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  1. Ban Appeal - Dimo - 01/17/18

    Wdym trolling tho ?
  2. General faction interviews

    Interviews on this server are really easy just use common sense and you should pass it first try/second try
  3. Rebel Stuff

    -1 to the black market. Blackmarket isn't worth it at all. 99% of the time i buy flashbangs i don't even use them and the rest is just black guns and a black mx sw and a mx sw isn't even that good anyways
  4. Ban Appeal - Dimo - 01/17/18

    Time Submitted: 10:24:11 AM | 01/17/18 Submitted By: Babsy (1363) In-Game Name: Dimo Steam / Player ID: +UWLT4x3epXWQfgAiq4GUPxk0MA= Administrator who issued ban: A support member Date of ban: 01/15/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I said nigger in teamspeak channels What reason was given for your ban? "Racist in Teamspeak Channels" Why should you be unbanned? Because i am not a racist person and it was a one time thing. I was just fucking around with a friend and said nigger. and teamspeak is very important for me when i play on this server. I can't join any gangs or factions when i can't use teamspeak and also can't solve things when people ask me to come support What platform / server were you banned on?: TeamSpeak Link to initial report (if applicable):
  5. Bounty System

    +1 to everything except the tazer. People will just abuse the tazers
  6. Star Trek Bridge Crew W/ Tim Turner

    Nice link
  7. Before the server was up

    It's a joke btw
  8. Before the server was up

    Get a life you admin. Just wait for your playcount to start dropping after they see this. Once you start losing players, it snowballs, so your days are numbered buddy. Honestly how hard is it to just run a server upfront and legit... what do you even get out of cheating/abusing/trolling? How is it fun?? Can't you be content with watching people have fun and play on your server, and watch the playercount grow?
  9. Tazing

    I always drop my gun whenever cops tell me to. And in the past 2 weeks i've only encountered cops once cus i mostly avoid them so they don't taze me
  10. Tazing

    It's true that not much people RP especially now with the combat hungry gangs out there. But when i actually RP there is no need to call in the whole police force to Confiscate my gun when i'm RPing
  11. SPIKESTRIPS - Black market

    They're easy to obtain now as well it just takes a little more time so i highly doubt there will be more death by items
  12. Tazing

    Bad example ? If someone RPs they're innocent and it was self defense you shouldn't send people to jail
  13. Roleplay Montage

    Nice RP

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