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  1. CivCraft was a server with dozens of custom plugins, it's not something we can just cobble together. Similar stuff can be handled with Towny however, and this is much more viable for the player base that we have.
  2. The only experience I've had with chilli was him abusing his NHS position to help someone escape, encouraging them to break the rules in the process, as well as breaking a few himself. It's a shame he can't be consistent.
  3. MythicMobs & Towny will cover these actually, so no need for plugin development. I'd be happy to help with development of this. +1
  4. Joshu

    Silicone Processor

    Do it now, do it quickly.
  5. If you add an overdose system, make it purchasable at the advanced rebel market or something so people can overdose hostages?
  6. Idk, this system seems a lot more complicated, and could make training newer medics much more difficult, something which I personally would say should be avoided, as the AMS has always been one of the more beginner-friendly factions. -1
  7. Medics don't really have a lot to do, that's fair enough, but they really need to be free at all times to not only revive players, but also to keep track of situations, keep in contact with APC and HAVOC etc. The lack of action is heavily compensated with the highest paychecks in the game, plus a load of XP. -1
  8. There is already a rule around it, 2.1 Breaking Roleplay
  9. If people bleed out to avoid being arrested and don't RP it properly then it's breaking RP anyway so
  10. +1 This exists for tasering and impounding, why not crushing?
  11. Joshu


    +1 for events, -1 for twice a restart
  12. -1 If your roleplay is good enough, they will stay alive to speak with you. If your roleplay is crap, then they shouldn't be forced to sit there and listen to you.
  13. Joshu

    RULE 2.9

    Simply put, low quality roleplay is only fun for one side, and generally ends with a winner and a loser. High quality roleplay is fun for both sides - thus, two winners.
  14. oh there are a few hidden in and around,,, maybe 80%?
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