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  1. -The Founder

    Old School Altis (Starring Kevin and His Sexy Saxophone)

    a lot of people were little guys back then haha
  2. -The Founder

    Old School Altis (Starring Kevin and His Sexy Saxophone)

    Times have Certainly Changed Haven't they
  3. For those of you who were not around back some time ago Here is this Gem i found while digging around. Keep In mind this was long before Kevin Retired Kevin The Sexy Saxophone Man
  4. -The Founder

    Blackwater Private Military Company.

    Decided to Reopen Blackwater and Keep it to the simple side of things
  5. -The Founder

    A Few Suggestions

    The skillful part and some of the things said just seemed like he was irritated
  6. -The Founder

    A Few Suggestions

    There's no need to get offended and defend him Ollie if he felt offended he could have told me, I purely offered help if he ever struggled because that's what was suggested.
  7. -The Founder

    A Few Suggestions

    If you ever need any advice or help on a problem or just want to learn some new stuff let me know I'd be happy to show you, I'm not around phoenix much anymore because of the lack of Updates and content but I lurk the forums and I'm more of a higher tier Dev. Also sorry to hear you've been in and out of the hospital @Kyle™ Also +1 to these suggestions I completely agree many lists of suggestions like these have been posted but never truly paid attention to most of the time, Glad this one is getting noticed
  8. -The Founder

    Things dying out and becoming boring

    @Labrador His one of my ex employees he doesn't like that it changed and he obviously is living under a rock because it changed back to BWPMC
  9. -The Founder

    New Map Design?

    +1 Like the ideas
  10. -The Founder


    I actually developed something like this for arma sticking to the non-modded side of things and was able to create roulette and slots
  11. -The Founder

    All round Suggestions

    +1 Defiantly love these ideas
  12. -The Founder

    Things dying out and becoming boring

    It seemed more like you accused me to begin with about posting it in multiple areas instead of asking me about it personally, That's why I assumed you didn't want me talking about it
  13. -The Founder

    Things dying out and becoming boring

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I moved it but I cant delete it
  14. -The Founder

    Things dying out and becoming boring

    I sit at the border because there is nothing else to do except get arrested by the cops for illegal weapons, Gangs are non-existent making recruitment impossible I used to be one of the biggest roleplayers and made sure everyone in my PMC was too all we did was help people until phoenix started to die a little bit and black cobra became an issue in which they were Immediately fired but Conner never removed their access like I asked. Small numbers would be fine if people actually roleplayed but no one does these days so obviously things need to change before your sitting with 10-20 people saying your same things I understand you don't like me pointing out what's obviously happening to the server we all love dearly. (not sarcasm) I just don't want to see it go down like so many others because of stubbornness to see the obvious. and I cant delete posts never have been able to on this forums -.-
  15. Does anyone else feel like a lot of the roleplay is dying out and we aren't getting as many players as we used to? Like the Havoc border used to get like 2 helicopters and a full lot of box trucks and tempests, now they see an off-road and run toward it yelling VEHICLE!! YAYY SOMETHING TO DO! Because it's literally like no one comes through the border anymore, and as far as updates go the only updates we have had are the convoy and moving the bank and those were great but the convoy is majorly buggy and not worth the headache to rob it for like the 19 stings and junk you get, the vehicles despawn quick and it's only got one spawn point. Maybe I'm being harsh but I just feel like the community I've loved to play on for the past month is not per say dying? Because we still have lots of people and dedicated members but it's not as vibrant and fun as it used to be I think is my point here. Feel free to leave a comment I want to see everyone else's thoughts and opinions @Kevin @[email protected] [email protected]@[email protected] [email protected]@[email protected]™ ^^^^^ No response needed from those tagged just so they are made aware it exists