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    Hello, my name is Jimmy... I have alot off intrests... In the AMS, RP, Friends, Music, Games, and Tennis.

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  1. Sorry but some screenshots don't prove anything. It was one of you guys that already read that and even said it in this player report. So I am assuming you guys are doing it.
  2. It's obviously one of you guys sending it....
  3. What are you talking about? I've taken screenshots of you guys sending it.
  4. I also have taken screenshots just to be sure.
  5. Sorry? I don't think this is relevant at all to this player report. Also what you are saying if someone breaks a rule and then says ''sorry I really regret it'' I cant report them? I think I am 100% in my rights here to go ahead and report you guys for the rule that you have broken.
  6. I never said I want you out of the community. I said I want punishment for the rule that has been broken. And in the end, your ban is not being changed if you are a new or old or inactive or active member of the community.
  7. Sorry, that is not entirely what happened, I was in the other room because I disputed you because when I joined he said dispute them. Then he started dealing with the so1 side first and told me at the end of the case to go back into waiting for support and handle it from there.
  8. Zyn, I want to let you know they resolved it with so1 the opposite party and not with me from the other party. I have nothing to do with them resolving this matter with you guys. I am here on my behalf and the APC's behalf reporting you for interfering with a major crime.
  9. Ohw sorry I think I've made a mistake. I am totally not 17 I am 18 now. And If you can also stop being disrespectful to me right now I would very much appreciate that. ❤️
  10. I never said I want you gone or anything like that. I said I am pushing for a punishment/ban. I never ever said ''I want you gone''
  11. Sorry but I never said I want you gone or anything like it. I said I was pushing for a punishment/ban. But don't put words in my mouth that I didn't say.
  12. If I want to I can keep this video private. And I do want it to be private.
  13. Time Submitted: 11:26:09 PM | 05/16/19 Submitted By: Jimmy (128) Your In-Game Name: Jimmy Smith Who are you reporting?: Sander, ckj, ma1ko. (I might have left someone out. you can find the names in the case file) Time/Date of event: 16-5-2019 Rule's Broken: Interfering with a major crime. Explain what happened: I went to support and they have written up a case. I have evidence and I would like to send that in private with the administrator dealing with this report. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): I will send that in private. Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: 15611
  14. Yes, I wish to proceed because he has been disrespectful in Teamspeak.
  15. Invalid initiation is still a rule break. So that is what I am reporting you for.
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