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  1. Artyom

    More Spawns

    Is there not a perk to unlock more spawn points ?
  2. Artyom

    Garage at Rebel Outpost

    naaaah picks or it didnt happen...
  3. Artyom

    More Rebel Outposts/GZ Outpost

    I disagree on the greenzone as it needs an element of risk to it. Rebel and whatnot after all - it's not mean to be a safe easy life. Personally i would prefer it to be made flatter and harder to hide/camp under the netting so its easier to scope out. Unless you're arriving via helicopter its hard to get a proper look into the outpost as its at the peak of a hill/mountain surrounded by walls and netting. It is quite annoying when a teams camping as effects RP imo as it stops players being able to do certain things they wish to do; for example "gear up to engage in a hostage situation or robbery." Perhaps adding a camping rule to it such as "Maximum stay 5 mins" alongside "no camping nearby waiting for people to leave" (similar to camping GZ rule) to enable people plenty time to gear, a fair chance to leave and eliminating a team camping long term. Another Rebel outpost would make life easier as well but again chances are it'll just be campspot v.2.
  4. Artyom

    Bill Penguino (Medic)

    Good fella always willing to help whenever you message him, sorted me out when starting in the AMS with advice and doing field assessment etc, Recently went through my MAS application/test too with him. Knows his stuff and seems more than happy to take the time to pass the knowledge on.
  5. Artyom

    AMS ground vehicles - bad off-road capabilities.

    Could give it a unquie skin ? Make it unmistakable; perhaps White prowler with medic logos/livery all over ?
  6. Returning player after taking a while off the server. Considering everything changed around now (last time i was on kavala wasn't the central location), I've a few questions i'd appreciate if someone could answer; - Are you still able to wear rebel clothes and not be arrested ? if so can you carry rebel guns and not be arrested ? - Does the server still have an insurance system where if you vehicle blows up you get it back after next restart ? - Are fuel trucks just for oil runs ? - Whats the cartel/gang base things (i saw you can bid on them, can a gang buy them for a month or something) ? - leading from above, are there still areas your gang can capture to earn money over time ? I only been able to put an hour or so back into the server so far so apologies if these questions are quite obvious to answer. Out of curiosity when did kavala become the central city/green zone ? -Artyom
  7. Artyom

    Player Report - B.F Nelson/ B.F Rolan - 07/25/17

    Longer vid (3m+) as requested.
  8. Artyom

    Player Report - B.F Nelson/ B.F Rolan - 07/25/17

    Lets wrap it up then. Admin confirmed it was RDM. Lets have the punishment for RDM. Thats the only arguement i need to make. There is video proof of RDM which an admin described as textbook. As for the shitfest, youve tried to type fancy with big words and discredit my personal character for the most. I've put forwards clear facts backed up by my video of the rule breaking. Considering it was confirmed VDM, and the admin asked if i was willing to settle it with compo and neither of us are, im within my right to ask for a temp ban as thats the standard punishment for RDM. For everyone else's sake, drop your unhealthy habit of breaking the simple rules of the server and trying to blag you way out of it causing laughable amounts of time to be wasted, both yours and mine.
  9. Artyom

    Player Report - B.F Nelson/ B.F Rolan - 07/25/17

    Lets wrap it up then. Admin confirmed it was RDM. Lets have the punishment for RDM.
  10. Artyom

    Player Report - B.F Nelson/ B.F Rolan - 07/25/17

    Actually i dont want any compo. I only said it becuase the admin obviously wanted that outcome rather than having to give out a ban. Personally i'd like him temp banned for the comfirmed VDM. that was me comprising, i said a large amount as compensating 35k is hardly a punishment for a text book case of VDM. Points A and B we could argue for days. Imo you knew and abused, your opinion you didnt. Ignore them then. Point C. Your friend clearly initated AFTER killing me. And the heli aint that loud. Again i said that amount as a punishment for RDMing as paying 35k isnt exactly a punishment. Personally i'd rather he got a temp ban. Again i was compromising for the admin as he obvious would rather not hand out bans. Point E - the heli isnt loud for where i die amd most of the encounter. I get shot instantly after going around the corner and you clearly hear him initate after i died. And if its rude to point out rules are rules im the rudest man alive. Point F. At 1 minute into the video YOU kill someone. Im on my phone amd cant see the name as its too small. But dont wprry the videos 1080p and can clearly see B.F. rohan killed... i checked before uploading. Then 20 seconds later tou open fire on my friends car. 20 seconds between a murder and your next robbery (and subsequent murder) in cold hard factual video proof. Not an ignorant and stupid comment. And moving to your final point. I dont want the money. As said i said that value so it was a PUNISHMENT and i quote here, for the "text book case of RDM". As you have refused. Admin, please give a temp ban for RDM to B.F Nelson please as 35k compo for my pistol is a laughable punishment as that is all the compo they will offer. N.B. Also i never told you to delete your recording so dont try to blame that on me. Im allowed to change my mind ?
  11. Artyom

    Player Report - B.F Nelson/ B.F Rolan - 07/25/17

    @kayle ravelle i can happily get you 3 minute video no problem, would be tomorrow morning before i could get it however. And to be honest i know it sounds petty but i'd rather not have RDMing people in the community than a 35k pistol Considering as you said its text book RDM he should be punished. If you dont want to hand out a ban and woukd rather settle it with compo fair enough. I'll settle for 750k compo. 375k for me and my friend. Thats punishment enough. Paying us back for our 35k pistols will hardly teach him a lesson.
  12. Artyom

    Player Report - B.F Nelson/ B.F Rolan - 07/25/17

    A) you were talking about it in chat i beleive as were most people as you were saying you werent teleported as you were in your car. (This i may be wrong about, i'd have to review the videos tomorrow but i'll be quite sure it was you) B) from my point of view you were exploiting by using that situation to your advantage. The video is my evidence of that. C) i am silent when you gun me down and you can clearly hear you initiate AFTER you kill me. I am also silent during your friend shooting at my friends car. I only talk when i am around the corner asking if he died. D) I dont have to accept you comp at all, and comp is not an acceptable way to deal with rule breaking. Paying me 35k for a pistol will really teach you the error of your ways. E) irregardless of 1st time or not. Rules are rules and they are quiet clearly shown on the website your currently using under the rules tab. Ignornace is not an acceptable excuse. F) given the amount of medic and police in the area, what roleplay were you and you friends doing killing one person after another may i ask?