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  1. free my man

    1. ᔕᑭEEᗪY


      please dont :)

  2. Josh .

    Yet again another game down 

    1. David B ☑️
    2. Cuffee


      Snowflake patrol got him.

      Rest in peace



  3. Nice ban!

    Join me


    Free the raw microwave chicken kid please 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Kevin



    3. David B ☑️

      David B ☑️


    4. Cobra★


      No one is editing it smh

  4. snowflake patrol is going to warn / forum ban me. Waiting for it.
  5. Me look like an idiot? Ok mr ape. You literally banned someone who is apparently a "Well-known hacker" ok so what if they changed and realised they don't want to hack anymore? He wasn't even infi banned so how does that make him a "known hacker". Server is full of fucking apes who lack braincells.
  6. What does that have to do with anything? All I said is your server is a fucking joke and you need to fix it. I'm just here to check up on shit and see what v2 is like and then I might leave depending on how it turns out.
  7. Sorry that I like checking up on drama and seeing how much people complain about the server and voicing my own opinions.
  8. Either way the servers a fucking joke. 20 people at mid day yikes
  9. I dont really take offence I just find it stupid how staff leads deal with things differently depending on who they prefer.
  10. You say this but then TrueWade literally used fucking ESP in a gunfight and only got a suspension? Staff is bullshit just a massive friendship circle
  11. +1 Cops was best when @FoxHound and @Tim were in charge imo. Best days.
  12. 「︎JB⌝

    Apex | Recruitment Open

    Thanks for unlocking the thread! Also thanks for deleting our comments about the server you guys are really a good fucking staff team who clearly care about the server and respect people's views.
  13. i got mine on my profile and never got a single 1 ?sadface
  14. Sorry that I have friends who are in HAVOC and im friends with David who told us everything
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