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  1. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Papa jones - 12/11/18 - Altis Life

    Lag and glitch is not the same thing. Lag does not make you invisible either, it make you rubberband or look like you are teleporting a few meters. That is not what is happening here. I will discuss this with management and give you a reply when we come to a conclusion.
  2. Ban appeal accepted. Please remember in the future that staff is here to help our members. If they contact you about an issue it is to help another community member. Please treat them with respect and let them do their job.
  3. You are not banned for disrespect. You are banned as a staff member used his right to limmit your access to our services. The reason for it was that you threathen to revenge report a staff member dealing with a rulebreak you were involved in. If a staff member is involved in a rulebreak I would like to have that information with evidence so it van be dealt with. However If the staff member broke rules or not will not assist your appeal as that does not justify threathening staff or revenge reporting anyone. This is not about a heated discussion where you disrespected someone. This was a calculated threath to report a staff member so he would not deal with your case. Staff is trying to do a job here and you activly attempted to prevent him. I would like you to explain in this appeal why you should be unbanned again as what you wrote in the appeal does not match up with the reason you are banned @Majood
  4. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Papa jones - 12/11/18 - Altis Life

    Correct steam ID: 76561198061373651 Do you have any recording of what happened when you were banned? What we see does not add up with your explanation. An explanation that has now changed from lag to a glitch in the black market. We see you as invisible and we if this was a glitch or a server issue we would have been aware. Unless you can provide any evidence to back up your story I don't feel comfortable unbanning you.
  5. Zinner


    Thanks @Retro Lad I've been to busy to read this section I really appreciate it
  6. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - [APC] Fierce Bifta - 12/10/18 - Altis Life

    This is a case of abusing the jump script. If you have seen others doing it they are also abusing it. If you claim an admin did this to gain an advantage I am very interested in evidence and feedback on that situation. Exploiting is using an in game mechanic to gain an unfair advantage. Jumping over the wall abusing the jump script is on of those unfair advantages. I assume you were following someone or fighting someone on the other side of the boarder in this video. I am going to reduce this ban to a 3 day DSC based on your appeal. However you have to remember that you have been previously banned and have to follow our server rules. Any rule breaks in the future will lead to permanent ban. Ban appeal Accepted, reduced to 3 day DSC.
  7. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Drafts - 11/27/18 - Altis Life

    I am going to accept this appeal but you will be closely watched. If anything suspicious happens you will be banned again. Ban appeal accepted
  8. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Drafts - 11/27/18 - Altis Life

    You have one ban for money duping. Which was appealed and accepted because you Said youbwere given the money. And the you have a ban by our anti cheat system. But that seemed to be a mistake. I'll check the logs from when you were banned earlier and I'll finish the appeal tonight.
  9. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Drafts - 11/27/18 - Altis Life

    @R4zkyy I have to do a bit more digging in logs as it seems you have multiple forum accounts and multiple bans for hacking including a ban from our filters. Could you explain why it seems like you have multiple accounts on our forums?
  10. Zinner

    Robbable Destroyer

    This is not a bad idea. Would give sea units more to do aswell.
  11. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Drafts - 11/27/18 - Altis Life

    I don't quite understand the grounds you appeal on. Are you appealing on the grounds that you did not cheat and is innocent and received a wrongful ban? Or are you saying you have changed and will not use cheats again? @R4zkyy
  12. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Roemer - 12/02/18 - Altis Life

    Due to no valid reasons to be unbanned in the appeal and note responding to the follow up question within the time limit, your appeal timed out. Ban appeal Declined
  13. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Roemer - 12/02/18 - Altis Life

    The date of your ban was September 14th. You were then banned for combat logging after you had appealed your last ban for RDM and combat log on August 13th. You don't have a good history when it comes to following server rules Roemer. You have appealed your bans 3 times and still you don't follow them. You even broke a rule which you previously was banned for. What is different now? What has changed sins you now after multiple bans decide to follow our server rules? @Roemer24h to respond or the appeal will be closed
  14. Zinner

    Ban Appeal - Fallen - 11/26/18 - Altis Life

    I have discussed this with a few other admins and we have decided to give you another chance as you do seem to regret your behaviour and you are trying to apologize for it. This was however your second ban for racism. PhoenixRP does not tolerate any discrimination. This is your last chance when it comes to discrimination. If you do this in the future you will be permanently banned and appealing it will be difficult as you now receive a final warning and you are aware what consequences your actions will have. We are a gaming community where people come to have fun. If you keep ruining our members experience with racist remarks we will be forced to take action. I suggest logging off TS and in-game if you get so mad that you can't control what you are saying in the future. Ban appeal accepted. Don't throw this chance away.
  15. Zinner

    Player Report - MCshizzel - 11/30/18 - Altis Life

    The accused has been explained why sitting inside a helicopter while having your weapon lowered and running around does not fit the requirements of beeing at a clear disadvantage in the value of life rule. It was 1 on 1, both were armed and not clear disadvantage in positioning. I can not define this as a clear disadvantage and Therefor not a clear falied value of life. I would be carefull in the future though @MCshizzel report declined