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  1. Even if you joke about it in game or teamspeak, it is still end of the day discrimination which is against our server rules. So if you were to be unbanned how can you make sure that this won't happen again?
  2. https://gyazo.com/df331e2dfa1de4225efa06c28cc16415
  3. Why would you think it would be good idea discriminate other people when there is not that many people on server ?
  4. Same what dexter is smokin' homie https://gyazo.com/762fbf0de4f7b012218934dfa2bfea19 So you don't like shooting bots yeah my bad xD dude you are hilarious
  5. It means that if you are going to do something illegal with high price with it then you should be ready to for the cops mate. Also having small group with 3 - 6 aint that bad since if you know what are you doing then you should be fine.
  6. Ok so let say there was an situation by your way like example 3 rebels vs 3 cops. Rebel usual gear 6.5 or above in most case new gun with the shot gun on it since it a GOD with lv 4. cop usual rank spar 16 or car 95 since PC and SPC are the most common rank with Lv 3 vest. So how in earth do you think this is equal unless you think that rebels should always win then yeah I guess it equal in certain point of view Matey So I would recommend you playing as Police officer for little bit to understand this https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/2-apc-police-application/ police app
  7. I mean you could just say no to it yes, but its not really constructive is it.
  8. So basically my idea is that we should bring Milsim Unit to this community. Reason for this is that Milsim Units can be very fun and good when done correctly and it would more people to this community and more variety what to as well. Question is what kinda of Milsim Unit we should have well I have choices (but we can have others as well but that's up to community board end of the day) 1st would be Parachute Regiment - Parachute Regiment Milsin Unit would bring some nice scenarios that we can do like jump out from big as plane with Parachutes and do operations so on. or 2nd my personal favorite choice is Star Wars Milsim unit either 21st nova corps or 91st mobile reconnaissance corps ( Why not 501st or 212th well reason for that is 1st they are already taken and 2nd personally I like 21st & 91st in general). Reason why this my personal favorite is that there is much what you can do in Star Wars Milsim in general and many choices of options on armor Here are some exmaples: 21st nova corps https://gyazo.com/612baa1d5543e1274f5b63d12de7dd40 91st mobile reconnaissance corps https://gyazo.com/7a661b95430b244b6be1182611bced97 So now you are thinking what are to pros and cons. Pros: this would open more doors to people especially for star wars Milsim since there isn't that many Star Sims around and most of them American so If we had EU based Star Sim it would most likely to bring lot EU people here, same thing with Milsim units as well haven't seen that many EU popular Milsim unit either most of them what I have seen is American Based. Also this in general interesting since people would have choice in community if they wanna play some military roleplay or some times play Altis Life Roleplay. Cons: So this would of course cost money especially for Star Sim (models, Vehicles, server hosting and so on), then this would take some time since you have to setup mods right and have proper documents / trainings as well and big frame drops as well xD. In end game I would this would be defo worth it since this can bring some more people to this community. Here are some videos about this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QgU97Hyv78 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxLnRMk2GFc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1eAi5QNkVo (some old recruitment video for Para Regiment)
  9. No for 3 reasons 1st Hard to enforce this rule since we need to know how many rebels we are facing. 2nd cops already got nerfed so I don't think they want More 3rd Be smart when you are doing stuff mate and personally I don't feel like to Be personal punching bag for rebels just so they can win constantly
  10. Since this has been resolved, I will close this case.
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