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  1. Remove the stuff to do with FiveM off the forums so it looks cleaner again.
  2. Lester

    Ø | Oddity

    who dis new phone
  3. Tbh just gonna rush to a gun and start going around shooting people for the memes of it
  4. Please dont make it too grindy, nobody could be asked to spend hours grinding starting over and it would die after a few weeks
  5. Only if we get warpoints
  6. They probably only have a blue skin when you own a gangbase correct me if im wrong?
  7. Doesnt sound like a whole lot of a challenge tbh
  8. Kid rabs is litterly twice as good as youll ever be pipe the fuck down
  9. Lester

    bye x

    Ill cop an huron with ur money and slam it into kavala trust. Cya bro ull be missed.
  10. Lester

    linky #1

    2:10 im still pissed u went to 17 HP when I was on single.
  11. yo these cops are big dickheads from what i heard no rp wtf

    1. ÑiḴØŠ


      What do you mean we always rp with our bullets

    2. Blitz
    3. Jambo


      woah if you aint heard TST is the new roleplay unit

  12. Always loved watching and making montages dont see a point not having them, if you dont like them dont watch them easy as.
  13. Lester

    Bye, again.

    Fuck you for not tagging me cunt get out
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