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  1. Adam Ferox

    LoTUK - Applications Open

    I just wanted to make an application you fucking bitch.
  2. Adam Ferox

    LoTUK - Applications Open

    Name: Age: 4 Hours on Roblox: 2172 Hours on Arma: 69 Games you have considered "laddy": Bingo past run ins with the rozzas: Stole a KitKat Chunky from Tesco Opinions on Brexit: +1 Do you watch Love Island? : No Do you play Minecraft: I own a minecraft server Whats your whip status: Golf Cart Pass times you like to do: inhaling bath salts Is it coming home ?: Yes. ethnicity: Dog Would u get a skin head ?: I'd prefer to put my hair in a 90 degree angle and run into people.
  3. GCSE's are over. I could get a job.

    Or I could do fuck all for 10 weeks.

    1. Kendra Sunderland

      Kendra Sunderland

      I say do nothing but play Phoenix

    2. Scarso


      ^^ He has the right idea

    3. Roy Lester

      Roy Lester

      fuck all is always the choice of the smart people.

  4. Adam Ferox

    Coming back for a bit

    Sup buds @Charlie Knight @Alexander
  5. Adam Ferox

    Coming back for a bit

  6. Adam Ferox

    Coming back for a bit

    Already a SGT buddy boy
  7. Adam Ferox

    Coming back for a bit

    Title says it all, cya around on the server
  8. why did my friend get unban



      and why you hate me 

    2. Charlie Knight

      Charlie Knight

      You are aware that Adam is no longer a part of the staff team? And your friend probably got unbanned because he appealed through the system and the staff member dealing with it found it ok to accept.

  9. Y u no pubg fren

    1. Kazz


      Not playing until new map

  10. Yes it is Raymond. CryantLick

    1. Alexander


      @Raymond Reddington you really sound like a shitter in that video

    2. Adam Ferox
    3. Raymond Reddington

      Raymond Reddington

      Fuck both of you twats

  11. link playlist plz

  12. Adam Ferox

    Adios Amigos

    @Conner Merlin You too buddy!
  13. Adam Ferox

    Adios Amigos

    Been a long time coming for me, I just don't enjoy coming on Arma 3 anymore, I have met loads of good people and enjoyed the many months I have been on the community. I will be resigning and leaving the community Tuesday next week. Just wanted to say thank you @FoxHound for giving my a chance in the support and staff team and trusting me to run the police. Also going to tag all the people that have made playing on phoenix one of the best experiences @Zyn @LUKER @Conner Merlin @Matty James @Peter @Lewiss @Jim Creosote @FoxHound @Ryan Wilson @Ashley Raven @Connor [email protected] Raven @[email protected] Reddington Sorry if I missed anyone. o/