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  1. Moh Lester

    Kaane Phoenix 1

    Guys stick to the topic please. These arguments are pointless.
  2. Moh Lester

    More Spawns

    The traveler perk will give you access to spawn sofia and agios.
  3. Moh Lester

    Thanks Phoenix! It has been fun.

    One of my close friends very sad to see you go !
  4. Moh Lester

    Kaane Phoenix 1

    Solid montage
  5. Moh Lester

    Luckii Fragtage

    Personally not a fan of cinematics and blackscreens in fragmontages if you dont have clips to fill sit on them longer.
  6. Moh Lester

    CSAT fatigues

    Ill give you 6m
  7. Moh Lester

    Are some of the high cost vehicles choppable?

    Every vehicle is choppable. With exceptions of glitched vehicles like the tank (might be fixed by now) so yes you can chop the huron.
  8. Moh Lester

    Sneaky Smurf

    This is why you lock when you decamp
  9. Moh Lester


    Could be fixed by making people able to process their codeine there. It would be balanced IMO as you can only sell codeine south of the map (if im not wrong). Id agree that codeine is a run thats rarely done and needs some looking into.
  10. Moh Lester

    NickBatsBak memorial day !

    Oh dear jesus yes please.
  11. Moh Lester

    This took me one hour

    Deadest of memes but still made me giggle like a 12 year old girl.
  12. Robbing is my sport 😆

    1. Moh Lester

      Moh Lester

      Sporting is my rob.

  13. Moh Lester

    this dude needs to shut up

    Id like to be moaned at to enjoy my time at phoenixRP yes sir.
  14. Moh Lester

    Soo 19mil for a RPG-7

    Fucking memes love it