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  1. Ban Appeal - [A.R.G] 2Lt. Dylan - 07/17/17

  2. Ban Appeal - [A.R.G] 2Lt. Dylan - 07/17/17

    ok thanks kayle
  3. Ban Appeal - [A.R.G] 2Lt. Dylan - 07/17/17

    im not the people who spoke to me called my gang that so i laughed and asked if they actually just said that they didnt understand so i typed it
  4. Ban Appeal - [A.R.G] 2Lt. Dylan - 07/17/17

    and how is this homophobic i dont have any dislike towards gays
  5. Ban Appeal - [A.R.G] 2Lt. Dylan - 07/17/17

    ive never been banned and when i spoke to tim on ts he stated you followed and they said and i asked if that whats actually what they said
  6. Ban Appeal - [A.R.G] 2Lt. Dylan - 07/17/17

    ive never been banned and when i spoke to tim on ts he stated you followed
  7. Time Submitted: 08:12:07 AM | 07/17/17 Submitted By: dylanp01 (1229) In-Game Name: [A.R.G] 2Lt. Dylan Steam / Player ID: 7656119814 Administrator who issued ban: Tim Date of ban: 07/17/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: cause tim is upset he got killed after following us 4km then aiming guns at us from a tower What reason was given for your ban? RDM Why should you be unbanned? a havoc strider followed me from the border all the way to athira. During this we had stopped and robbed 2 trucks the third person got to garage and stored there truck at this point havoc who followed us set up in a tower i later run up the tower and tim was at the top aiming towards me. My higher ups told us the HAVOC members where there cause they got paid by the trucks i was looking on the forums and noticed Tim has gave a 3 day ban to everyone else for RDM multiple of these people i know isnt there first time getting banned yet i get a 5 day ban and this is my first time even getting reported i believe i got longer cause it was a admin i killed and this isnt right the ban should be the same length What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Link to initial report (if applicable):

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