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  1. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Peaky Blinders
  2. Player Report - Tim Turner - 01/15/18

    Report closed: resolved.
  3. Ban Appeal - [R] Fox_Eagle - 01/16/18

    Ban appeal denied, player has been T3'd
  4. Ban Appeal - [R] Fox_Eagle - 01/16/18

    Thanks for this, I will wait until I have spoken to further admins
  5. Ban Appeal - [R] Fox_Eagle - 01/16/18

    Ban appeal on hold due to information admins are giving me.
  6. Ban Appeal - Devin | Hangraaf - 01/15/18

    Due to the information I have received from admins I am declining this ban appeal
  7. Ban Appeal - Devin | Hangraaf - 01/15/18

    Alright, we'll wait for @Dex to respond.
  8. Ban Appeal - Devin | Hangraaf - 01/15/18

    @Dex Anything to add? Staff do not need evidence to ban people, they see a rule break and they issue a ban. After checking your ban history in my opinion you should serve out your ban, I'll wait until Dex has something to add.
  9. Free Forum Banners

    @Raymond Reddington
  10. Free Forum Banners

    @Moh Lester
  11. Compensation Request - 7 l J O S H - 01/13/18

    Accepted 900k comp added
  12. Player Report - Kingslie - 01/14/18

    Player has been given a 7 day ban. accepted
  13. Player Report - Kingslie - 01/14/18

    Alright I’ll give Kingslie until the morning to reply or ill issue a ban
  14. Player Report - Kingslie - 01/14/18

    @Moh Lester @Alex King Why was this not resolved in support?
  15. Free Forum Banners

    Favorite colour and theme?

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