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  1. Player Report - [MSS] Peter Johnson - 10/22/17

    @Tim player already serving a T2 ban with 20 days remaining.
  2. Ban Appeal - Peter Johnson - 10/21/17

    This is not your first ban. But it is your first sever one. I will change the ban to a T2 with a 30 day ban.. Ban appeal declined but it is changed to 30 days. Player will be banned until 16.11.2017 13:52 Ban appeal denied, but changed to 30 days
  3. Ban Appeal - Peter Johnson - 10/21/17

    @Peter Johnson I want to let you join the community again, but an unban after 1 week no matter what you duped is to soon. Please give me 24 hours to review this appeal.
  4. BlackFish

    Cpt. Zinner bid 20 000 000£
  5. Player report - Rengo 10/17/17

    Report denied - Withdrawn by reporter However I have to point out @Rease and @rengo that after 3 min with no shots the combat ends and you have to re initiate unless you are in a chase. Unless this is combat revieving, initiation is clearly over and this is RDM. If a medic revieves in combat or after DNR has been said contact our support or staff members. Closed
  6. Player Report - @Dimo @Kazuhira - 10/20/17

    Report Denied - wrong identities @Ken Barlow do you have this video in 720 or 1080p? I can't see the names in chat at 360p. Make a new report or contact me on TS with a higher resolution video.
  7. Congratz on the promotion :D well deserved :)

  8. Can anyone from management add another perk to Birdy please? @Harry @Conner Merlin and our newest management @Kayle Ravelle
  9. Have this been fixed @Birdy?
  10. Moonshine - Escalation

    Freddy, the guy who build the moonshine still, is dead and his remains lies uncovered rottening in the at his small farm in the sump as a warning of what happends to those whom defies HAVOC. Glory to the East!
  11. To me that video does not show any lag. It shows GPU lag when recording and you turning left into Lindo, speeding up and keep turning right until you hit a wall and Lindo explodes. Closed
  12. Accepted It does not say in the rules that you have to apologize, but it makes it better for you sins then the incident don't end up here. 3 days ban for VDM in greenzone
  13. @SharkeishaBrown could you get Tyrone Brown to come to the forums? I see that it is him driving the car and I would like him to comment on this.
  14. Compensation Request - REKKMASTERXD - 10/17/17

    Declined - Evidence no longer available

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