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  1. dandy

    Oddity | Open

    Those settings Will cost u 10£ ty
  2. ivy

    who even are you?


    1. Sig


      some weirdo i bet

    2. ivy


      must be 

      what an irrelevant kid... 🤸‍♀️

    3. dandy


      hey! Kid! Quiet before i repeat ariana grande incident 

  3. dandy

    Delta Op?

    Mr Phoenix people stop calling yourself relevant xd no1 knows Who u are outside the community.. cringy af
  4. dandy


    the prison time is 10min.. Its 10min people will just go on youtube or something like its unnecesarry dev work
  5. dandy

    Oddity | Open

    accepted as trial mah <inappropriate1>
  6. dandy

    Oddity | Open

    @AiDENN @BarryGold sent u ts ip
  7. dandy

    Oddity | Open

    accepted as member
  8. dandy

    Less rain

    Yes turn dynamic wheater off and speed up night times +1
  9. dandy

    Oddity | Open

  10. Im replying on behalf of @Harley xxz Im willing to comp you the amount of your loadout even tho you did not try to reslove this with me in any way.
  11. dandy

    Ghost at North Cap Point

    @Moh Lester Might wanna rethink your orca pilot ?
  12. dandy


    so i got perm banned on PUBG in august 2017 for toxicity and havent played since and now i got another ban? https://gyazo.com/490b1d7ee068965c5d8d2c3a38cde347
  13. Time Submitted: 07:03:11 PM | 04/24/18 Submitted By: dandy (1249) In-Game Name: Oddity | dandy Steam / Player ID: 76561198249239916 Date of Event: 04/24/18 Link to evidence (player report or video): https://gyazo.com/e6542a4e3080483d3f4a5bd8b9503584 Details of Event: video explains itself Compensation Amount: 508 000 Confirmation of legitimacy: Yes I understand and agree.
  14. Your best friend Monkee

  15. dandy

    Community Events -

    I know this have been suggested some times but. Gang wars (police and delta are allowed to crate one groups/gangs to participate) a group of 6 defend one of the current cartel postions Which then is being attacked by a group of 6. Staff/management Will have to spawn in gear and vehicles for the attackers. and have like rules such as "u must have atleast 75h on the server to participate" to prevent people from other communities to come and play and just leave after the event again. ---please read--- And Yeah ik people Will be like "Its a roleplay server" but Its only one time. It wont affect the community in anyway. I think myself and some others in the community just wants to have gang wars atleast one time. Ty