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  1. Very good boy taught me how to do police stuff when i was lower rank +1

  2. MB4WD for police

    Stop complaining about this please it's annoying + DSGT+ don't get any new vehicles untill CMDR I think when u get the Undercover.
  3. 1 Year of PhoenixRP + EVENT!

  4. Player Report - Ahmed Achtung - 10/10/17

    If this is the gang I'm thinking about I had a few problems with them as cop yesterday where they would start shooting me and others without any initiation.
  5. money resets

    I have 20mil and that's mostly from civilian doing rock and popcorn and a little meth when I wasn't police, I'd say I've gotten around 5mil from police. So I wouldn't like my money to get reset.
  6. Mayor

    I think there should be some sort of mayor to run the police side of Altis, because at the moment there's no real person to run the country. This spot could be open for anyone who is a civilian and not a cop or Havoc and all they have to do is every 1-2 months there would be an election on the forums where people would write out something like a political Manifesto and then at the end someone in management could make a forum poll or strawpoll and then people would be able to vote for who they would want to see as mayor. If this gets implemented there could either be another job for people to protect the mayor as personal body guards or maybe it could be up to the police maybe adding another unit to protect the mayor or they themselves would volunteer to help the mayor for the time he is online. I know this sounds kind of pointless at the moment but with some discussion you might be able to make something good out of this.
  7. Player Report - Daniel - 09/16/17

    I misread the attempt to solve and I noticed when I submitted, sorry. If I were you I'd make an IPCC on this or something.
  8. Player Report - Daniel - 09/16/17

    Time Submitted: 08:56:20 AM | 09/16/17 Submitted By: Xniff | Trading Pulsus (1397) Your In-Game Name: Timothy Mills Who are you reporting?: Daniel Time/Date of event: 9:40 - 9:47am 2017-09-16 Rule's Broken: 2.2 Explain what happened: Me and Tjaz were bringing a prisoner back to the PD after a firefight and once we return back to the PD I suddenly get shot whilst inside after Initiation was over. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dG2_6Y-9kAA&feature=youtu.be Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Labrador
  9. Hostage and negotiating

    I remember before I took someone hostage and they promised us a free passage turned out to a gun fight in the end after 2 cars following us
  10. Thomas White and Penguin

    Where do I come into this? -Penguin
  11. Thomas White

    He's been a real help to me, getting me back on track as an officer and overall just a nice and enjoyable person to be around.
  12. Allow specialist units to permenantly wear their uniforms

  13. LSM vs Police

    Only just saw this why am I the first to go down?? ;P
  14. Frag Movie 3

    tell me your settings ;P

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