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    Hello, my name is Jimmy... I have alot off intrests... In the AMS, RP, Friends, Music, Games, and Tennis.

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  1. Gone for 2 weeks sorry for not letting you guys know so pls put me on semi active!! <3

  2. Yes that is true we warning shotted the helicopter never initiated...... After that Jelle spoke to ThomasMurphy and his 1 day ban didnt chance.... I just like to ask is Hunter a bit new to this all because these r basic rules and you should now when you get warning shotted.... (no offense) Since its only a 1 day ban and its for a solid reason i dont think the ban should be lifted.
  3. - 1 This is not what people want this will cause a shit load off problems with the server... I think if its gonna happen its should be a gang with a max of 10 people..... And have a small base for themselfs where they can buy there loadouts from a shop made for them... But i strongly disagree that this should be put in... I quit the coversation for now and i will watch it if you need me just ask.....
  4. Stop tagging me!!!! 😂😂😂

    1. Jimmy


      Sorry :P i just needed someone that could move and lock xD but i will stop tagging you and start tagging other staff members hahaha

  5. Anyone feeling to come and play as a Medic with me Tonight otherwise it will be bussy for me alone....:$

    1. Jimmy


      from 7 to .....???

  6. I d like the idea... But i think its not gonna do good to the server... since we allready have AMS &Havoc & Police & Big rebel gangs i think this faction will not fit in. However the idea is good i dont want this to be implemented to the server.
  7. Bring back the live in Altis @Thanos...... Welcome my new director ;) I hope you will do good for the AMS.....

    1. Tiger


      I have talked with @Thanos and I am sure he will do a good job as Director.

    2. Thanos


      Thank for trusting me @Tiger I hope i wont prove you wrong lads

  8. Why am i not on the list @Tiger @Jay Brean.....?? NVM ill expect to be in lead
  9. +1
  10. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HHjuDJhHYW_mUvGJli-ag4MzsE0VOivCg8CszhpUSDE/edit
  11. @Peter Kicked me out for this the first day since @Kazz Told me it was allowed because i was kicked for this +1 make different shops.
  12. +1 This will make everything so better since you can see what is happening to you app
  13. Deal Auction finished....
  14. I am selling a Huron Crate Starting price 3M Minimum bid incresment: 100K Maximum bid: 4,99M Expires: Tonight 00:00 GMT + 0 or choosen winner.
  15. Time Submitted: 03:38:41 PM | 05/02/17 Submitted By: Jimmy (128) In-Game Name: Jimmy Steam / Player ID: 76561198141598602 Date of Event: 05/02/17 Link to evidence (player report or video): no evidence Details of Event: I was getting sesion lost every 15 minutes and lost gear due to this... Kevin told me to make this he is probaly gonna deal with it... Compensation Amount: Mxm silencer dms carrier rig... Cmr dms and carrier rig.. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.