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  1. Im not happy facing right now, this is so sad
  2. If he has an issue with how I roleplayed he can do the same as me, but I don't see a rule against pushing up the tower with hostages in?
  3. Guns pointed at the hostage? I mean Ryan was more intent on looking out the window then having his gun pointed at the hostages when I went up.
  4. Hostage extraction can take place while negotiations are taking place, there was also no weapon pointed at the hostages. If you wanted to protect those hostages you would have surely paid attention to the HAVOC side of the CP and also put more guys with the hostages.
  5. Time Submitted: 03:17:55 PM | 09/10/17 Submitted By: I No-Scoped JFK (1413) Your In-Game Name: Matt Who are you reporting?: Ryan Wilson Time/Date of event: 2pm Rule's Broken: 7.1 Value of Life - At all times you must value your life as if it was your last. If you're at a clear disadvantage, for example, a gun pointed to the back of your head whilst you're looking the other direction, you must comply with their demands. Explain what happened: Police had taken over the HAVOC CP and had taken hostages. I had went around the CP and had entered from HAVOC side where I had then Breached up the tower. I had managed to surprise Ryan who had his weapon lowered when I asked for him to drop his weapon and release the hostages he raised his weapon and killed me all while I had my weapon pointed at his head. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): http://plays.tv/video/59b5551bc6b3380909/-rp-longer Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?:
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