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  1. Sir, I wish to NOT donate 81milllion from My own bank account.
  2. TrueWade_Gx


    Well, I guess its My time now to leave. I enjoyed My Time playing on this server and I wish good luck to this server. I Will Be around ts3 sometimes. Funny names @Proxy Smoxy @Nick Coca Funny Dude / #Igang4life @Zyn #Igang4life @Darragh #Igang4life @Mito Big Bully of Hayvok @Snake Reeves Snake of NCA Chang fake Chief of NCA @swamp tramp good lad / #Igang4life @Embers since he wants to Be tagged jk lov
  3. Sounds like a 50/50 story to me but tbh you should speak with staff leads about this
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAYhNHhxN0A
  5. Agios is getting left out for some reason ???
  6. Consider you are friends with most of them and there are some people complaining that some CB players are banned still after to mass unban maybe thats why ?
  7. But you telling us that people who have been DDos people should be unbanned or considered ?
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