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  1. TrueWade_Gx

    Fun game | Uno

  2. TrueWade_Gx

    Standard advertisement on PhoenixRP

    mans would love to have some mature time xD
  3. TrueWade_Gx

    Im ganna go

    bye lad
  4. TrueWade_Gx

    What energy drink do you prefer the most?

    none since i do not drink any of those poison drinks xD
  5. TrueWade_Gx

    2 NVS (5x magnification) [SOLD]

    i am in game right now
  6. TrueWade_Gx

    2 NVS (5x magnification) [SOLD]

  7. TrueWade_Gx

    2 NVS (5x magnification) [SOLD]

    i mean, i can do it now
  8. TrueWade_Gx

    2 NVS (5x magnification) [SOLD]

    why not
  9. TrueWade_Gx

    2 NVS (5x magnification) [SOLD]

  10. TrueWade_Gx

    2 NVS (5x magnification) [SOLD]

    any proof ?
  11. TrueWade_Gx

    What hardware u roll with

    I mean nice build here is my build GPU: RTX 2080 CPU: I5 9600K RAM: 16GB 3200 MHz SSD: 1 t SSHD: 2 t
  12. TrueWade_Gx

    Remove Flashbangs from the server.

  13. TrueWade_Gx

    Mar 10 [SOLD]

    He is gonna scam you mate xD (JK), idk if he has mags to that xD
  14. TrueWade_Gx

    just wait.

  15. TrueWade_Gx


    not being funny, I am just saying strong words
  16. TrueWade_Gx


    Strong words
  17. TrueWade_Gx


  18. TrueWade_Gx

    LRPS Bidding Auction (sold)

    1 Mil for lrps
  19. TrueWade_Gx


  20. TrueWade_Gx


    Since we have only slots at kavala and i love to gamble my money. I think we should have more options in casino other then slots. Like roulette, black jack and so on. Make it feel like real casino.
  21. TrueWade_Gx


    My god, i this must be BEST IDEA ever.
  22. TrueWade_Gx

    - Altis Enclave - | Recruiting

  23. So i got lot of stuff in my house and i need get rid of and i willing sell most of them but not any of to guns or related to weapons but i am willing to sell my 2 tazers tho. So make good offers if you are interested.
  24. TrueWade_Gx

    Selling Nato, Colonel berets and other stuff

    That would be awkward 🤔🤔
  25. TrueWade_Gx

    Looking for Ghost hawk

    8,5 mil