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  1. Thomas White

    audio static

    See if the hardware has any control software.
  2. Thomas White

    audio static

    turn the gain on the speakers down. If not you may have a fault / dirty jack and if not that you may have a damaged headset.
  3. Thomas White

    Vehicle innitition

    To be honest any vehicle over 80km/h is past reasonable, 60km/h maybe, depends on the situation.
  4. Thomas White

    Change the wanted list

    This is a police suggestion which are dealt with in the APC Discord in the #suggestion-discussion room.
  5. Thomas White


    The stats page doesn't search either
  6. Thomas White

    hazordous area responce team

    You want to fight you go to redzones and the risk is that you know you can’t be revived. What’s the risk if you can be revived?
  7. Thomas White

    Run in GZ for new players

    I feel like moving copper processing back next to the fuel station east of Kavala. Agolichori fuel I believe. And dropping the price will shorten the run but give it a medium level risk because it’s so close to where cops patrol. So they payout isn’t great but it’s fast and your kinda protected because it’s so close to where cops patrol.
  8. Thomas White

    Lifetime Donator Cosmetics

    With the new found ability to change the colour of players names which is used via the prestige system. The old lifetime donator perks consisted off donator skins, which were removed for space in the mission file. My suggestion is to use the ability of changing players name and give lifetime donators the ability to have a select colour that they can choose to turn on or off, so they could use that colour or their prestige colour. I believe that this wouldn't impede on the monetization rules set out by bohemia interactive or give any particularly benefits other than a cosmetic one which is allowed under T&C's. Just a suggestion, let me know what you think. - Thomas
  9. Thomas White

    General Discussion ≠ Altis Discussion

    This is why the market place used to be such a great place
  10. Thomas White

    Kore Security Solutions | Open recruitment

    Is happy to announce we are openly recruiting, once more.
  11. Thomas White

    Status Update

    Just wondering what's happening with the FiveM server as it seems to have gone quiet and new news dried up.
  12. Thomas White

    Atlis news

  13. Thomas White

    24h 60mil giveaway

    I need a sugar daddy!
  14. Thomas White

    KSS | Altis Life | Kore Security Solutions | Archived

    It comes with great sadness that I have to announce our company will be withdrawing from Altis for the foreseeable future.
  15. Thomas White

    KSS | Altis Life | Kore Security Solutions | Archived

    @Deathnight68 accepted, please message myself to arrange time for your induction.