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  1. Yet again another game down 

    1. David B ☑️
    2. Cuffee


      Snowflake patrol got him.

      Rest in peace



  2. Nice ban!

    Join me


    Free the raw microwave chicken kid please 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Kevin
    3. David B ☑️

      David B ☑️


    4. Cobra★


      No one is editing it smh

  3. snowflake patrol is going to warn / forum ban me. Waiting for it.
  4. Me look like an idiot? Ok mr ape. You literally banned someone who is apparently a "Well-known hacker" ok so what if they changed and realised they don't want to hack anymore? He wasn't even infi banned so how does that make him a "known hacker". Server is full of fucking apes who lack braincells.
  5. What does that have to do with anything? All I said is your server is a fucking joke and you need to fix it. I'm just here to check up on shit and see what v2 is like and then I might leave depending on how it turns out.
  6. Sorry that I like checking up on drama and seeing how much people complain about the server and voicing my own opinions.
  7. Either way the servers a fucking joke. 20 people at mid day yikes
  8. I dont really take offence I just find it stupid how staff leads deal with things differently depending on who they prefer.
  9. You say this but then TrueWade literally used fucking ESP in a gunfight and only got a suspension? Staff is bullshit just a massive friendship circle
  10. +1 Cops was best when @FoxHound and @Tim were in charge imo. Best days.
  11. Thanks for unlocking the thread! Also thanks for deleting our comments about the server you guys are really a good fucking staff team who clearly care about the server and respect people's views.
  12. i got mine on my profile and never got a single 1 ?sadface
  13. Sorry that I have friends who are in HAVOC and im friends with David who told us everything
  14. HAVOC is not fucking lenient. Try to have fun and it's "Go run around checkpoint" or *you were moved* or you get an instance report,
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