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  1. Sean

    Time to say Goodbye.

    bye babs❤️
  2. Sean

    Ban Appeal - Enz - 03/14/19 - Altis Life

    Appeal Accepted Your account (76561198169940709) has been wiped, if you receive a duping ban again Community Board will deal with it @FoxHound Lock & Moved
  3. Sean

    Ban Appeal - Enz - 03/14/19 - Altis Life

    If you were to be unbanned how do we know this won't happen again? @Enz
  4. Sean

    Search incapacitated people

    As long as it's a perk I think it's a good idea
  5. Sean

    Faction Commands

    The current rule for the from a APC POV is you can not be a member of NHS High Command and Gold Command. This is the agreement which we have made, when speaking with NHS command they outlined what they do and we believe that it doesn't not meet a significant amount of work. This may be different for HAVOC but this rule is not changing for the foreseeable future. If a Officer or a medic feel that there work load is to heavy then they are encouraged to speak with there respected commands.
  6. Sean

    Lack of roleplay by police

    @BladeForgedIf you don't mind can you come on Teamspeak (ts.phoenixrp.com) around 6 pm GMT tonight and come to the PCC room, if you want you can request for me directly (Sean Raven), it's good and all you bring the issue as a whole but that won't help us find who's responsible. @Lewis Mackinnonyou know how the system works if you have a issue with how a officer or group of officers have acted then report it. Please don't use that one situation and hold it over there head. Everyone does mistakes
  7. Altis Police Constabulary | Police Handbook Any handbook revisions will be posted here with a changelog to outline what has changed. ** Added: Water Vehicle Regulations A patrol in the water can take place but must have a member of Bronze Command present at all times, and can only patrol the waters near Police Lands (Maximum of 2 kilometres from the coast) unless in an active situation. Equipment for the water (a Wetsuit + SDAR) is not allowed unless you are in an active situation which requires the use of said equipment. The Speedboat Mini-Gun can only be taken out with the authority of a CSI and must have at least one member of Silver Command on board at all times. The gunboat has to be moving at all times unless the situation is non-hostile then the gunboat is allowed to stop until fired upon then the gunboat must vacate the area, the gunboat must also maintain a safe distance from the shore (Commander’s Discretion) unless dropping off officers at an insertion point. Updated: Updated Rank Descriptions for Commissioner, Chief Superintendent, Chief Inspector and Inspector Updated Constabulary Descriptions for Athira and Kavala Updated Name Format description Updated General Grammatical Errors. Updated “Teamspeak” Updated “Prison” Updated “Patrolling” Updated “ANPR” Updated “3 Minute Rule” Updated “Why can’t I see the APC section on the forums?” Updated “Why am I not being promoted?” Updated “How do I switch constabulary?” Updated “How do I become a member of police command?” Changed: Changed - Rebel Activities From Listed below is the set criteria for officers of PC+ to follow when playing as a rebel. You MUST at all times follow these rules. Failure to follow these rules will result in your privilege of playing as a rebel removed. If you are the rank of CSO/PCSO you can not play as a rebel. To Listed below is the set criteria for officers of PC+ to follow when playing as a rebel, the exception to this is TFU or the Tactical Firearms unit who must take a police holiday before playing as a rebel. You MUST at all times follow these rules. Failure to follow these rules will result in your privilege of playing as a rebel being removed. If you are the rank of CSO/PCSO you can not play as a rebel. Changed - Rights to Silence Section From “When you have placed someone under arrest you must read out what they are being charged for along with the Rights to Silence. Before someone is sent to prison you must also offer them food and water.” To “Right to Silence must be read to all civilians who are being charged on suspicion with any crime. Rights must be given to a suspect before they have been questioned or searched. If you have any questions please contact your Silver Command.“ Changed - Badge Number From Badge Number “If a member of the public requests for an officer's badge number, the officer is obliged to give their rank and full badge number no matter what operation an officer is on.” To Provide Identification “If a member of the public requests for an officer's badge number, the officer is obliged to give their name, rank and full badge number. The exception to this is an Officer who is on an official CID operation or active TFU/NIU patrol and/or Operation where the officer must provide their badge number.” Changed - Equipment From All officers, unless on a specialised unit patrol, must be carrying at least one non-lethal rubber bullet gun at all times. In addition to this, medkits, GPS, Radio, NVG’s and compass must be carried at all times. To All officers must carry, Side Arm (Taser) medkits, GPS, Radio, NVG’s and compass at all times any officer found not following these basic rules will be punished accordingly. ** ** Other doc changes: Updated Whispers Guide ** Handbook Revision 43 - Handbook
  8. Sean


    @Ryan Wilsonis my prime minister
  9. Comp Request accepted 210,000 will be added into your account (76561198356395349) on the 12 pm Restart. Locked & Moved
  10. Sean

    APC News and Announcements

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Altis Police Constabulary | News & Announcement Post #12 09/03/2019 After many weeks of debate within Gold Command, we have finally come to a conclusion with the next Gold Command Members, Firstly we have re-introduced the Rank of COM or Commissioner, this rank was given to the old Chief Constable @Jesse Johnson , and then Deputy Chief Constables @Sean and @Dimmy have been given the rank of Chief Constable. Sean Raven is the Chief Constable for Spec Units and Aiden Pearce is the Chief Constable for Constabularies. Working alongside the current Gold Command member will be three new Deputy Chief Constables, @Max for Kavala, @Cheeki Breeki for Athira and @James Johnsonfor Academy. Each DCC will be directly responsible for a Constab. They will be working Closely with Aiden Peace to assign two new Chief Superintendent's for Athira and Kavala, one for Academy this is the same for the Superintendents. In over news, the Marine Policing Unit or MPU has been officially disbanded as Police Command no longer believe it is necessary for the APC to run effectively. Police Command is currently working on the replacement for MPU but if you have any suggestions please contact @Seanwith information regarding your idea and a rundown of the unit, the more information the better! And finally, CID has officially released its Public Handbook alongside Handbook Revision 42. If you have any improvements which you want to suggest to the APC command, please contact any member of police command or fill out this suggestion form- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc_FlqvZem_Nph_69fmg3HOcg-I6K60pb161Fh8rs-JUoBNew/viewform?usp=sf_link. Many thanks, Gold Command
  11. Sean

    APC | Handbook Revisions {OLD}

    Altis Police Constabulary | Police Handbook ** Added Commissioner Role Added Chain of Command Hierarchy Added CID Public Handbook Added "How do I become a member of police command" Updated Gold Command biography Updated APC Weapon List Updated Redzone Updated Constabularies Updated APC Quick Links Removed MPU Sections ** Punishment Guide Update ** Receiving a Ban ** Handbook Revision 42 - Handbook Punishment Guide - Here
  12. Do you have the amount your gear is worth?
  13. Do you have the amount your gear was worth?
  14. I will be accepting your appeal since I do believe you will try and change, make sure you are fully aware that if you are banned again the likelihood of you being unbanned is very low, make sure this is the last time! Locked & Moved
  15. Player Report Accept, After speaking with Frank on Teamspeak since he could not message on the forms. I will be issuing a verbal warning to @Frank Castledue to the fact you @Majazuri choice to accolade the initiation and escalate the situation. Locked & Moved