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  1. Sean

    Place ATM`s inside of PD`s

    but what about the gangs base which an ATM there or the ATM at rebel itself.
  2. Denied - I have left this comp request for over two week but no response. Locked & Moved
  3. Sean

    APC | Handbook Revisions

    Altis Police Constabulary | Police Handbook **House Raiding Rules - Vast amounts of civilians have houses on the island. To raid a house permission must be granted from Gold Command. To prevent the house raid from being illegal, one of the following criteria must be met: There are an armed individual(s) inside the house. The owner is wanted for more than £200,000. A suspect has taken refuge inside the house. A suspect was involved in an armed robbery, murder or kidnapping.** Handbook Revision 29 - Handbook
  4. Sean

    APC News and Announcements

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Altis Police Constabulary | News & Announcement Post #4 03/11/2018 Firstly Superintendent @Peter was chosen as the new Chief Superintendent of the Altis Constab, were @Cheeki Breekihas been had his first Superintendent. Secondly, we are also happy to announce the full release of SCO19 with is now implemented and in operation, more information can be found HERE , or please contact SCO19 Command, CI Blurr Bifta, SGT Andy Wick or INS Liam Bifta. please be aware that this is the first time a unit like this has been attempted so any feedback or suggestions are welcome, please contact Gold command with anything which you believe is necessary. On the topic of Specialised units, there have been a couple rules changes which can be found in Handbook revision 28 (Found here). And finally there has been another change with the "Rebel Activity" rule, more detail can be found on handbook revision 27 (Found here). If you have any improvements which you want to suggest to the APC command, please contact any member of police command or fill out this suggestion form- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc_FlqvZem_Nph_69fmg3HOcg-I6K60pb161Fh8rs-JUoBNew/viewform?usp=sf_link. Thanks, Gold Command
  5. Sean

    APC | Handbook Revisions

    Altis Police Constabulary | Police Handbook **Specialised Unit rules - SCO19 Members are allowed to use a Katiba and the Operation Rig on standard patrol. SFO can use the gear they are trained to use. This is NOT including clothing and vehicles. There can be a maximum of 2 officers on an NPAS patrol. The Black SUV and Hatchback (Sport) are only to be used by an INS+ on normal patrols. CSO’s or PCSO’s cannot be brought on a ride along. There must be at least 5 officers on regular patrol to start a SCO19 patrol, you will also need 3 SCO19 members to attend a patrol before you can start the SCO patrol. ** Handbook Revision 27 - Handbook
  6. Sean

    APC | Handbook Revisions

    Altis Police Constabulary | Police Handbook **Rebel Activities - Listed below is the set criteria for officers of the rank Sergeant+ to follow when playing as a rebel. You MUST at all times follow these rules. Failure to follow these rules will result in your privilege of playing as a rebel removed.** **SCO19 Information - SCO19 is split into two different sections, AFO & SFO. AFO also known as Authorised Firearms officers are the patrol element of SCO19, they will be concentrating on Drug enforcement and Gang Infringement. SFO, Specialist Firearms Officers, is a response unit and will deal with major operations such as hostage ops, bank operations, jailbreaks, and evidence locker break-ins. Both units will work simultaneously to make sure the police is on the front line in the fight against drugs and rebel organization.** Handbook Revision 27 - Handbook
  7. Time Submitted: 03:09:15 PM | 10/28/18 Submitted By: Sean (1271) In-Game Name: LoTUK | Reen Saven Steam / Player ID: 76561198139537353 Date of Event: 10/28/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://gyazo.com/02ccf89c0041a0af69e69b114ce8699b Details of Event: LoTUK were doing a bank which we won, we then started hacking into the vault, between hacking into the vault 5 times, where there were around four mass kicks, losing two hacking devices this happens around 2 - 3 pm 28/10/2018, video can be provided of the full situation if needed. After the last kick, there weren't enough cops on to carry on hacking and the server restarted an hour early. Compensation Amount: 258 gold bars, with the perk which means 185,000 per bar. this means 47,730,000 million needs to go into the LoTUK gang funds. Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  8. Comp request accepted, £400,000 will be added into your account at the 4pm restart. locked & Moved
  9. Sean

    Cya Nerds

    didn't see this one coming, bye Kazz
  10. Sean

    Compensation Request - [ARCUS]RAGS - 10/26/18 (Altis Life)

    Comp request accepted - Due to the fact that you have no evidence, £1,000,000 worth of comp will be added into your account at the 8 pm restart Locked & Moved
  11. can you send it please
  12. Comp request accepted - £750,000 will be added to your account at the 4 am restart. Locked & Moved
  13. Comp request accepted - £654,500 will be issues at the 8 pm restart Locked & Moved
  14. Comp request accepted - £400,000 will be added to your account at the 8pm restart Locked & Moved