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    Hello, my name is Jimmy... I have alot off intrests... In the AMS, RP, Friends, Music, Games, and Tennis.

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  1. Guess who is back. Im finnally making my return to PHX rp im almost finished with me school and i missed this community so much im eager to meet all the new people that joinend since i left.. 

  2. This is not why i wanted. I have no other choice then doeing this.... I will be leaving PHX RP. The reason is that i dont enjoy the server as much it was before. Since its not my 1st priority, it seems like a good choice i hope you all find you place in this community and i love you all <3 if i get homesickness i will come back but for how it looks right now that's not gonna happen. I will be online somethimes but not verylong or everyweek. Cya and thanks for all the great time i had on this server!!! :(

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    2. Thomas Murphy

      Thomas Murphy

      oh, do u mind giving ur money to me then?



    3. EnJuuso


      Sad to see ya go....School ain't help u :P 

      @Thomas Murphy If he is going to give money to some1 it is going to be me. :D Right @Jimmy


    4. Kevin


      It's a shame the first thing people ask when someone is leaving for their money...

      Sad to see you go Jimmy o/ 

  3. It was a hard time for me right now.. i needed to decide what is the best for me and my life... so i will be doeing allot more for school instead of Arma III. That means i still be active but not very much ( Just enhough ) I hope you respect my choice and i hope i can do allot of stuff with you guys. 

    Kindest regards, 

    Jimmy ;)

    1. EnJuuso


      You on your last year on mid school? 

    2. Raymond Reddington

      Raymond Reddington

      I hope it go's well for you at school Jimmy and good luck. 

  4. Jimmy

    Player Report - Jimmy - 08/15/17

    In the video he turned around and drove off. that is why i opend fire on the quadbike. Also i find it disapointing to go failrp and say that you will get a admin. Then we all came on TS and phoonix was mad. But that isnt a reason to go say something what you cant do.
  5. Jimmy

    Player Report - Jimmy - 08/15/17

    Hellitself even said it wasnt greenzone camping and he was with you.....................
  6. Jimmy

    Player Report - Jimmy - 08/15/17

    Since when i cant have jord on steam??
  7. Jimmy

    Player Report - Jimmy - 08/15/17

    This is already solved... phoonix got perma banned for toxic and failRP. whe didnt camp the greenzone. Ask Jord. if you need me DM me. thx
  8. Jimmy

    Player Report - Dandy - 08/15/17

    Remove this report. Thx!
  9. Time Submitted: 01:19:52 PM | 08/15/17 Submitted By: Jimmy (128) Your In-Game Name: Jimmy Who are you reporting?: Dandy Time/Date of event: 15-8-17 Rule's Broken: FailRP Explain what happened: I drove up to greenzone and i got spikestripped and in wasnt intended. That is what dandy said..... I feel like that they where camping entry to greenzone with there spikestrips so i want compensation for my gear. It was denied by Jord but i think this isnt fair. So i want a second revieuw and if it isnt gonna happen ill let it go. Thx Evidence (Video/Screenshot): http://plays.tv/video/5992f3a11b16abaf0f/report-3?from=user Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Jord
  10. Jimmy

    Ban Appeal - snitcher - 08/14/17

    I find this really disapointing....... Desync ramming is one off the saddest things that you can do. Since his bas is already lowerd, i think he needs to waits this one out.
  11. Will be back tomorrow <3


  12. Gone for 2 weeks sorry for not letting you guys know so pls put me on semi active!! <3

  13. Jimmy

    Ban Appeal - Thomas Murphy - 07/10/17

    Yes that is true we warning shotted the helicopter never initiated...... After that Jelle spoke to ThomasMurphy and his 1 day ban didnt chance.... I just like to ask is Hunter a bit new to this all because these r basic rules and you should now when you get warning shotted.... (no offense) Since its only a 1 day ban and its for a solid reason i dont think the ban should be lifted.
  14. Jimmy

    An ingame terrorist themed gang?

    - 1 This is not what people want this will cause a shit load off problems with the server... I think if its gonna happen its should be a gang with a max of 10 people..... And have a small base for themselfs where they can buy there loadouts from a shop made for them... But i strongly disagree that this should be put in... I quit the coversation for now and i will watch it if you need me just ask.....
  15. Stop tagging me!!!! ???

    1. Jimmy


      Sorry :P i just needed someone that could move and lock xD but i will stop tagging you and start tagging other staff members hahaha