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  1. Short break

    It's been getting a little tedious lately on the server and with school right now I'm gonna be taking a break for a little while from gaming, I'll be back soon and I'll be bring Blackwater back 😎
  2. Film Day

    Depending on how many actors are on today we will be doing some filming and a few shoots so contact me on here or via TeamSpeak for info
  3. Cinematic Actors

    Just join the club @E Green
  4. More and Bigger Greenzones

    I feel like there needs to be more green zones because there is a lot of really unfair areas that people just camp like say every garage ever especially zaros so the garage green zones could be expanded a little bit and a few new ones added but I wouldn't overdo it because as the angry mob above me have said There should still be risk
  5. Forums Suggestions

    So we have the Suggestions area but why not also have a design suggestions area on the forums? like People can post pictures of their builds such as new police HQ Ideas Banks and all other manner of Build ideas? Also as a side note maybe having a charity Competition? Our communities Graphic Designers make people banners logos art etc on request for money and it all goes to the Designers choice Charity? instead of going to the designers paypal. Just a small idea
  6. Cinematic Actors

    Is this technically Bumping? I mean this is pinned
  7. Once we gain enough actors we can begin Filming, So keeping this in mind have your friends join the club especially you @Kayle Ravelle you have connections fancy pants
  8. Cinematic Actors

    Still need more actors! I have magical people but a lack of body's Lol
  9. Gang stuff

    I would love to see some love given to the gangs as far as the UI because at the current time It's extremely minimal and unless someone is online I cant see them, Meaning I cant remove them either. and a bunch of other things that could be improved on, so a nice UI Update for the gangs would be great
  10. Cinematic Actors

    @Kayle Ravelle @Cloud_McSky If you both could join the club for me that way I just know how many people I have to help and keep you both up to date when we will start
  11. Welcome to the FUMUKU International Employment Center Thank you for taking an interest in the FUMUKU International Employee Line of work. If you don't know much of the information that you would be interested in I recommend looking at the original line of work thread, located on the Job bored (Clan Board Page) or on our Public Office Section of your Office Block located here: click me As part of FUMUKU International, before you are completely certain about the position you would be applying for, we'd like to take note that you are able to be any current contract or division that we'd require you to be on the day of that typical work. This is generally placed on the day of work when you roll into the Office. Upon being getting your application denied you will be able to re-apply within' a week (7 days) then you may re-make an updated application. FUMUKU International Security Division: FUMUKU International Manufacturing Division: FUMUKU International Agricultural Research Division: FUMUKU International Medical Division: FUMUKU International Legal Department: Application Template Out of Character Information Steam Name: Steam ID: Your Age: Hours on Arma3: Ban History on Altis: Warning History on Altis: How many Vehicles Do you own?: How much money do you have in Total?: _____________________________ In Character Information: (Be as creative as you can) (Also do not! put your real information here everything below as far as this goes is IN GAME!! made up!) Division you are applying for: _____________________________________ Full Name: All Nicknames: Age: Date of Application: _____________________________________ Date of birth: / / Gender: M / F Place of Birth: Telephone Number: Driver's License Number: _____________________________________ Current Residence (Complete in Full) Address: Zip code: Suburb / City Previous Residence (Complete in Full) Address: Zip code: _____________________________________ (All of these listed below don't need to be crazy long just put a little effort into it) Why are you applying? What is your background in the field you are applying for? Why should we pick you for FUMUKU? What will you offer FUMUKU? Character Bio: Paychecks are given out within fumuku depending on your department your rank and how much you work.

    I feel like Dan was very harsh with his comment but still I have to disagree
  13. Cinematic Actors

    Thanks @Kayle Ravelle that will be super helpful
  14. Cinematic Actors


    -1 I feel as though they would have to decrease the time it takes to capture it due to the fact that it currently takes like almost 10 minutes for a capture zone and If It's a gang of like 4 VS say 9 it would be extremely difficult