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  1. Moh Lester

    Level 4 Vests

    Lvl 4 vests do sponge a lot and that could make combat less fun however it does create interesting plays having the knowledge you are probably able to sponge some shots.
  2. Moh Lester

    [SPZ] - Spetnaz

    How does Ray Pest sound?
  3. Moh Lester

    [SPZ] - Spetnaz

    Name: Moh Lester Age: 18 Previous Gangs: DGN, Adapt, TCF Why do you want to join Spetsnaz: Got some mad fraggers and my mate kr4ken is with youes. What can you bring to Spetsnaz: All round decent fragger especially at close range. I know callouts and I know how to keep comms. Oh and dont forget about my mad RP.
  4. When you get mass kicked off the server while doing bank. Get tped back and instantly get railed when you walk 5 meters.

  5. Moh Lester

    TCF | The Chosen Few

    @Proxy FYI heres my application anyway. Name: Moh Lester Age: 18 Country: Netherlands Previous gangs: DGN, Adapt Why would you like to join The Chosen Few?: Theres a few mates of mine in this gang and I like the look of the roster 😉 Screenshot Arma hours: Is there anyone in The Chosen Few that can vouch for you?: Kr4ken. Are there any requirements you do not meet?: Low on hours. (sometimes I can rage but i usually mute up before I destroy my mouse)
  6. Moh Lester

    TCF | The Chosen Few

    Good luck sadly only clocking 1800 hours here
  7. Moh Lester

    How to disable a Heli 101

    Is a huron an MRAP xddddddd
  8. Moh Lester

    How to disable a Heli 101

    VDM - Vehicle Deathmatch is not permitted. VDM is using your vehicle to harm others, whether this is by running them over, ramming their vehicle and/or attempting to create chaos.
  9. Moh Lester

    Cobra | Fragtage #1

    Good shit man very nice kills.
  10. Moh Lester

    Will o' Boston

  11. Moh Lester

    [HAVOC] Moh Lester

    I hate the hierarchy
  12. Moh Lester

    [HAVOC] Moh Lester

    Glad to help out man ❤️
  13. Moh Lester

    PhoenixRP Frags 1 | Jackk

    Good tage lad.
  14. Moh Lester

    Remove DMT from North Pefkas and Havoc CP

    It was victor who wanted a small CP and i seem to remember he is not around anymore.