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  1. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Muhammed - 04/16/19 - Altis Life

    @Matt @Alexander or @Zyn can you reduce the ban to be unbanned on the 26th, and lock and move the post to accepted please.
  2. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Muhammed - 04/16/19 - Altis Life

    As you can see in the videos posted in the report. Only one vehicle was shot at after you died at the processor. If that is one of you, I would like the name of that driver or a video of your perspective to show that you were pulled into a situation unwillingly without knowing you broke NLR.
  3. After reviewing all the videos including an admin cam of who is in the area at the time it is clear that Joshh, Epic and Muhammed is breaking NLR using information from their previous life to get their vehicles and items back. Player report accepted and game bans issued.
  4. Zinner

    Encurage more ground runs

    At the moment I see almost everyone doing runs in helicopters. Which is fine if you want to risk an expencive helicopter instead of a cheaper vehicle to reduce the chance of beeing arrested or robbed on the road. However there is almost no one doing ground runs anymore except the occational copper Hobo. People even use hummingbirds to do runs as it is more beneficial in £/h compared to beeing on the ground of a similar price. This leads to fewer interactions on the ground for rebels, police and HAVOC. HAVOC especially see it as the traffic through CP has been very low. There is hardly anyone to rob on the road for rebels and police ground patrols see less traffic on the roads. Seeing that the APC can't camp dealers and processors for more than 15 minutes it makes it very hard to arrest people doing drug runs unless you have an armed hellcat in the air. Also the RP of the occasional traffic stop has gone down. If you look at the routes on the map right now ground runs are either mainly driving offroad or taking long detours which "forces" people to do it the easy way with a helicopter. I have not done accurate math but if you compare heliopter runs to ground vehicle runs with the almost the same storage, you earn more money by using the helicopter and there is a very low risk of beeing arrested as the only place you can be arrested is at the dealer or processor which the police can't camp for more than 15 minutes. Yes there is the occational robber, but they usually to their own heli runs while they rob you. I would like to suggest that we change this to encourage more vehicle runs without removing the posibility to do them with helicopters. Right now there are almost no runs that follow the MSR. Is it possible to change the locations of sertain gathering locations, processors and traders so the fastes route is on the MSR, making it high risk if but the shortest route, but also a posibility for a dirt road/offroad route, that is safer but takes longer. Another solution to encurage people to do more ground runs is to reduce the capasity of the helicopters. I do not believe that is a good solution as those who want to do them in a safer way with helicopters should be able to do it. But right now there is no downside doing a run with a helicopter vs a ground vehicle. The storage and time spend is both good compared to ground vehicles and I do believe that £/h earned is actually better with a helicopter despite of the low storage on helicopters. The best solution then is to optimize the runs for ground transport. I hope that this can be discussed in the community and in the community board. I hope that this sudgestion won't meet alot of criticism as I am not aiming to stop or nerf the helicopter runs. I am trying to make it better to do a ground run so we can have a posibility of more RP on the ground. More Protective runs from rebels, HAVOC or APC, more robbing for rebels and more arrests from HAVOC and APC. This will hopefully increase interations across the map. By initeractions I mean all sorts of RP, Robbing, arrests, freindly RP, combat etc. I also hope that this will change the: "helicopter run --> Cartel --> helicopter run ->rebel outpost-->cartel" mentality on the server right now. I understand that mentality as it is hard to interact with people when they are all in the helicopters making it booring just to run arround looking at other people flying arround. Please feel free to discuss this. What do you think about makking ground runs more streamline, closer to MSR and basically optimized for ground transport without removing or nerfing the helicopter aspect of it? Will this lead to more people choosing ground vehicles and thereby increasing the chance of interactions?
  5. As there is no further evidence I am locking the case while I discuss it with my fellow staff members
  6. Player report accepted. 5 day DSC ban given to zabasukamana for unclear initiation and not giving enough time to comply. Ban time based on player history and the situation. Jamber has received a warning for Combat storing. If this happens in the future bans can be issued. Warning instead of a ban as he does not hear what is going on completely.
  7. @Jimmy are you saying that you broke no rules when he did not hear the initiation and even if he did gave him 3 seconds to react? Do you consider that within the server rules for valid initiation and RDM? I am dealing with his combat storing aswell, however this does not make your RDM allowed. If this was a simple RDM and combat store thingy it would be solved in support. but it was not. So here we are.
  8. The problem here @Epic @Max_Oscars96 is that you dont have evidence to back up your claim that this was a new situation. A simple video of you taking shots would have solved the report. But @Epic what do you mean moonshine part 2 video. Do you mean you have people flying over moonshine processing before HAVOC leave it and then take fire in the heli? Who is that and when does that happen? Should I disregard the video evidence presented in the report because you tell me a story? I can't do that. There is a reason why we urge people to record to not only to catch rulebreakers but also prove inocense in situations like this. As of now with the video evidence you are breaking NLR and retrieving your vehicles in a situation you died in without it being a new situation. The only way this will not turn into a ban is if I give you the benefit of the doubt. This seems unlikely however sins no one in your gang seems to be able to present a recording. I find that highly suspisious. I will deal with the report with the evidence alresdy presented and consider comments and evidence presented before tongiht and discuss this with my fellow staff members tonight.
  9. It is zabasukamana aka @HooD that is RDMing here. that is correct
  10. What you need to consider is your perspective vs his perspective. Do you kill him without clear initiation? Yes Did you give him enough time to comply with your demands? No even if he heard what you said 2-3 seconds is not enough for him to react to what's happening and putt his hands up. You even have someone in TS even saying "You have to shoot him earlier." That person has clearly not read our RDM rule. Did this guy Combat store? Technically yes. However your initiation is not clear so it's going to be hard for me to judge if he stored it to prevent you from taking it or that he even knew what was happening. I will discuss this report with fellow staff members and come to a conclusion about the consequences of this. Attitude in support will weigh in.
  11. @Jimmy rule 3.1 is player initiation. 3.1 Player Initiation - Initiating on another player and/or gang can only happen through Direct Chat and must be clear enough for the other party to hear. It is your responsibility that your initiation is clear on the receiving end. I can not see where you are running in this when you are trying to initiate. Look in the video he already has his earplugs in. A 3 minute video is required if there are any doubt if there was prior initiation in let's say a car chase. In this video you are attempting to initiate so I am not in doubt that there was not any prior initiation. Therefore I do not require a 3 minute video unless you want to claim and can prove prior initiation? If you claim you initiated please post a video proving your side of the situation.
  12. @Jamber why are you storing your hummingbird? You need to fly it back to get away from the island
  13. I am going to deal with this report however it will take some time creating a clear picture of what happened. I will act on evidence presented and as you were disputed instantly after this happened @Epic, and it was solved with Sammy Knight in support but not the other people involved, I expect to see your video evidence of this being a new situation. As of now the video shows you breaking NLR and going back to retrieve your vehicles in the redzone. @HenryP can you send me privately the whole uncut video so I can use that as a main timeline? The accused and accuser have 24h to post evidence or the report will be handled with the evidence provided.
  14. Compensation request accepted. 660 000£ added to your account at the 00:00 restart
  15. Zinner

    Encurage more ground runs

    I understand this is alot of work, but If the devs or community board needs any assistance please let me know. I can't sadly help with the dev part but I can help with going through the map and draw locations with explanations to why it should be there. I think adding this small change can benefit everyone on the server with very few negative consequences.
  16. @Adir I will continue with the compensation request base only on what I see unless more evidence is presented for the rest of the 300 000£ The comp request will be completed and closed at 19:45 tonight. If you have any evidence please comment it here
  17. @Adir 900 000£ sounds a bit high as I only see 660 000£ of value. Do you have anything to justify that amount you are asking?
  18. Zinner


    Sorry for the essay. You present some good sudgestions here, but some of them I believe will reduce the quality on the server. Combat rewards: Rebels Combat is an important and fun aspect of Arma 3 roleplay. Every roleplay server needs to find a balance between roleplay and combat. On PhoenixRP we already have rewards for combat with cartels, pop ups, air drop and 25% of the map is a redzone which also includes one of the best runs on the server. Combat is already rewarded and alot of players come to pop ups, cartels and the redzone(well not so much the redzone except the cartels and advanced rebel). This proves that people think the reward are worth the risk and fun to do. If you have as sugested no NLR in these areas boths sides will end up loosing if they regear 2-3 times and pay 500 000£ for their gear and spending more than they get as a reward. All good things must come to and end, even combat. Combat rewards: Factions These rewards are for the rebel gangs and factions should not get rewarded for that. The payout is based on the risk you put into it. A Faction with free/discounted gear does not really risk anything in these situations and should not be rewarded either. Factions are there to create a dynamic and enviroment on the server and if factions got the same rewards as rebel gangs, they would start behaving as rebel gangs and neglecting the reason why the faction is there. This is already happening from time to time as it's not a rare sight to see 12 APC or HAVOC on the server with 8 of them in an orca flying back and forth from pop up to cartels. Dying and regearing and then going to another cartel. This means that there are only 4 in your factions RPing with other playeres and that is not enough. 2 patrols in the whole APC lands or 4 guys covering CP and patroling HAVOC is to few. It's difficult for players to interact with factions if they are continously are in combat zones. Something to consider to Gang Leaders and Faction Command: Combat is fine as it is, it is rewarded good and the risk is high. I would rather see some rewards for Roleplay as that needs a little boost as the mindset of the players on the server right now does makes it hard to RP. Factions/gangs are initiating on everyone for almost everything without any RP goal or reason to go by. Rebel gangs: Who are you rebeling against HAVOC, APC or both? Who/what are you fighting for, the civilians, fellow rebels? I don't think any rebel gang has thought about that as it seems like every person you see is fair game no matter what. I am a rebel I have a gun. If it is illigal I do it because I am a rebel..... APC/HAVOC: Let RP evolve and take chances. Your gear is free/discounted for a reason. RP can evolve if you give people time. Most situations so far starts with "Hands up or you'll be tazed" or "hands up or I'll knock you out" as you are either wanted, suspected of being seen with a weapon or driving near a drug dealer or illigal location(most of the MSR). This does not go for all APC/HAVOC though but it seems like rebeles have given up RPing with factions as most of the interactions start with tazers/knockout/shots and restraints before RP starts even though the suspect is not being threathening or has actually done something wrong. Please intract more with the players all over the map then jump from cartel to cartel. Based on what is hapening on the server I would not reward any more combat. I do however +1 these sudgestion: - Able to change gang names, without disbanding. - Add an Air Garage at Salt Flats (HAVOC Lands) - Move the BANK to another location where FPS is not aids, preferably Domes but anywhere else which has a good compound and doesn't kill your frames can also do - JSRS Soundmod (You can play on the server with or without) - More events (there has been a reduction in them, hopefully, this can change) - Move evidence locker to inside a PD, (and this PD should not be a blue zone) - Add more to the top left of the map (runs, I don't know another cartel) - Allow civilians to buy placeables, create more roleplay scenarios can be fun, (can ban if people abuse it or troll with it) - Should be able to buy 1 door, brick houses
  19. Zinner

    Player Report - HooD / mudda fukka - 04/06/19 - Altis Life

    After reviewing the evidence it's clear that you RDMed. You were not visible when attempting to initiate, you did not give Roy enough time to comply with the "hands up" demand as he is obying your first command to step out of the vehicle without a weapon. And last but not least there is no direct threath made on their life. Embers is trying to be nice here by giving medics time to revived him so you did not have to comp him. However that does not mean he should not be comped If he has to force bleed out for what ever reason. Judging by your history and the fact that you attempted to resolve this I am going to be lenient. 5 day DSC ban will be given to HooD/mudda fukka for RDM.
  20. Zinner

    Player Report - HooD / mudda fukka - 04/06/19 - Altis Life

    @HooD If you RDM someone, you are expected to compensate them. You are in this report making someone wait a long time to get revived so you don't have to compensate for your own server rule break. And then denying him comp as he force bleed out. Him bleeding out does not change the fact that you RDMed him. @Embers please send me the evidence so I can review it.
  21. Ban issued to Ivanosky for RDM as there was no valid initiation. Player report accepted
  22. Zinner


    Do you mean add a chance to keep the vehicles when you chop them? pretty sure the Community Board declined that the last time. Enjoy the vehicle when you have it but we can't have alot of civs suddenly driving around in striders/hunters and police cars if they kept them when it was chopped.
  23. based on the evidence I can partially see in your logs I can only compensate 210 000£ Compensation request accepted 210 000£ will be added to your account at the 00:00 restart march 30th
  24. Compensation request accepted 900 000£ will be added to your account at the next restart
  25. Zinner

    Hans Ubermensch's Comp request

    compensation request accepted 550 000£ will be added to your account at the next restart