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  1. Artyom

    Selling Black DMS

  2. Artyom

    Buying berets

    I might be, tell me how much you want for it (pm if you don't want to say on forums)
  3. Artyom

    Body Bags.

    I agree on value of life as people will less inclined to just go into battle if they know chances are a medic won't get them however on the other side, it'll remove RP past intiation as people will just see a free gear set garunteed if they down someone rather than trying to RP though medics and keep the person from bleeding out. Also what are medics to do if everyone is just getting body bagged ?
  4. Artyom

    love being an aeroplane

    Can I book two tickets to kavala please ? First class ofc...
  5. @Sean is there an answer yet ?
  6. Artyom

    House Security/Levelling

    I remember seeing something a while back about this but cant remember what came of it, i reckon it would be a good idea to add some form of extra security to you house for a significant price. For example: The ability to upgrade houses. You can unlock the perk at say level 10 so you don't get someone logging fresh into the server setting up their fortress of solitude. Similarly this gives someone something to work towards as it add progression into the game. Then once you have the perk, you enter your house (with the cash on you) and press windows key to start upgrading your house. Each upgrade should take say 5-10 mins (scaled from level 0-4). The levels and security could be as below; Level 0 - Side chat message, Map Marker for owner, 3minute to break in, 100% chance of success. As it currently is now i think ? Basic house cost Level 1 - Side chat message, Map Marker for owner, 4 minute to break in, 90% chance of success, Alarm goes off. Upgrade price of 100% of the house. Level 2 - Side chat message, Map Marker for owner, 5 minute to break in, 80% chance of success, Alarm goes off, Upgrade price of 200% of the house. Level 3 - Side chat message, Map Marker for owner, 6 minute to break in, 70% chance of success, Alarm goes off, Option to inform Police via side message and map marker for police. Upgrade price of 300% of the house. Level 4 - Side chat message, Map Marker for owner, 7 minute to break in, 60% chance of success, Alarm goes off, Option to inform Police via side message and map marker for police. Upgrade price of 400% of the house. For example if you owned the 2.2m large white house the upgrade costs would be; Level 0 - no cost Level 1 - 2,200,000 Level 2 - 4,400,000 Level 3 - 6,600,000 Level 4 -8,800,000 To get to Level 4 protection would cost a total of 24.2m which seems steep but consider when people are storing 20m + item from auctions, Csats, scopes, the special purpose suits and numerous guns no longer in game, on top of the normal stash of weapons/armours/virtual items this is a relatively fair figure. for me myself i had over 15m worth of XTC in my house at one point waiting to sell it and i would have happily paid extra to protect it some more. Similarly it would act as a significant money sink for the server as most people would have upgrades to some degree. People have multiple houses and would be likely to upgrade more than 1 (even if not 24.2m removed from the economy is still a significant amount). I know currently runs are being "nerfed" slightly so money is harder to make but having something to invest into and protect your assets would help keep that hard earned money safer. When you sell the house i think it should stay as it is now and you get 50% back, so a Level 4 house would return 13.2m (1.1m for house + 12.1m for upgrades). This could also be work for if/when the gang warehouses are implemented in game. I don't think that the upgrades should apply for the APC as the police would have access to more sophisticated entry devices than a rebel. Similarly the option to alert the police to the robbery should be option as the police may want to search the house after the situation is dealt with to see why it was being broken into. However if good role play is given the police should probably avoid raiding the persons house otherwise no-one would ever contact them for help! A reward for roleplay from the police to the civs ? I'm sure both sides would enjoy a bit RP rather than a salty house raid fest turn gun fight. I know house robberies are low ish level but they do happen (more than you think) and when they do, they hurt! Remember, don't be a -1'er say why you don't like the idea. @Zinner could you move this to suggestions please ?
  7. Artyom

    Changed H.M Treasury Rules

    +1 maybes include this for the evidence locker as well. When we did it the other day multiple police logged on after we started.
  8. Artyom

    Buying berets

    how much for ea ? @Ash-Hoffa
  9. No worries, thanks for the update.
  10. Artyom

    Buying berets

    Buying a few berets, looking for around 5. Drop me some offers. No bothered too much about which ones.
  11. Time Submitted: 05:53:39 AM | 10/17/18 Submitted By: Artyom (1256) Your In-Game Name: Artyom Who are you reporting?: x + 2 = 6 Targaryan Time/Date of event: 16/10/2018 approx 9:15-9:30 Rule's Broken: Value of Life Explain what happened: my gang were carrying out an attack on the police evidence locker, we had just called off negotiations, shots had been fired and two of our members died then a few seconds later i see someone rushing my position. I dropped him as two of my team had just died and i didnt know who he was (dont know how the prowler did a back flip). He then immediately called me a "fat c*nt" and started shouting about initiation. due to this i was distracted as i was telling him it was an active situation he ran into and i got shot by the police. then later into the video you can here him begging the police to execute him. He had a negative effect on our situation as i was too busy dealing with him to pay proper attention to our situation and he decided to insult me for it with a vulgar word. I sent an ingame dispute and waited for 15 mins,. after talking to proxy smoxy he told me to take the report to the forums as i couldnt stay on much longer as i had work early the next day. Evidence (Video/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ve0oiqMYARk Have you attempted to resolve the situation with the player?: Yes Support Member Involved?: Proxy smoxy
  12. Time Submitted: 10:00:26 AM | 10/16/18 Submitted By: Artyom (1256) In-Game Name: Artyom Steam / Player ID: 76561198087391761 Date of Event: 10/14/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/18875-player-report-guez-merch-101418-altis-life/?tab=comments#comment-100672 Details of Event: Got RDM'd game ban issued by Max Compensation Amount: Carrier rig black - 135,000 Ghillie suit - 95,000 Black type 115 -230,000 15x mags - 16,500 Silencer - 70,000 Black Arco - 15,000 Black bipod - 35,000 Total: 596,500 Certian my prowler got chopped as well. Can't prove this however so understand if cant comp for it. 375k for prowler Total 971,000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  13. @Max. Any decision made,?
  14. i dont sorry, i restarted my recording after the crash as i didnt expect this to happen. i appreciate that obviously you'd be going off my word for the comp request but this is a known glitch on the server and i would appreciate some form of comp. even if its just meeting half way ? @Sean