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    • Conner Merlin

      Green-zone Houses   02/19/18

      Start: 25/02/2017
      From the above start date, any house in the Kavala Green-zone being used to store any illegal items will have there items removed. This is to stop people from abusing the Green-zone rules to store items.  
    • Kevin

      Housing Limits (4 per player)   02/20/18

      Friendly reminder, we have a limit of 4 properties per player. This is to make it fair for all players and give everyone a chance of owning a property. It has been noted that some people have exploited the housing transfer system (be in intentional or not) and have managed to exceed this limit. This is a friendly warning that anyone who holds more than 4 properties has the opportunity to sell their excess properties now and move their items to their other properties. Anyone found with over 4 properties after this week will be at risk of having properties deleted without notice.


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  1. Qilins 50cal

    you have
  2. Qilins 50cal

    How many hours have you got on arma?
  3. Qilins 50cal

    dont speak. "the ability to wallbang any and all DMT's"
  4. Ban Appeal - S | frodo - 02/10/18

    Time Submitted: 10:14:55 PM | 02/10/18 Submitted By: Brooklyn (134) In-Game Name: S | frodo Steam / Player ID: 76561198124448269 Administrator who issued ban: Harry Date of ban: 02/10/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: S blanket ban or something like that? not sure the date of the ban, first time logging in the server for awhile. What reason was given for your ban? S blanket ban Why should you be unbanned? don't really play much here but came to play to catch up with some of the guys, did a bank with S and then went off and first time trying to log on as wanting to play with titan and I'm banned. Not sure why I got banned I was never in S just played the once. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  5. CSAT Ghillie

  6. if he went in-game, the cops wouldn't give him the time of day to say all this, also pretty sure if he did then his idea would get overlooked and people would forget about it.
  7. find it stupid how many of the OG members brought loads of tiger heli's knowing that they would grow in rarity, then they just get removed with no notice. Also buying them of mates for like 3/4 mil each then again for them to get removed, if i got comp for them wouldn't be that bothered but its just we had no warning or idea that this was going to happen, Same thing happened with the striders, 2 people had them then they got removed because of havoc, its 2 people not like the whole server, striders was something to brag about having as they got removed in the shops. Anything that was brought when server first came out has basically been removed without any warning just find it aids
  8. The time has come....

    what a shame
  9. Helicopters/jets.

    name a price
  10. Helicopters/jets.

    2 taru's btw
  11. Meh u were 22hrs faster to join this community -,-

    1. Brooklyn


      i got you to join the community ;)

    2. EnJuuso
  12. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    thanks lad xx
  13. Time Submitted: 11:51:04 PM | 01/16/18 Submitted By: Brooklyn (134) In-Game Name: Brooklyn Steam / Player ID: 76561198124448269 Date of Event: 01/16/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): - Details of Event: Had 9 tiger helis then they got deleted from the server. I bought 5 tiger helis from friends for 4 mil each a few weeks after they got removed from the shops. please add them back so that it shows og's. Also pretty salty that I could have sold them for 9mil each but then get removed without any warning. Compensation Amount: Either tiger helis which get added back, or money for them. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.

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