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  1. Ngl brooklyn, people in staff really don't seem to understand what smoke exploiting is. Think we should just allow it tbh
  2. Ngl clearly shows he wasn't smoke exploiting, 3rd and 1st person smoke was the same
  3. I No-Scoped JFK


    Gang bases are mainly used in gang wars tho, thats when you have the fights at them, so thats what they should be balanced for. With those bar gates there tho, it means that vehicles can be put on the other side of them, making it even harder to get into the gang base. Also saying most people can't rip, isn't a good excuse, as generally the people who play gang wars and slam gang bases are the better players who can rip.
  4. I No-Scoped JFK


    Seems like a very one sided base design embers, legit pushing that would be aids due to all the deerstands and the 2 bunkers. Bar gates make it difficult to slam into the gang base aswell
  5. This would prob help server pop ngl, staff team could easily deal with people who still don't wanna follow rules
  6. feelsbad, those type 50cal mags tho
  7. Needs to be different to havoc tho, needs to be new. Heard some rumors about a new faction being suggested by scottish a while ago that sounded good.
  8. Well ngl, needs to besooner rather than later. Legit something small that acts more like a guerilla force against the apc and helps civs would be perfect right now.
  9. Yeah but after havoc was removed the server became very similar to most other altis servers, offering one faction to join and then the main fights being between rebels and civs. Ngl, I believe other servers do this way better however phx did faction combat very well, it was fun back in the day. Why play on phx when you can play somewhere with more people actively playing and a similar if not better experience.
  10. Because other servers offer a better experience than the one we offer, other servers can hold more people and have better combat than we do. Phoenix was the big rp server, it seems that ever since havoc was removed server pop has died and went elsewhere.
  11. Graph displays server pop over the last 30 days based on time (Red being high pop, Blue being low pop), The last red box indicates the end of april, ever since the the pop has been dropping till where it is at the moment. Something big needs to happen or it won't get better. The more it stays like this, the worse it will get as no one wants to play on a dead server.
  12. I No-Scoped JFK


    Not gonna lie, Roaching really doesn't have much of a place in gang wars, you should be pushing the bases not sat on a hill. Also how have I made it easier to slam the other 2 gang bases, on middle your now ontop of a hill meaning its easier to get rips on ifrits because of the height advantage. For left gang base, theres much more space at the back so slam aswell as larger area for you to get ifrit smokes into. Also, why change the base that much, it worked well. The bollard change is quite a big one as numerous people complained about ares blocking the door with a quilin which made it almost impossible to push without destroying the quilin, meaning this should make it slightly easier to push the gang base.
  13. I No-Scoped JFK


    Name: Matt SteamID: 76561198062657071 Locations/Description: Top Left: Grid cords: 155122 Mostly kept the base the same as it worked relitively well, added bollard to the door to prevent vehicles being parked on the bottom floor which made it very stupid to push, removed side enterance next to radar building and changed up the rear enterance. Middle: Grid Cords: 187116 Located ontop of a hill, it provides the defenders with the high ground to defend from potential slams, Broken house provides a strong point to hold as it cannot be wall banged. Due to uneven terrain, a large helipad was added to make sure helis can be spawned without having the chance of glitching out on the uneven terrain. Right: Grid Cords: 206110 This base features more deerstands aswell as one that can only be accessed from the barracks building, this building offers a strong position to watch the flag from.
  14. Need to bid 90 cos you cant win otherwise, so glad that you can't do that any more
  15. Ngl your ego is huge. Please don't call other people bad when you cant play either
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