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    Teacher, Staff Lead @PhoenixRP and a pistol marksman. I spend my time at the gun range, in front of my computer or with my french bulldog Alfred.

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  1. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Crazed - 06/18/18 - TeamSpeak

    Your appeal has been declined due to your ban has expired. Welcome back
  2. Case resolved in support. Player report declined and closed
  3. You can also rob them when they are knocked down (shift+g)
  4. Zinner

    Warning shots

    According to the rules failure to land means you can open fire on a heli that you warning shot. When you land you are no longer in the heli and need to go by the normal initiation which is a threath to your life in direct chat with a visible leathal weapon.
  5. @Max what is the support case number?
  6. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Eren - 06/15/18 - Altis Life

    This is your first rule break on the server and you also tried to contact staff two hours later. Remember that you can also use Discord on your cellphone to contact staff if things like this happen. Your appeal has been approved. Welcome back
  7. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - [K] CPT_Haze - 06/15/18 - TeamSpeak

    @CPT_Haze The admins are here to help the community and disrespecting them and verbally attacking them is not acceptable. The admins did not gang up on you, they want to protect other community members from your toxicity. If you think saying what you said is OK as long as it was behind his back, you are way off. You should never have said it your reason to be unbanned show no regret or understanding that this is not acceptable. This appeal has been denied due to insufficient reasons to be unbanned. You don't think you have done anything wrong and don't regret it. I can then not let you back on TS so this happens to someone else.
  8. Thanks for reminding me @Alexander Appeal closed - timed out
  9. Zinner

    PhoenixRP | The young admin mission.

    I feel left out. Why am I not the older brother? Please edit me in it
  10. @ollyjns 24h to respond or the appeal will be closed
  11. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Chang Ling - 06/10/18 - TeamSpeak

    Music Bots/Voice Changers - These are not allowed in any channel where the occupants of that channel do not agree. These may be used in private channels with permission of all occupants. Using these to annoy/troll other community members will result in a ban from our TeamSpeak server. This is the rule. If you are in a public channel it is not allowed. Staff is not allowed either and please remind them of that if this happens again. If you use it, all occupants must give their permission. It is not allowed just simply because no one objects. Make sure not to do this in the future. Your appeal has been Approved
  12. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Bill Steel - 06/04/18 - Altis Life

    @Bill Steel I received information that you and your friend RDMed from multiple staff members who watched you. You were also banned on TS for jumping into HAVOC channels asking about your appeal and refusing to leave when they were in a RP situation. You do not know what you did wrong and you do not seem to own up to it or regret it at all. Ban Appeal Denied
  13. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Madhead - 06/04/18 - TeamSpeak

    If this was another Game Ban I would not have looked at it Madhead. You have several warnings and bans for your behavior in this community. Sins this is a TS ban and you still play on our server I will approve the appeal but you need to think before you act. If something like this happens again it will be a permanent ban and it will be hard to appeal it.
  14. Your appeal has been approved. However I must point out that PhoenixRP does not tolerate names like that. Please read our community rules and follow them in the future.
  15. Your altislife ban has been approved and I can not see that you are banned on TS. Are you still unable to connect to Teamspeak?