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  1. Wrote some more info regarding this case on the staff Discord.
  2. Average day in Kavala...



    1. Jord
    2. Shaun Johnson

      Shaun Johnson

      Man, only if the cars didn't blow I would of gotten ALOT of xp for impounding all of them...

  3. Stephen

    How to disable a Heli 101

    I was so confused earlier when someone on teamspeak said that a Police Hunter had disabled their Huron but this clears it all up lol.
  4. I wish this could actually be a HAVOC vehicle 😢


    bobcat 1.jpg

    1. Tekson


      I mean the fact that you guys already get the Gorgon and the Marid is pretty stupid but at least we can shoot out the tyres on those so that the vehicle is immobilised. But giving you a Bobcat where there is literally no way to disable it? No thanks.

    2. Stephen


      Just a FYI, HAVOC don't have the Gorgon anymore as Teddy didn't want us to have it and we've never had the Marid. If you're referring to the mini tank then we also don't want that for HAVOC anymore however that hasn't been removed and probably won't be due to higher powers wanting us to keep it. And if you don't want us to use it against you then don't antagonise us :) (Obviously we won't be getting this)

  5. Stephen

    Just a small giveaway

    If I win sure lol
  6. Stephen

    Just a small giveaway

    I would like to win so that I have a small chance to one day catch up with Teddy's overcompensating bank account balance
  7. Stephen

    PhoenixRP Stream Team

    Already part of the stream team but never linked my account on this post so here it is!
  8. Really wished I had rockets...

    fire rockets.jpg

  9. Managed to get access to an old Gyazo account of mine with hundreds of pictures/screenshots from around 2010-2015... never cringed so hard at my younger self before.

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    2. Matt Black
    3. Stephen


      You only have to ask if you wanted it sig, no need to be so insecure about your feelings towards men

    4. Michael Constantino

      Michael Constantino

      lmao bet there's one of £30m 

  10. Stephen

    Whitelisted Menu

    You can find out what you're whitelisted for on the stats page after you type in your player name, although to find out sub devisions for the 3 whitelisted factions (NPAS, CTSFO, HSOS for examples) then you would have to talk to the lead of those devisions or an admin as they will be able to find out what you're whitelisted for exactly. Would be cool if there was a menu or something for what you're suggesting but that's just a workaround for now.
  11. Useful Perks: "Fast Hands" - 20% chance for you to instantly gather a full inventory when mining/picking. Description: "If only you could use this for slight of hand" "Foreign Prince" - 25% chance for you to receive an extra 250k with your paycheck every 15 mins, Description: "I guess those scam emails sometimes are legit" "Resourceful" - 50% chance for you not to consume food/water. Description: "If only this was in real life too" Fun Perks: "Hippies" - Spawn with x1 weed on you. Description: "The sun never sets on the land of 420" Will be updating with more ideas soon.
  12. Stephen

    Delta Op?

    y tho?
  13. Stephen

    delta and ams tag

    Don't even have mine and I've been in DELTA for donkeys years lol
  14. Just want add something so people realise this and don't try to report DELTA members, but DELTA are allowed to carry illegal firearms in police lands with gold command approval and their approval alone. Management know about this rule and it can also be found in the APC DELTA treaty.
  15. When all you want to do is RP at Kavala, but then you turn into a octopus :(


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    2. Stephen
    3. Kevin
    4. Jord


      is this the replacement for the spongebob meme?