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  1. Free Forum Banners

  2. Free Forum Banners

    @Vladimir Putin
  3. Ban Appeal - Tobias - 03/18/18 - Altis Life

    This is not your first offense for combat logging, so using the excuse that you were new does not suffice im afraid. Ban Appeal DENIED
  4. Ban Appeal - Tobias - 03/18/18 - Altis Life

    Birdy was the admin who issued the ban And the Steam ID is 76561198434657264 @MIG GAMING BØSSEBAMSE You have been banned for combat logging before, and then you do it again, why?
  5. My leaving post.

    Pleasure working with you, good luck in the future.
  6. Goodbye All <3

    Great working with you Nick, good luck in the future.
  7. Meeting Minutes are now on the forum post!

  8. PC R. Dutch

  9. Free Forum Banners

    @Lamarcus Smith @Brown
  10. Free Forum Banners

    I will be doing some tonight for anyone who is wondering
  11. Are you rich?

    16 quid and a packet of biscuits currently.
  12. Happy birthday Cappa

  13. Compensation Request - I | Tekson - 03/13/18

    Denied, we do not compensate when you you are directly responsible for what happened.
  14. Ban Appeal - McLovin' - 03/13/18 - Altis Life

    Since the ban was 8 months ago, I feel like you're being honest. Unbanned and this is your final chance .

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