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  1. Stephen

    Seya Later Gamers

    Going to keep it short and sweet, I'm tired of Arma in general and I don't want to hold a position of power in a community that I'm not contributing towards. Hopefully someone great fills my spot and Phoenix can rise again and have a booming player base. Going to miss you all and take care!
  2. Accepted for 200 million.
  3. Stephen

    Hi there Trainee Junior Assistant Management member Paddy, congratulations!

    1. Paddy McCarthy

      Paddy McCarthy

      Hi there I am glad to take your position!

    2. Stephen



  4. Stephen

    Compensation Request - Mr. AB - 05/17/20 (Altis Life)

    Accepted. Money has been transferred into your personal bank and not your gang funds.
  5. @Ali AM Any update mate?
  6. Marking this as resolved due to @Ted talking to them today about this.
  7. Stephen


    All of the most recent auction vehicles have been completed and should be in your garage. All of them should be unarmed (With the exception of Teddy) but if yours isn't then please message me ASAP or risk loosing it. 

    1. Conor1233


      when is next auction 

  8. August 2018 September 2018 December 2018 August 2019 (AKA The Auction That Went Tits Up) May 2020 (Will Be Updated Soon)
  9. Trolling, Combat Logging, Exploiting, IP Leaking (Granted was a joke to his friend but still quite serious), Lying and saying fuck off constantly to multiple admins. You already know how to appeal a community ban.
  10. Stephen

    MAISTRO Ts3 Sound Pack

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