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  1. Lester

    Can we fix the server?

    yeah his massive ego would put a pretty heavy load on the server.
  2. Lester

    Falcon | Open

    Denied Please learn how to left click and reapply in 5 minutes
  3. Lester

    The League | Recruitment Page

    Goodluck be active
  4. Lester


    Hahahah I mean I rush when i have a mil loadout as a civ and with a free loadout as a cop what are you trying to say? That all cop with a 7.62 shouldnt be allowed to rush and only snipe? Rushing is a great tactic and works 80% of the time in my case. Saying that rushing is a shit tactic makes me feel like youre getting dumped on by rushing TFU lol.
  5. Lester

    Time to Come Home

  6. Lester

    Move HM again

    Im enjoying this bank ATM.
  7. ❤️ A J A X ❤️ 

    1. Sig




      I use ajax too, it very good degreaser

    2. Lester


      @Sig You should use that stuff on yourself you greasy fuck

  8. Lester

    Cops basically rn

    Hahahahhahahahahahah so funny joke
  9. Lester


    Really like this idea +1
  10. Lester

    ckj | Phoenix 1

    hacker man c y a by battle eye smh
  11. Lester

    BSB btw

    The fact you get a MK-1 concerns me
  12. Lester

    ckj | Phoenix 1

    n1 came so far from when you played with me in havoc