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      This is horrible

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      this is the best £5 anyone has ever spent is what this is

  1. Stephen

    Player Report - Cordun - 07/31/18 - Altis Life

    It's over 24 hours now and I've just spoken to @princiipee on Teamspeak who informed me that this issue hasn't been resolved. With this being your case @Max and you knowing more regarding the situation that occurred, I'll leave this in your more than capable hands.
  2. Stephen

    Some trippy shit is haunting the streets of Agios.

    Agios has never been the same after Kevin bombed it 😕
  3. Stephen

    Ban Appeal - Original - 07/26/18 - Altis Life

    @Max Found it for you, sent a private message with the URL. With you already dealing with the person in question, I'll leave the decision to you mate.
  4. Stephen

    Compensation Request - [SFG] Lt. Jackson - 07/23/18

    Issued Comp: £448,000 New Account Balance: £7,629,314
  5. Stephen


    I believe they where disabled/removed a few months ago, as to the reason why I can't remember exactly now. Sorry!
  6. Slowly trying to learn how to skin vehicles in Arma, thoughts on one of my first attempts?




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      I like it!

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      Extend the black line into a fade on the side But thats fucking sick ahah

  7. Player refused to join TS to try and resolve this with the individuals. Accepted.
  8. Giving John Titor 24 hours to come to support to try and resolve this issue. More info can be found in support case #7136
  9. Anyone have a livestream link to the England vs Croatia game tonight?

    1. Adam


      Pub is free

    2. Stefan °

      Stefan °

      dutch commentary only :(


    3. Stephen


      https://www.itv.com/hub/itv with English commentary if anyone wants it

  10. Incorrectly marked as Resolved, note added to the support case due to the fact that we can't changed the action taken after submitting the support case.
  11. Stephen

    Upgrades For HAVOC

    And you wont be getting into HAVOC with that kind of attitude towards players of the community expressing their opinion.
  12. Stephen

    Robinson News - APC Analysis (PART 1)

    Another amazing video again @Darren Robinson. Keep up the good work!
  13. Stephen

    Havoc's 80k mk1

    Thanks you for the response. Regarding your first point, HAVOC DO NOT get any money from cartels/pop-up cartels. We only get XP. This has always been the case and if you've been informed otherwise then I apologise. The second point is true, yes HAVOC can charge real money for the visas. Currently there isn't much activity in terms on runs going through the CP so the money recieved from the visas over a 4 hour restart ranges in the £500,000 ish range. The £500,000 doesn't go to a single person tho as the HAVOC individuals that man the CP rotate their positions so the change of one guy receiving every single payment is extremely rare. Yes HAVOC can chopshop Ifrits and Orcas, but so can every other rebel gang. I don't fully understand your point tho on the CP part as if you're bringing a Ifrit into HAVOC lands from Police lands then we won't even let you into the CP and will deny you entry. If you're in HAVOC lands approaching the CP then we will chase you just like the police as it's a illegal vehicle in our lands. If a gang wants to attack the CP with Ifrits and Orcas then that's up to them, HAVOC isn't forcing people to take them vehicles out. £1.200,000 over the course of a consistent 4 hours on the server while being active all the time. Yes this is high (Note this is a Colonel paycheck, most HAVOC members you will encounter are on around £650,000 for a full 4 hours) however it is the main form of income that we receive being a whitelisted faction and the paychecks are roughly the exact same for the APC and even higher for the AMS and are there to make sure that playing as these whitelisted factions doesn't give you a disadvantage over other players due to you prefering to roleplay in a whitelisted faction. I understand what you're saying I really do, looking at HAVOC/APC ect you would think they just have all these cheap/free gear and can do whatever they wish ect, however this is far from the case. whitelisted factions have strict rules and regulations put on them by management that they must follow. Also I can't stress this enough that HAVOC is a whitelisted faction setup by management. This means they are different from normal gangs ect. The main focus of all the whitelisted factions is to make/promote RP and to do so these whitelisted factions need members. If HAVOC and the Police had to pay full price just like rebels for access to a limited amount of guns/vehicles while also not be given the ability to do runs then what would be the point of those whitelisted factions? As I said before, I thank you for taking the time out of your day to reply and give me your suggestions/feedback.