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  1. Introducing... NCA

    HAVOC and APC can already, according to the treaty, preform operations in each others teritories. It has to be approved by your faction command sins you can't realy have a PC or a Corporal commiting acts of war without orders
  2. Ban Appeal - Nick Batsbak - 01/12/18

    I do have to say that your RP have improved alot sins you first got here and your early ban history does not reflect you as a player. Wr do however have strict policies when it comes to breaking server rules. You need to be carefull in the future. The next ban step is a tier 3 wich is a permanent ban. I advice you to you is to RP with good friends and keep improving your english. Unban appeal accepted and actioned. Welcome back to the server.
  3. £49965400 (£50MIL) Giveaway / quitting.

    Damn Harry sure you're leaving? I'll miss you. Good luck with what ever you are doing:) I hope I'll are you again PS: - Peaky Blinders
  4. Ban Appeal - Martin Eliasson - 01/12/18

    I would only unban a VDMer If it is a clear cut car accident. In your video you run over a guy in kavala greenzone(VDM 1), and that handbrake turn swirling in both lanes does looks like you intentionally break to get the cops to bump into the back of your vehicle to disable them (VDM 2). Sins your own opinion is "I did nothing wrong" you need to server out the ban. Running someone over or making cars crash into you is VDM and is not allowed on PhoenixRP.
  5. Ban Appeal - Nick Batsbak - 01/12/18

    I am still discussing this with the parties that is going to be involved if Nick gets unbanned. Please be patient
  6. Ban Appeal - 7 l Lil Topz - 01/09/18

    That cleared it up. Thanks Nick. For breaking the same rule multiple times and how you acted after the ban was issued I can not say that you have learned not to breake rules or will change. Use the rest of the ban to read up on rules and think about how you should act in different scenarios. Ban Appeal Declined
  7. Ban Appeal - 7 l Lil Topz - 01/09/18

    Fun goes both ways. That is why we have rules everyone must follow. Still need @Nick comments before I can handle the appeal.
  8. Ban Appeal - 7 l Lil Topz - 01/09/18

    The 3v1 rule is in the Police handbook. It is not a server rule. The server rule is that you need to comply with their commands If you are at a clear disadvantage. You have been playing here for a while and should know that. @Nick any input here?
  9. @FoxHound or @Conner Merlin could you check logs? I don't have access yet
  10. Ban Appeal - vo | Original 04/01/18

    Your player has been wipes back to a fresh player. Appeal - Accepted
  11. Ban Appeal - golds - 01/07/18

    Your player will be just as you left it when you get back. Beware that if you break any more server rules the bans are extended. The next step is a T2 which is 90 days. Sins you are ok by serving the 14 days I will deny this ban appeal. Ban Appeal - Declined
  12. Ban Appeal - Attach - 01/07/18

    I have been informed that the rule breaks performed in this video already has been solved. I do not think a ban is necessary here as you know what rules you broke and what you need to do differently in the future. Be sure to follow their commands if you are at a clear disadvantage. Ban appeal - Accepted
  13. Player Report - vo sponge - 01/05/18

    Ok Player report declined due to lack of evidence
  14. Player Report - vo sponge - 01/05/18

    I need atleast a 3 min video to go with this report. @Revenant you have 24h to comment or upload a video or I will have no choice but to decline this report due to lack of evidence.
  15. 4.1 Initiation

    To be honest it's less likely they value their life If you are not visible. What If your weapon is a rook and you are initiating on a guy with lvl 4 vest and helmet armed with a 5,56. He has the upperhand, but does not know it sins you are not visible. And also to have it balanced the one initiating should be exposed. You have a choice, initiate or walk away. The guy getting initiated on has no "walk away" option. I think the "be visible" rule balances initition and encurrages RP other then "hands up or you'll be shot". But this is a good discussion to have:)

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