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  1. Back to your old ways I see Willy
  2. @Kevin Oh boy I've been waiting a lifetime for a post like this.....
  3. Although I dont remember you by name, I do remember back in the days of being a lance corporal in HAVOC and going past that little bunch of buildings you used to own all the time and also thinking there was a fire fight happening but it was just your gang shooting at the targets there. Kinda miss that little fps cluster fuck of a place
  4. Chop down my minecraft tree again and there will be hell to pay

    1. Scarso


      It was an accident, the plugin is aids

    2. Calum


      Stephen I told them not to touch the trees inside the wall 😤😤😤

    3. Scarso


      It was an accident! I was trying to fix a creeper explosion 

  5. You'll need to speak to someone in the APC Academy as they are the people in charge of recruiting/training new officers. I would join their waiting for Academy office and talk to someone there, although from memory it does take a bit for whitelisting to take effect.
  6. 2019-07-30_01-00-00.jpg


    Selling my house above Kav, 50k buy now price @Kevin

    1. Jimmy Reddington

      Jimmy Reddington

      I'll buy it xD

  7. Why are so many people in this community toxic? Grow up and stop acting like a fucking child.
  8. fkevin.png

    Two can play at that game bitch.

    1. Scarso


      "bisher fabes"

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