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  1. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Nathan Fatty - 02/20/19 - Altis Life

    I talked to you about server rules, giving you a last warning and said that future rulebreaks might end up with a ban being issued minutes before you did this. In that conversation I also stated that you have been warned multiple times and it seemed like you had not read the server rules at all. I urged you to read the rules and said if you need help join our support rooms. You then comited suicide, bleed out and respawned 200m from where you died and went back to the exact place where you died. You have either not read the rules or you don't care about them. Used this 3 days to read the rules and make sure you understand them. Ban appeal declined. Read our server rules
  2. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Blaine - 02/20/19 - Altis Life

    Sins this was your first rulebreak and the fact that your friends tried to resolve it in support I will give you another chance hoping your friends will influence you to do the right thing in the future. If you break any more rules you might end up being banned again. I advise you to read through our server rules before you start playing and if you have an accident in-game don't hesitate going to support and attempt to solve it. Ban appeal accepted
  3. @maiko When dealing with verbal abuse or discrimination I look at the chance of this happening again if you were to be unbanned. The fact here is, you were banned less then a month ago for saying the exact same thing. It seems that you do not learn from your past mistakes and I believe this will happen again if you were unbanned. Ban appeal declined.
  4. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Kooki - 02/19/19 - Altis Life

    You were disputed in game for RDM and failed to come to support. Due to you not showing up in the support case a player report was put up against you. This was reported on Friday and you were banned on Sunday. I see no reason to unban you as this is not a wrongful ban. You will stay banned until February 21, 15:20. I advice you to read through the rules before you rejoin the server as you state in your appeal that you had valid initiation/reason. In the video you had no initiation at all. Ban appeal denied
  5. @Hunt3r That adds up to a total compensation of 1 018 250£ You also have a stealth balaclava but this will not be compensated with 350k-500k. I will give you a balaclava with night vision when I see you online. Compensation request accepted
  6. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Daniel Coleman - 02/16/19 - Altis Life

    You drove over multiple people in the greenzone and when confronted by an admin you lied about it. I don't think you deserve to be unbanned at this time. Feel free to reapply in a few days. Ban appeal Declined
  7. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Turtle - 02/18/19 - Altis Life

    The steam ID 76561198799125711 is not banned on our systems. Was anyone who were banned in your group playing on the same network as you? @Turtle130
  8. Compensation request accepted after actioned player report. 371 500£ Will be added to your account at the 16:00 restart
  9. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Daniel Coleman - 02/16/19 - Altis Life

    Please provide a 17 digit steam ID @A_STONED_FOX
  10. Zinner

    Player Report - Fahad - 02/16/19 - Altis Life

    The accused was not disputed due to him disconnecting right after he fired upon you making this RDM and combat log. Player report accepted 5 day ban issued to Fahad
  11. Zinner

    Player Report - Tom - 02/16/19 - Altis Life

    Player report accepted. A 3 day ban issued to Tom for RDM.
  12. Zinner

    How do i know if i have been accepted?

    You should get a message
  13. Zinner

    extra to gang wars

    Nah. Gang wars are gang wars. The gangs risk a lot doing it for a high reward. Letting Factions get involved is not to the community's best interest. This gang event should be rebel gangs only.
  14. PhoenixRP does not compensate scheduled restarts. We only compensate server side issues or rule breaks after actioned player reports. I am sorry for what happened to you, but it's not a situation where we issue compensation. Compensation request declined