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  1. Moonshine - Escalation

    5.7 Camping - Police are not permitted to “Camp” rebel areas for any longer than 15 minutes.
  2. Victor

    He's alright I guess... +0.01 Na he is a great guy and amazing roleplayer! +1
  3. We will miss you @Kayle Ravelle.... Have a good time in Management! I feel this song is appropriate... 


  4. What textures would you like to see?

    I would like a Hello Kitty HAVOC Strider please complete with pink camo... don't judge.
  5. Event WINNER Hunter

    I want this but I don't even have enough for a bag of haribo...
  6. HAVOC poor RP

    These are all the HAVOC rules you broke while you and your friends where at CP and the reasons you where executed... Trespassing into HAVOC areas, Opening HAVOC gates, Refusing basic orders to stand in certain areas for us to process you, disrespecting HAVOC members, Only parking your vehicles after being told multiple times to park off the road, Not valuing your life after I decided enough was enough and fired 30 bullets into your friends chest after being told to stop disrespecting me. Multiple other reasons along with these. We honestly gave you enough warnings and more and you still decided to continue. We only wanted to process you and get you out of CP but you made that simple task a huge mountain to climb.
  7. HAVOC Smoke Grenade Launcher

    It's been added now This post probably needs moving to the implemented section.
  8. This seems pretty accurate...


  9. Moonshine

  10. Terrorist At HAVOC Embassy... Kinda.

    Willy should be given the demolition expert rank in HAVOC for his skill to destroy everything he touches
  11. Terrorist At HAVOC Embassy... Kinda.

    A "terrorist" has successfully blown up the HAVOC embassy in Zaros... however this "terrorists" name is none other than HAVOC's own bloody Sergeant Willy
  12. When HAVOC get a text asking for assistance from the police...

  13. HAVOC Driving Skills

    It got worse
  14. HAVOC Driving Skills

    When only you and Preckrasno are the only people on right before a server restart at 4am...

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