ive captured. So the odds may not even be in my favor but, I am a very coop'erative player and very friendly when it comes to attitude. I love playing Arma 3 and I do it mostly every day. I have only a little experience about robbing people, i hope to learn a lot from the others in the community of rusty enterprises. What will you bring to the team?: I will bring fun and joy, I have a lot of experience with RP. I have a total of 479 hours of gametime and it personally is almost 370 hours of only roleplaying servers. I mainly only play on phoenixrp. So I am very active. Tell us about you: My character Price came to Altis because of a recent job he had. He worked for the military and was placed out on Altis. He really loved the place and wanted to move away from Texas and then take the job and let it last for years. But his wife and kids did not enjoy being on Altis so they left him, so they could stay home in Texas. Price was upset and left the job and started living in the mafia's community and now he is living a dangerous life on the edge. Well im going to tell something about my real self also cuz why not. Well my name is Kristoffer I am a 19 years old. I work as a mathematics and gymnastic teacher at groundschool. I am currently working fulltime as a teacher and not as a substitute. I started playing Arma 3 in 2016. I was not a very big fan at first but now in late 2017 I joined phoenixrp. Ive played some time with some people in Rusty as a friendly helper and it's so fun! I hope you like my application and looking forward to see your response! Cheers!