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  1. Police Suggestion

    I know that but people still do it
  2. Police Suggestion

    Please do NOT comment on this if you're not in police or lower than PC I think SC or lower shouldn't be allowed to patrol on their own (own vehicle etc) because SC is still a learning stage and when i was pc (before SC was implemented) i still had a lot to learn and i learned from other police officers and i wouldn't know everything i know now if i wouldn't have patrolled with others.
  3. Havoc's Finest

    Hey calm down you can't be mad at others for not knowing how to do such advanced tactical stances that takes years of training
  4. Very good boy taught me how to do police stuff when i was lower rank +1

  5. Water chopshop

    +1 there should be stole expensive boat sometime (expensive for me back when i was hobo) and i traveled around the whole island and then found out i can't sell it
  6. Hi There !

    Welcome (back?) to the server hope you enjoy your stay if you ever see yourself in a need of help feel free to contact any staff or anyone from the police force
  7. Player Report - @Dimo @Kazuhira - 10/20/17

    So... what's happening with the report that isn't supposed to be on us
  8. Very good when a report gets dropped on you even tho you weren't online at that time

  9. Victor

    don't know him but +1 very good guy
  10. Thanx Phoenix

    put your keyboard on your fatrolls so it saves space on the desk
  11. Player Report - @Dimo @Kazuhira - 10/20/17

    the video says it happened yesterday but we weren't anywhere near athira yesterday lol this 100% isn't us and now since recently there is a whole gang with the miller last name so ye go to them
  12. Congrats on your management role mate 

  13. Player Report - @Dimo @Kazuhira - 10/20/17

    last time i responded to any gas station at that location i didn't have a last name yet so can't be me
  14. RP rewards

    No just like roleplay rewards for GOOD rp not rping in general because now there are only frag movies posted
  15. Player Report - @Dimo @Kazuhira - 10/20/17

    where the the part that i am in the video ? and in the whole video i don't see a single cop only a police car driving in ? also last time i responded to a gas station robbery at that location is over a month ago ? Edit : at least 2 months ago

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