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  1. Brooklyn

    PMC - Fragmovie

    Probs best to never make one again.
  2. Brooklyn

    EYYYYY BIG giveaway

    wow ... okay
  3. House, Garage or Vehicle: blackfish and huron x Your Steam ID: 76561198124448269 Registered Owner: Brooklyn Receivers Steam ID: 76561198154395316
  4. Brooklyn

    Auction for shit loads of stuff

    crate has disappeared, only got 1
  5. Brooklyn

    Auction for shit loads of stuff

  6. Brooklyn

    Auction for shit loads of stuff

    Dupe comment hide this x
  7. Brooklyn

    Auction for shit loads of stuff

    no thanks, worth loads more
  8. Brooklyn

    Auction for shit loads of stuff

    Selling any of these, Name a offer for something and ill see. 3 x M320 LRR 3 x .408 7rnd llr mags. 12 x LRPS 2 x Carrier Special Rig (green) 2 x 7.62 Sound suppressor (Sand) Pretty sure only ones on the server unless they have came out recently) 7 x 7.62 Sound suppressors ( Khaki) 8 x 7.62 Sound suppressors (black) 2 x Sound suppressors (black) 6 x AMS (Khaki) 7 x AMS (Black) 1 x RCO (Khaki) Only one on server unless havoc get them... 8 x Stones (Flashs) 1 x ASP (Tan) 2 x MX SW (black) 1 x AK 12 Helis 2 x Huron 2 x Huron Crate 1 x Taru 1 x Blackfish.
  9. Brooklyn

    A few memories.

    Consent 2 fps.
  10. Brooklyn

    A few memories.

    I know I don't play here as often but here are a few screenshots when I did play. First 5 people on the server. ^ First Run ^ First people to buy Rebel. @Stuart OP Orca Runs First ever bank ^ TFK and TITAN @Tiger TFK ^ My first Ifrit, baby blue. @Tiger @Sk1m @Kazz My first tiger heli.
  11. Brooklyn

    Qilins 50cal

    you have
  12. Brooklyn

    Qilins 50cal

    How many hours have you got on arma?
  13. Brooklyn

    Qilins 50cal

    dont speak. "the ability to wallbang any and all DMT's"
  14. Brooklyn

    Ban Appeal - S | frodo - 02/10/18

    Time Submitted: 10:14:55 PM | 02/10/18 Submitted By: Brooklyn (134) In-Game Name: S | frodo Steam / Player ID: 76561198124448269 Administrator who issued ban: Harry Date of ban: 02/10/18 In your opinion, why were you banned?: S blanket ban or something like that? not sure the date of the ban, first time logging in the server for awhile. What reason was given for your ban? S blanket ban Why should you be unbanned? don't really play much here but came to play to catch up with some of the guys, did a bank with S and then went off and first time trying to log on as wanting to play with titan and I'm banned. Not sure why I got banned I was never in S just played the once. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life Link to initial report (if applicable):
  15. Brooklyn

    CSAT Ghillie