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  1. Store all Button

  2. AMS uniforms

  3. Body Dragging Extended

    +1 to drag bodies to vehicles
  4. Make qilin legal

  5. what's the point of jets in altis life ?

    This is called "envy".
  6. Nick

  7. Make bank and loans

    The idea is to make a bank in which real people will work, which will give out loans. You can also add people who will beat money out of debtors. Or let those who did not pay the loan will not be able to use ATMs.
  8. Prison

    +1 to quote and +1 to thread/topic
  9. Insurance

  10. Looting bodies

    -1 will be more kills for loot
  11. How to get rid of combat hungry people and baiters

    +1 should try that
  12. Delivery missions

    what about adding delivery missions?
  13. Diamonds

    what do u use to gain so low profit? on HEMTT BOX my profit was more than 900k. at least it was one week ago. anyway +1 because it is ridiculous that i can get same money on beer/cement and diamonds
  14. Vape thing

    thank you
  15. Police pulling over without valid reasoning

    You must not defend yourself, i'm think you must be interested in making server better place. there is no fun when you pulled over randomly and for no reason. In real life police mostly stops vehicles only when they break the law and police saw crime. there are much more people in the world that wants just play and chill. and if some one want to be pulled over, they will give reason for police. also in real life when vehicle pulled over, driver must stay in vehicle until officer make sure that there is some kinda of bandit in fron of him. If people complain, then something is wrong. And you don't even want to look at the situation from our side. imho