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  1. Guess this is good bye..... Randy

    You will always be my best memory on the sever mate. Remember those late nights
  2. It’s been done...

    Cya Annex
  3. Annex

    Annex is a great guy, he's helped me out in many of occasions with a multitude of different problems. He deals with stress throughout his life so I am writing this Recommendation cause I appreciate how much he brings to the server and his dedication towards the community. @Annex mate, you deserve every ounce of thanks!
  4. I dunno why I am in such a happy mood right now but..

    I love this server so much. I love the people on this server. I love the events on this server. 

    Thank You Community ^^ 

    Thank You Staff ^^

    Thank You Randy, Pugs, Whitehead, Foxhound, Wolf, Tim and Kevin ^^


    Just had to get that off my chest :D 

    1. Tim


      aha @Kayle Ravelle cops better than HAVOC ;)

    2. Scrimpy[Away For  A While]
  5. FoxHound

    +1 on the point on his voice!
  6. Player Report - matthew - 07/27/17

    But u already shot him and probs took his stuff anyway so the combat has already taken place prior to him logging off. Tbh he probably just logged off in frustration... But not my call
  7. Player Report - Shadow - 07/27/17

    Time Submitted: 05:03:43 PM | 07/27/17 Submitted By: calal886 (1260) Your In-Game Name: Sgt. Scrimpy Who are you reporting?: Shadow Time/Date of event: 17:47 27/07/2017 Rule's Broken: 2.2 Explain what happened: My mate Matthew and I were buying new gear at the Rebel Outpost #1, when we bought all the gear we headed back to our heli which was just parked outside the rebel outpost in a field but there was an identical heli about 100m beside where ours was. When we got in our heli these two random guys ran up from the outpost and told us to get out of the heli. We got out and they shot us instantly. I was shot by a guy called Shadow and my mate Matthew was shot by Shadow's accomplice whom I have forgotten the name of. They stole my heli. They didn't even fire any warnings, they just straight up shot us. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): We have no evidence other than the kill feed unfortunately. Which is quite a hiccup considering the situation. Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: No Support Member Involved?:
  8. Ban Appeal - Sgt. Scrimpy - 07/22/17

    This is my first ban so hopefully nothing like this will happen again
  9. Ban Appeal - Sgt. Scrimpy - 07/22/17

  10. Ban Appeal - Sgt. Scrimpy - 07/22/17

    My internet hiccuped the first time - I even lost connection to Discord and ts for a brief moment but I was able to rejoin after about 2 minutes. Tbh I can't convince you if you're not willing to understand that that's what happened - which it is. And btw it would only make sense for me to straight up disconnect if my internet was shut down so I don't see how that could lead you to believe anything else but what I told you.
  11. Ban Appeal - Sgt. Scrimpy - 07/22/17

    Plus I was accused of combat logging -- I can explain this in further detail in a discord or teamspeak chat. The fact is that there are workers placing Virgin Media Lines in the Roads outside of my house atm so my internet was messing up. After I disconnected from the server I came back on and spawned in Zaros where the police officers were and they came and found me and asked me to put my hands up again, my internet then shut down the whole night and £:15 today was when it came back on. So sorry if it seemed as I was combat logging
  12. Ban Appeal - Sgt. Scrimpy - 07/22/17

    Time Submitted: 02:55:59 PM | 07/22/17 Submitted By: calal886 (1260) In-Game Name: Sgt. Scrimpy Steam / Player ID: 76561198170015490 Administrator who issued ban: Kazz Date of ban: 07/22/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: It states that I was banned for Breaking RP. In my opinion I was the wrong person banned.. I did not break RP once in the server - only through type box chat which is allowed. There was a police officer who was pushing to try and ban a guy called Sgt. Hudson so I think that I have been confused with Sgt. Hudson as I am Sgt. Scrimpy. So I think there has been a bit of confusion :/ What reason was given for your ban? CBL + Breaking RP Why should you be unbanned? I should be unbanned because as far as I'm concerned I have not broken any rules in the server (Reading through them twice to make sure I haven't) and I also think I should be unbanned because somebody has confused me as to being Sgt. Hudson - who did break quite a lot of rules when I was on the server. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Link to initial report (if applicable):

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