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  1. Jong

    Remove taser initiation rule

    this ^ it makes no sense to use a stun gun against a fully armed rebel armoured up. (i know argument for reality vs game) but realistically you would match the weapons. you wouldnt get police going after armed terrorists with tazers
  2. Jong

    UAV Terminal

    Hmm I'd drop maybes 15-20mill for it
  3. Jong

    ARCUS PMC Advert

    We've done a several recently. Our last few jobs have been escorting people doing runs and providing extra fire power for cartels
  4. Jong

    selling huron crate

  5. Jong

    Selling Berets and Flash bangs

    Okay I'll buy both for 1.5m. get them off you tomorrow ? PM me to sort out times ?
  6. Jong

    selling huron crate

    Fiiinnne 6.25m
  7. Jong

    Selling Berets and Flash bangs

    How many you got ?
  8. Jong

    Selling Berets and Flash bangs

    how much for the command berets ?
  9. Jong

    Buying berets

    how much you wanting for each ?
  10. Jong

    selling huron crate

  11. Jong

    ARCUS PMC Advert

    Hopefully we should get one out soon on our Google website (sites.google.com/view/arcuspmc). We plan to try and aim towards being a PMC more and more as time goes on so here's hoping !
  12. Jong

    ARCUS PMC Advert

    Best gang ever in my opinion but I might be a bit bias ha.
  13. Jong


    Could do the same but have a lower rate, say 5-10 hours ? Not realistically that long for someone enjoying the game but long enough to put off a fresh hacker account ?
  14. Jong


    Sorry am not a pro hacker "brother" Research was done but it still did not answer most of my questions. Your pointless comment hasn't either...