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  1. Bacon and toilet

    As havoc member i have my needs and they include free bacon and toilet at CP. I know these things aint from first need for server, but it would be really great to see it in future. You know attention to small details allways right thing .
  2. Took photo of @Kayle Ravelle on duty0EHoH7R.png

  3. Police chasing skills. Top moment 1:20


    1. Sig


      Seems about right

    2. Cameron.


      would be @Labrador flying xD 

    3. Preckrasno


      you can see in chat who was flying ;)

  4. Taru transport

  5. Air to Air initiation

    +1 good idea what about "jet" tag ?
  6. Police helping hobos to do their runs


    1. Zinner


      Awesome <3

  7. Rebel shop variety

  8. Hidden Names Above Characters

    if you don't like numbers, we can use combination of first and second names from this site http://www.quietaffiliate.com/free-first-name-and-last-name-databases-csv-and-sql/ , it will be 487861706 combinations.
  9. Hidden Names Above Characters

    +1 for numbers above head instead of names, would be more RP and less meta if it will be implemented. also it would not be a problem to report on someone if he has number, same thing if he had "name". also numbers should change for everyone every session or every day, because even numbers are rememberable at some point. to exclude that moment when at one day one person playing with number A and at other day other person also playing with number A. we can use hexadecimal numbers and 7 digits. we will get F*F*F*F*F*F*F it would be 170859375 combinations. so if 200 different people will play on server every day, it will be 854296 days until we should use same number for different person. and for mobile messages we can still use old players' names.
  10. Remove Gags

  11. Moonshine

  12. Havoc Lag City


    -1 new level of laziness to drive more than 500m
  14. Havoc Lag City

    it cause lag because there is stuff from tanoa island, it is not loaded by default when you loading on server, it's start loading when you passing through. so basically you just can get rid out of tanoa stuff, like buildings and it would be solved IMHO
  15. HAVOC Smoke Grenade Launcher

    +10 great idea, nothing to add

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