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  1. 😂 west u nice anyway x
  2. Brooklyn

    Just some venting

    making them a crazy price?!? dont think ive seen one pulled by rebels since its been changed. not worth spending 10 mil on offroad armed when its so easy to get ripped off combat stale? surly sitting on a hill 2km out makes it stale. I think sniper scopes should just be made more expensive.
  3. Brooklyn

    Just some venting

    ye check it out... more negative changes to rebels than postive
  4. Brooklyn

    Just some venting

    never get reviewed... the most recent change is dmts which is for everyone.
  5. i already know that 😉
  6. Brooklyn

    Just some venting

    swear the only requests you receive are things which directly affect a faction. no change to rebel in years
  7. wonder whos this navid was
  8. Time Submitted: 06:56:04 PM | 02/06/20 Submitted By: Brooklyn (134) In-Game Name: brooklyn Steam / Player ID: 76561198124448269 Date of Event: 02/06/20 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://gyazo.com/d952e554077a911a98ef9e3acd5173fb Details of Event: huron cant spawn at gb Compensation Amount: 600k loadout Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  9. was fun but everyone’s banned. gang disband x archive please
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