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    Ban Appeal - Daddy76 - 08/10/17

    the appeal is closed?
  6. Traxy

    Ban Appeal - Daddy76 - 08/10/17

    great to hear im not the first one hope to get back to the server
  7. Traxy

    Ban Appeal - Daddy76 - 08/10/17

    i really dont have problem if you can reset my account to the time that i had 1 milion from my fishing and revoke my rebel and advnach rebel licsense and pilot and my gear and ifrit
  8. Traxy

    Ban Appeal - Daddy76 - 08/10/17

    i got the money from a random guy in athira he give me and my friend 30 milion each because i was new to the server it was my 1day on the server i just strated and i had about 1.4 milion so i tough that guy with the 30milion he maybe was working hard for it like me it was my friend account just to talk with the admins im new
  9. Time Submitted: 07:44:16 PM | 08/10/17 Submitted By: Traxy (1437) In-Game Name: Daddy76 Steam / Player ID: 76561198363403800 Administrator who issued ban: i dont know Date of ban: 10/08/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: i didnt nothing wrong i got banned for getting money by random guy What reason was given for your ban? a random guy from athira give me and my friend money (30 milion) so we said thanks he had gear and we started yesterday so we tough his not a hacker Why should you be unbanned? false ban i love the server but i dont really know why did i got ban from that What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Link to initial report (if applicable): i can upload a screen of that guy and i think his name is coolguy or the cool guy and his gang is 1111111111 he give me his gear too and 30mil to me and my friend we are new so we got exited and his face was like a arsenal bot face so i tough its an admin