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  1. So i got lot of stuff in my house and i need get rid of and i willing sell most of them but not any of to guns or related to weapons but i am willing to sell my 2 tazers tho. So make good offers if you are interested.
  2. Tru3Wade

    Selling Nato, Colonel berets and other stuff

    That would be awkward 🤔🤔
  3. Tru3Wade

    Looking for Ghost hawk

    8,5 mil
  4. Tru3Wade

    Selling Nato, Colonel berets and other stuff

    Thats fine, I will msg you on ts3 when I am at home
  5. Tru3Wade

    Looking for Ghost hawk

    How much are you willing to buy one for ?
  6. Tru3Wade

    Realistic day night cycle

    I get it why you want this into server. But as Ace Said. This system would be wery unfair towards people that live in USA or similar time zone so that is why I am going to say -1
  7. Tru3Wade

    genuine question

    Usually yes. I used to use earpods but I just stoped using them.
  8. Time Submitted: 08:28:33 PM | 02/08/19 Submitted By: Tru3Wade (1444) In-Game Name: TrueWade Steam / Player ID: 76561198238856468 Date of Event: 02/08/01 Link to evidence (player report or video): logs Details of Event: The black market got removed and I had a license for it. Compensation Amount: 15 Mil Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  9. Tru3Wade

    The Johnsons I Open for Hire!

    good luck with to gang
  10. Tru3Wade

    Event | PhoenixRP Art Contest Results

    Jinx's image looks pretty cool
  11. Tru3Wade

    Scopes and more

    How much for all ? Also can i see proof that you have these items?
  12. Tru3Wade

    Looting Dead Bodies

    i mean +1 for that
  13. Tru3Wade

    AK-12 and 6 mags

    I am currently on ts3 if you want send me msg
  14. Tru3Wade

    AK-12 and 6 mags

    500k for all items listed
  15. Tru3Wade

    AK-12 and 6 mags

    Any images of these items?
  16. Tru3Wade

    Tru3Wade & Jack Heartfield

    Happy to help you 😎
  17. Tru3Wade


    there was situation with cops that I was flying near npas and picked up friend and landed for at npas garrage for short period time. Then I see this armed hellcat coming and trying to shoot me down and then we tryed to kill them and we failed fair enought. Anyway they pulled armed hellcat for ghosthawk becouse its illegal vehicle and it has mini gun it. My issue is that if its considered illgal vehicle why does that heli has NO AMMO in it. So suggestion is Give ghosthawk second version with ammo in it and price for it would be around 50 - 75 mil.
  18. Tru3Wade


    I mean, fair enought if had any ammo in it but i does not have any ammo in it. So why should it be shot down ??????
  19. Tru3Wade


    I mean, Armed ghosthawk would bring competition against cops and havoc as nick said
  20. Tru3Wade


    I mean, we were trying to shoot it down with 50.cal and it just flew away and also (in terms who can use it) there would be server rules that ghosthawk would not be allowed to shoot ground targets and staff can add more rules terms of ghosthawk shooting other targets (Air).
  21. Tru3Wade


    hmmm, yeah its wery easy to shoot with 50.cal when armed hellcat is flying about 1km up in air and btw armed jeep is 5.56 and its not intended shoot air vehicles or it could but its WERY hard to do it. What i am know of.
  22. Tru3Wade


    I mean, rebel gear ain't cheap and top of that its kinda hard to deal with armed helis as rebel. In my opnion its kinda unfair towards rebels when cops/havoc can get it for free or not pay for it that much anayway. And rules and what i seen don't look that strict on them anyway or eleast with cops not sure about havoc I mean, we could just make it like most expensive veachle so around 150 mil for each armed ghosthawk and plus 5mil for re ammo it
  23. Tru3Wade


  24. Tru3Wade

    AMS for sale

    proof xD