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  1. Foxhound singing barbie girl on stream

    Defo drunk
  2. Magicz - Poonix Frag tage

  3. EVEN MORE - free fourm banners

    Cheers mate
  4. phoenix new anthem?

  5. Player slots

  6. EVEN MORE - free fourm banners

    Can I has one that says Timothy on it pls? (My ingame name)
  7. Free Forum Banners

  8. Free Forum Banners

    Can I has one?
  9. Player Report - O | Hayo - 12/05/17

    jeeze no need to be rude.
  10. Player Report - O | Hayo - 12/05/17

    To be fair from the video he beeped you multiple times and you stood in the way blocking his path however the death part was down to server ragdolls.
  11. Anyone know when server will be updated?

    1. Tim


      what do you mean updated?


    2. Xniff | Trading Pulsus

      Xniff | Trading Pulsus

      It doesn't matter anymore it was from when I saw a red X on the server saying it was different Arma version but its fixed now so dw

  12. DSGT Ximi Wong - IPCC

    From Ximi Wong's perspective you can only hear shots but not see the person however you are looking at him with a gun posing a threat. What else is he supposed to think ?
  13. MB4WD for police

    Stop complaining about this please it's annoying + DSGT+ don't get any new vehicles untill CMDR I think when u get the Undercover.

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