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  1. Penguin

    VDM Rules

    No it’s a suggestion to buff any vehicle in the red zone. Quad bike rams ftw
  2. I gave myself the full permissions as showed in the guide but the boxes to edit the local permissions are still greyed out. Edit: NVM i fixed it.
  3. The command I tried semi-worked. I got longer play time but the problem still ocurred.
  4. Yeah I deleted something in there the other day but I can't remember what it was. I ran a command in the administrator version of command promt though and it seemed to have repaired something. Haven't tested the games yet because I just restarted my PC so I will have to check if it has worked.
  5. Anyone who wants to help aswell this is the log I got from event viewer https://imgur.com/a/X9qEABi
  6. OK, so when I load certain games such as Arma 3 (sometimes) , Sea of thieves and Battlefield V. My ENTIRE pc seems to fully restart itself. I checked my temperature levels and they are fine. There are no blocked airflows and I got rid of all the dust yesterday and it is still happening today, my fans are working fine and none of them are failing / broken.
  7. Should've stacked your clips for a longer montage but eh it was decent. N1
  8. Penguin


    no rep for u boy
  9. Penguin

    Rooks are OP

    ikr fuckingnerf the rook already https://gyazo.com/270cf60e1db54538b39a80c0e9d01091/
  10. Can anyone else only see white names?

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