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    ◆ In Game Name: Alfie Niddle ◆ Age: 16 ◆ Country of Residence: England ◆ Arma 3 hours ( Screenshot ): https://gyazo.com/a2bfefbac6dc7189bf842e87dea6b006 ◆ Roughly how long in hours have you played the server for ? : Over 250 ◆ Previous gang and reason for leaving ?: Quarry but who are they ◆ Why do you want to join - HYDRA - ?: I need a new gang and don't want to join a hobo one. ◆ Tell us about yourself ?: I am 16, all I play is arma and sometimes PUBG, and I'm trying to get a job at macdonalds. ◆ Why should we recruit you ?: I have the good game knowledge and pretty much know everything about the server, I can perform in all roles during a gun fight. ◆ What are your strengths ?: I have good roleplay, and also decent at everything in the game. ◆ What are your weaknesses ?: Low caliber guns. ◆ How often are you available to play ?: Whenever I am needed. ◆Can Anyone in the gang give a recommendation for you ?: ROWAN? Used to have him on steam from being in PMC ages ago.
  2. Make qilin legal

    +1 Love to be able to actually use one and not get shot at for no reason.
  3. reduce hatchback speed

    Its a sports car, and you cant change the speed as it is made by bohemia.
  4. Police

    Its just dimo trying to spread bs and get his post number up...
  5. Body Dragging Extended

    You can make 1.3mil back in one run...
  6. Body Dragging Extended

    There is a respawn option
  7. AMS uniforms

    +1 more realistic ones are needed.
  8. More and Bigger Greenzones

    -1 on bigger +1 on more
  9. Body Dragging Extended

    +1 But I think if ams arent online you are able to do. And when ams are on you cant. This happens on another server but you just buy the cpr kit for 200k for one time use and if ams are on it wont allow you.

    pretty shit not gonna lie
  11. New Server Rule

    The only roleplay civs know is hands up or die. @Toxicbacon
  12. Ziptie Wriggle

    Again -1 would make it hard to take hostages. No need for examples, shouldnt be a thing. Even if people learn to do it irl your hands are behind your back and people are in the area.
  13. Cinematic Actors

    Joined the group
  14. Ziptie Wriggle

    As I have said multiple times, it breaks rp.
  15. [T.S.A] Application form

    good luck with the gang.

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