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    Teacher, Staff Lead @PhoenixRP and a pistol marksman. I spend my time at the gun range, in front of my computer or with my french bulldog Alfred.

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  1. Happy new year members of PhoenixRP. I hope you all had a good celebration. My wife and me celebrated at the hospital where she gave birth to a beautifull and healthy baby boy.

    This means I will be abit harder to get a hold of in the future espesially on TS. However If you need anything please contact our staff/support team or contact me on Discord or forums directly.. 

    I wish you all a good 2019 and look forward to a New year with you on PhoenixRP..

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    2. Zinner


      Thanks guys :) II'll see you on the server soon. I think you will find me yelling less as a warrent officer now 😛

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    4. Wallace Smith

      Wallace Smith

      Congrats! 😁