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  1. Brooklyn

    fix my perk

    when perks first got introduced they were bugged, they constantly got reset and conner needed to put my level back to 23 anyway its annoying cause now i can rank up because im in -47000xp
  2. Brooklyn

    selling a few lrr's

    https://pam.phoenixrp.co.uk/ selling a few rare shit on auction
  3. Brooklyn

    selling a few lrr's

    lol no
  4. Brooklyn

    selling a few lrr's

    if you need proof i have them just ask any bids
  5. Brooklyn

    more view = boost ego. frag movie

    honestly dont know why you are crying this much about this
  6. Brooklyn

    more view = boost ego. frag movie

    its a joke... https://i.gyazo.com/d459dc53de8961f867d84a5ad64132e7.mp4 only 3 day trial btw
  7. Music is shit, Frags arent synced with music. just need a few more views to boost my ego x
  8. Brooklyn

    Just a small giveaway

    swear you stalk me 😧xxxx
  9. Brooklyn

    Just a small giveaway

    i turned titan into a combat gang
  10. Brooklyn

    PMC - Fragmovie

  11. Brooklyn

    PMC - Fragmovie

    donated a tenner. been the 3rd person on the server brought around a 15 man gang onto the server when it first came out been admin been support made fraggies which arent complete shit. so probably a lot more than you so pipe back down
  12. Brooklyn

    PMC - Fragmovie

    Probs best to never make one again.
  13. Brooklyn

    EYYYYY BIG giveaway

    wow ... okay
  14. Brooklyn

    A few memories.

    Consent 2 fps.