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  1. @Luco Bond So when I looked at player report that you got originally banned and your current ban appeal, I am not convenienced at all that you have learned from your mistakes and you didn't do that much of effort in this ban appeal as well. I am going to be denying this ban appeal for lack effort. Feel free make new ban appeal when you are ready to put more effort into ban appeal. Ban Appeal Declined. Altis Rules General Rules
  2. If I unbanned you how could you make sure that something like this never happens again?
  3. @Luco Bond There is no active bans on this steam account and also that Steam ID lead to something else. I did find your steam ID that was banned from the server 76561198836169684. Anyway, I would like you to put more effort into this question.
  4. @Luco Bond Could you provide me correct steam ID
  5. @mark8k8k8 So my issue with the case is that when helicopter was given suppressed warning shots and soon as warning shots was ended, you started shooting at helicopter and didn't give him enought time to react to warning shots, also its bit questionable if helicopter was in bluezone or not and if it was in bluezone than we would have even bigger issue here but since there isn't enought valid evidence so I will be leaving that side. Based of what I have seen in the video and in player report, I am going to be issuing you 5 day ban for RDM. Player Report Accepted Altis life Server Rules General Rules
  6. I have seen the video about to situation, I am waiting for @mark8k8k8 respond to this player report before I make my decision.
  7. @rosstheboss12043 Link that you have, doesn't work for me so could you provide a link that works. @mark8k8k8 has 24h to respond to this player report
  8. So we are not able to buy Car-95 100 rounds mags from to rebel shop
  9. @Ryssaren What you did is not acceptable at all in this community and its good that admit what you did wrong but end of day what you did was wrong. I am going to be issuing you 5 Day Ban for Discrimination. As for the VDM When I looked at the video it looked to more like accidentally rather than purposely one. Also, I would like to remind both of you ( @vofflan & @Ryssaren ) that this is English based community so whenever you are in game playing or speaking with people in public channels / Support Channels on Phoenixrp.co.uk Teamspeak3 make sure you are speaking English as rules stated below: 1.13 Language - As this is a UK Roleplay Community, we request that you only speak or write in English to stop confusion for other players. Player Report Accepted Altis life Server Rules General Rules
  10. @vofflan Do you accept Ryssaren's apology or would you like to me carry on as normal?
  11. Do you have video with your own audio as well, since I can see you talking to him but I don't hear your voice
  12. @vofflan Could you also provide unedited video as well.
  13. @Ryssaren has 24h to respond to this player report.
  14. Since @Venom & @MrJustinWatkins haven't reply to this player report I will be carrying on as normal. I will be denying this player report for lack of evidence. Player Report Declined.
  15. @Venom has 24h to reply to this player report to tell his side of the story @MrJustinWatkins Could I see 3 minute or longer video and also, why did you not try resolve this with brick?
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