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  1. Please add a way to pull players in while being in the back (only if armed ofc)
  2. More clothing

    Please add more clothing/color matching clothing there are still a lot of clothes left in the game that this server doesn't have especially because there is only 1 type of defender helmet and it doesn't really match with much clothing
  3. Handcuffs

    If i'm handcuffed by police can my friends kill the police even after 3 minutes passed (still in handcuffs)
  4. Ziptie Wriggle

    +1 Would be nice if you have an option to thighten the zipties every 5 minutes or something so they have lower chance of escaping
  5. Balanced runs

    I would like to see more balanced runs most runs no one does because you barely earn anything like salt i never saw anyone do it because it earns so bad and takes so long to do the only runs i see people do is meth diamonds corn sometimes and cement and also sometimes iron/copper
  6. This is not the place to ask that, contact bohemia
  7. Make qilin legal

    that's way too much it shouldn't be so expensive you have almost no cover it's basically mb 4d but then militarized they should make it advanced rebel and maybe 100/200k i never saw anyone in the server with qilin because it just isn't worth it 1 mil for mb 4d 2.0 but then more exposed
  8. when i follow i post i don't receive notifications when someone reacts to it
  9. Make qilin legal

    Agreed it's such a great vehicle but it's 1 mil it's like the mb 4d but then even more exposed it should be 100k tops
  10. New gang by Thomas Murphy

    lol 10/10 gang hope to see you guys in game
  11. Make qilin legal

    btw most part of this isn't my text but i still agree with it
  12. Make qilin legal

    As of now, the Qilin falls under the same ruleset and police laws as Ifrit and .50cal offroad. Illegal by server rules in greenzone, and scrap on sight for law enforcement. As for the server rule where it is a bannable offense to bring one in the greenzone at all, if memory serves this was a rule that was originally put into place as a reaction to cop bating etc by certain rebel groups who are no longer part of this community. The rule has been in place ever since. I'd say for an Ifrit it makes sense, sort of. .50cal it makes more sense, but for a Qilin I don't think it makes sense at all. Okay so lets examine the Qilin.. it's well armored compared to a regular vehicle, but it's completely open hull. The personell within the vehicle are very much vulnerable to gunshots, as the armor of the Qilin only protects the lower body. Taking out the driver is not any more difficult than it would be to take out the driver of an offroad or SUV or similar. Taking out an Ifrit is a much, much more challenging task. The Qilin is very lovely to drive, but personally I don't think the vehicle itself poses much of a threat like Ifrits do. No sensible rebel would be using a Qilin in a combat situation and feel safe. Quite the contrary.. From my point of view this vehicle has some undeserved stigma and should be legalized both in server rules and police rules, and possibly even lowered requirement for purchase. That is my opinion.
  13. Police reacts: Gunfire

    they also react like that when u speed
  14. Gang clean up!

    maybe idea an option to "report" gang posts for being inactive and if enough reports a admin can contact the owner of the gang post and speak to him about being inactive