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  1. Sean

    Bye, again.

    bye bye ❤️ Cos you smell
  2. Sean

    Bye, again.

    Sorry Ninj there too many people to mention ❤️ u too. If you need anything remember just to ask. It wont be that bad. Just try your best to improve the problems and it will work out You hit me with the feels... God dam star fish Ty Lewis ❤️ No God save the queen. I'm upset 😭😭 Is this you finally admitting you a dictator 😂😂 jk. I sware you have given me gray hairs out of all of this, goes both ways I bet, but there has been times where it's been fun working with you. Gl with the apc, no hard feels. And remember, "Can we get some comms please"😭 Ye God dam it!
  3. Sean

    Bye, again.

    Thanks babs ❤️ Don't worry about it, im sure steam works :) You'll find someone new ❤️ or just let me know and ill be on ❤️ I still wish it worked out better and was under better situations but it was a pleasure sorting the APC, knowing how it finished, I would still do it all again. ❤️ and one final thing for your bay. The squad tag would be nice 😉
  4. Sean

    Bye, again.

    Its time, I lost my pasion a while ago and its time for new people to take my slot We all know your not coming back anytime soon ❤️ It has been my plesure, make sure not to let it go to complete shit ❤️
  5. Sean

    Bye, again.

    So after nearly a year at phoenix, the time has come for me to say bye again. This places has been so welcoming and friendly, also has it ups and down but I don't think there is a better place to have the company from a arma server. But there is a few people I want to say a big thanks to Firstly @[email protected]@Cyber [email protected] [email protected]@[email protected]@Conner Merlin 💊 🐍 🔫@Badger and all the overs who have been some of the best and nices people to work along side for the past year. Secondly everyone during my time as the police @[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Westbrook. @Sanjib Punjabiand @L̷e̷w̷i̷s̷. still the two most annoying people I've had to deal with but you know, you get a mention as well ❤️ Also all the HAVOC guys who have been great to play with, sorry I wasn't round for longer @[email protected]@Niklaus Mikaelson But mainly thank you to everyone who has been some of the best people to talk to and play arma with @[email protected] [email protected]@Ryan [email protected]♡@[email protected] Also all the people who we have lost along the way @Tom [email protected]@Charlie [email protected] There is way too many people to mention, but everyone thank you for such amazing year <3.
  6. Due to the fact that you didn't understand the word "fag" is "picking on their sexuality" and to say you only received a 5 day DSC ban for a rule break which is normally a permanent ban I believe the rest of the time for you ban will be adequate time to read over the PheonixRP General & Altis Life Rules. Ban appeal Declined - Please wait out the rest of your ban Locked & Moved
  7. You say you have "literally no idea" why you were banned, please can you explain this then? https://prnt.sc/nt0v0r @[IRA] Ammar Please make sure to @ me with your reply.
  8. Due to lack of evidence, I am going to have to decline your compensation request. If you can get any video evidence or which shows you dying, then the server crashing. I apologies for any inconvenience. Locked & Moved
  9. @Terrel CosmaDue to your history of on our server, where it currently stands you have two notes for RDM over the time of five months, with the most recent being May, I am going to be issuing Terrel Cosma (76561198156796782) a 7 day DSC ban for RDM. @Bobby ElvisIf you need compensation for any gear you have lost please use this accepted player report as your evidence while filling your compensation request which can be found here - https://phoenixrp.co.uk/forms/8-compensation-request/. Locked & Moved
  10. I am going to be accepting your appeal and reducing your ban from a GB to a 7 day DSC. Take this as your final chance to get off easy, after this point, it will be difficult to be unbanned if you are banned again. Locked & Moved
  11. @rwillHe has provided a video and it has proven that you are guilty of NLR and No Value of Life. But I may be inclined to reduce your ban, but if I'm not mistaken this is your second ban in less than a week, you had a 3-day ban for "Hostility to NHS" from the 19th to 22nd. and not this 2 days later. now you say "i am now up to date with the rules of the server" which doesn't fill me with confidence about reducing this ban. How can you ensure this doesn't happen again?
  12. Do you have any video evidence of the situation? and from the best of your knowledge was there any medics online when you were dead and did it seem like they were coming to rev you?
  13. Also, do you have any evidence which counter-acts any of the claims which you have been banned for?
  14. The accused has 24 hours to responce while I look over the evidence.
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