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  1. Body Dragging Extended

    You can make 1.3mil back in one run...
  2. Body Dragging Extended

    There is a respawn option
  3. AMS uniforms

    +1 more realistic ones are needed.
  4. More and Bigger Greenzones

    -1 on bigger +1 on more
  5. Body Dragging Extended

    +1 But I think if ams arent online you are able to do. And when ams are on you cant. This happens on another server but you just buy the cpr kit for 200k for one time use and if ams are on it wont allow you.

    pretty shit not gonna lie
  7. New Server Rule

    The only roleplay civs know is hands up or die. @Toxicbacon
  8. Ziptie Wriggle

    Again -1 would make it hard to take hostages. No need for examples, shouldnt be a thing. Even if people learn to do it irl your hands are behind your back and people are in the area.
  9. Cinematic Actors

    Joined the group
  10. Ziptie Wriggle

    As I have said multiple times, it breaks rp.
  11. [T.S.A]

    good luck with the gang.
  12. Ziptie Wriggle

    If they have the building on lockdown whats the point. Also ingame you have no military or police training your just a civ, same with rebels they have learned to shoot by experience. How would you ever learn to do this and eacape without being caught. Again -1 on this idea.
  13. Ziptie Wriggle

    @Cloud_McSky in real life would attempt to break out if they said they where going to kill you? No you wouldnt as you know they would kill you and you want to live for as long as possible. Same within game.

    Its the way it is as its a flag in the middle of nowhere, how would you make it give you an alarm when the flag is being changed? Impossible.
  15. Taxi messaging system

    I agree with this as it would make it a lot easier for people to rp and go to areas as it would show the coords in the text. +1