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  1. Anyone want to buy me a desk

    This is what benefits buy you, boys, <3 @Bosh
  2. Good bye for now..

    No probs bay boo I'll message you why I left in a bit
  3. Good bye for now..

    Wow Lab what have I done to u?
  4. Good bye for now..

    Thanks just mean peter <3
  5. Good bye for now..

    <3 Thanks Ninj
  6. Good bye for now..

    Don't worry Ryan, who else is going to play Warframe with Will do, Just remember no matter how shit things might be you can still message me on steam for help or advise Don't worry hunt I don't think it will be the last time I speak to you but if it is I'm sure you will go a long way in the APC Thanks, Thomas
  7. Good bye for now..

    After a few weeks of thinking about this I have chosen to leave the community, I could go on and on saying why but there's no point. All I want to say is thank you to @Timfor giving me so many chances when I had fucked up, @Kayle Ravelle for allowing me the amazing chance for joining the support team and finally everyone who I haven't said in this post because I don't think the past two months would have been the same without the people of this community.
  8. IPC Report

    Denied, Dealt within IPCC Teamspeak channel
  9. Ninj aboosed meh

  10. Sean Raven

    Thank you @Thomas White
  11. Sean Raven

    Thank you Randy <3
  12. Sean Raven

    wow peter what have done to you??
  13. Sean Raven

    Thanks mate much appreciated
  14. Read this tell me what you think.

    Once you are on Teamspeak please contact me and I'll explain.
  15. Guess this is good bye..... Randy

    Love u too byy <3

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