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  1. Do you need any bathwater? I got some if u want it
  2. For me yeah none of my graphs show anything
  3. Nah just come with me , Will and Cameron and para drop into bases ez clap lmao
  4. HAVOC already do this (well for runs)
  5. Hunter's aren't OP. it's just certain people dunno how to deal with them and the people who say it is "useless" I just wouldn't listen to imo.
  6. Pls no more rep I want to keep this rep. I want to be an epic edgy gamer

    1. Penguin


      @Scarso how dare you. That wasn't an epic move.

    2. Scarso
  7. 4 seconds in already roaching oh 58 shooting someone in the back very cool also I wouldn't include clips of people without guns out or facing you. Overall it was decent, the music is eh some of the clips are eh but its decent for a 1st one. Just try to imrpove on the second one.
  8. This won’t work cus admins don’t spectate every single sit. Also no war points no rp points xd -1
  9. Wow frank did you take this suit when you were staff? wowww (im joking pls dont flame me)
  10. sounds like a you problem. 10 cops is fine.
  11. 3^ Fearless leader @nnoremaC I want answers {TST}
  12. Fucking A51 Subject
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