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  1. Sad to see you step down. You've been awsome in your role. Thanks for everything you have done for PhoenixRP. I hope you still stick arround though:)
  2. Player report accepted. 5 day DSC ban give to Roman Let's hope he uses the time to read the server rules.
  3. @NixonHow do you know it was Roman as I can't see his name in the video?
  4. Zinner

    Amunition price SO1

    100 round black 6,5 mags have two different prices in the SO1 shop. A minor bug, but would be good if it can be fixed. https://gyazo.com/aa7d9a57d6c0a2158b7a2a4fd122d8d0 https://gyazo.com/fa192d41f1374146334ab2b9dcff23f2
  5. correct steam ID: 76561198070109139 @STAGG Trolling is not allowed on out servers. Sling loading random people from a blue zone is also breaking our altislife rules. However this is your first ban and I am willing to give you another chance after 4 months as long as you read and follow our rules in the future. Any further rule breaks may lead to a permanent ban being reissued and it will be harder to appeal. Ban Appeal Accepted. Welcome back to the server
  6. Happy Birthday :D

  7. That's a good question. Thanks for asking it. Looking forward to see what Community Board will answer. I'm not so sure V2 will solve the "shoot shoot shoot" mentality we have now. Just becasue it's a player mentality issue and not a question about implementation of rules or items. There needs to be big chances mainly in what's expected of faction members, what we expect from our regular players and what players expect of other players when it comes to Role play Standard. That's not an easy fix. But hey. Going to quote Michael Jackson here. "I'm starting with the man in the mirror". If everyone did their best to have high standard of role play it will change Only way to test RP from someone who initiates on you is to surrender and see what happens. But you also have to remember that gunfight are also an important part of role play, but a gunfight should never be the goal in itself as it is in some situations on the server.
  8. Zinner

    Mike Hunt TS Ban

    Please use the correct format by using this link https://phoenixrp.co.uk/appealabaninfo/ Appeal declined
  9. @Jack Knight are you talking about in RP or out of RP? In RP the definition a "rebel faction" does not really make sense. HAVOC are rebels. No need to define it more than that is it? Same as in the real world. If a man is a freedom fighter or a terrorist is a matter of perspective. APC will see HAVOC as rebels and HAVOC see themselves as a nation of freedom fighters. Civs will see them as either freedom fighters or terrorists based on their disposition.
  10. Hello Andy I see that your last appeal was denied only a bit over a week ago and I do not believe people change over a week. This is not a one time thing, as you have done this several times and been banned for it before on Teamspeak. After that you still proceeded to do this in game. PhoenixRP does not tolerate trolling, discrimination or any disrespect towards our staff members. However I am willing to give you another chance on our server but not at this time. I have decided to reduce your ban to a 1 month ban which means you are able to join again on August 8th. I hope you use the time to think about how to act when you are online as any further incidents might lead to a permanent ban and a difficult appeal process. Ban appeal accepted - reduced to 30 days.
  11. I really enjoyed the singing hostages at HM treasury ❤️
  12. HAVOC already do peotective runs. Go and ask them
  13. Hello Kyro. Thanks for making the community aware of the suspision on you and as I said when I talked to you I will discuss this with my fellow staff members to come to the correct conclusion. I can not discuss details of your case publicly but lets just say that I have 2 year expirience of using admin powers and noone has ever noticed me before. It is also quite difficult to "step like a horse" when I'm not walking. Making a post like this after we talked on TS really makes me even more suspisious. I might just add that staff members reserve the right to restrict any players access to our services. The accusation that "I am trying to get you banned" is incorrrct as I could just use my right to restrict your access if that was the case. No staff member wants to ban someone, it does not give is personal pleasure. That is something we do to protect community members from rulebreakers and cheaters.
  14. Compensation request accepted. 350 000£ will be added you your account at the 16:00 GMT restart
  15. Your ban was a time ban of 3 days and it expires at 21:49 july 4th. You have to serve out the time ban and you are able to play when it expires. Unban appeal denied.
  16. Player already banned for this incident. Player report accepted Ban already issued
  17. Phoenix staff > infistar staff ❤
  18. After watching multiple videos and discussing with other members of staff and staff leads I have decided to unban you. There might be a chance that this is an accident out of your control If the engine was shot out just as you tipped forward and that you were shot out while flying dangerously low. There are alot of "if"s and "maybe"s. But I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and give you another chance as it might just have been a series of unfortunate events that lead up to it. I advice you to record in the future to be able to prove inocense and not fly dangerously low over high populated areas where you might kill other players. Ban appeal accepted
  19. I am not sure what you mean with unjust ban. The video shows two separate crashes. Which one are you claiming they shot your engine out and was a wrongful ban? 24h to respond @TrickStarNL
  20. I know but I am still going to give him a chance to explain before action this player report or deny it. If he gets punished it will be added to his ban and if he does not it will be denied. But he still gets a 24h chance to respond
  21. Time ban ran out. Ban appeal not necessary and therefore declined
  22. I can see that a dispute was sent but no support case logged so I am going to give the accused a chance to respond here. @AlexIsAWave why did you not show up in support and what is your side in this situation? 24h to respond @Hero In
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