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  1. Penguin

    Make night shorter or turn off night.

    Night vision?
  2. Penguin

    Remove Flashbangs from the server.

    +1 ngl it is kinda aids although you can look away it’s still hard to counter
  3. Penguin

    Speed limit signs

    How about don’t get caught and euh the the main road is 120 zone I think
  4. Penguin

    I vs APC

  5. Penguin

    Perks / EXP Actions

    I know I already made a suggestion for it to be added to Advanced rebel but someone said as a prestige perk which was where you can search people who have been incapacitated like you could before.
  6. Penguin

    Search incapacitated people

    That could work too
  7. Penguin

    Green goggle mask

    The night vision on the green goggle mask don't work but the black ones do? It's kind of annoying cus I like the green mask cus of new HAVOC uniforms so if this could be fixed it would be amazing.
  8. Penguin

    Search incapacitated people

    I was more aiming for it to be a thing for buying Advanced Rebel but hey a perk would do lovely.
  9. Penguin

    Search incapacitated people

    I know this was an old feature where when you had advanced rebel you could search incapped people and take their gun. I don’t get why it was taken away and I would love to see people’s input on this and maybe an explanation as to why it was removed.
  10. Penguin

    Drug dealer unless this is already a thing

    -1 I like how it is and this would be just too much combined with the drug lord perk especially for early morning runs if u just use kavala
  11. Penguin


    +1 I would much rather it be in a city than a red zone where I can get shot from some weirdo roaching on a hill.
  12. Penguin

    Urgent Message to Citizens

    JB xdddd
  13. Penguin

    Black vests

    They got removed cus black market was removed but idk where they went
  14. Penguin

    Urgent Message to Citizens

    Lmao fr u delusional af first u join cops now this. Someone get a therapist