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  1. dandy

    Altis Lawyers | open

    Sounds like a gang for @maiko
  2. dandy

    Phoenix #2

    how about u come and slap plague on oly? ❤️
  3. dandy

    ROE | dandy

    Got addicted to the game, so saved up some clips from the past two days
  4. dandy

    Luckii is to funny

  5. dandy

    Altis Server Event: APC Lockdown

    ooo boys, time to log on the squad
  6. dandy

    MAR-10 Competition

  7. dandy

    MAR-10 Competition

  8. dandy

    Oddity | Open

    denied accepted
  9. dandy

    Oddity | Open

    denied accepted
  10. dandy

    Oddity | Open

  11. dandy

    Oddity | Open

  12. dandy

    Oddity | Open

  13. dandy

    Oddity | Open

    accepted apply when ur unbanned
  14. dandy

    Oddity | Open

    lol no