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  1. Joe Fisher


  2. Kazz

    • Kazz
    • Zinner

    admin zinner

  3. The real Matty ✔

    one of the nicest person I've ever met keep in contact mate

  4. Kazz

    • Kazz
    • Zinner

    :( papa

  5. Fulton

    • Fulton
    • Zinner

    See you soon Zinner!!

  6. Kevin

    • Kevin
    • Zinner

    Thank you @Zinner ❤️ 

    1. TeddyBear


      This is gonna be a big loss! Thanks for all the good moments and good talks!

  7. Zinner

    Big Up the Devs

    Biiiig +1 great improvement guys
  8. Professions levels set to their correct value Compensation request accepted
  9. Zinner

    Compensation Request - Pthom - 12/21/19 (Altis Life)

    I added the XP to your levels. I also included the extra xp you got from the missing gathering skills as you were already 500 on mining. Compensation request completed
  10. Compensation request accepted Gathering level is now changed.
  11. Zinner

    Compensation Request - Alex Gammon - 03/09/20 (Altis Life)

    your level has been changed to prestige 5 lvl 50
  12. Zinner

    Compensation Request - Alex Gammon - 03/09/20 (Altis Life)

    Sorry @Alex Gammon I've been on holiday and preoccupied. Could you re post the evidence as the link is not working for me.
  13. Zinner

    Ambulancing away (wee woo wee woo)

    Damn @Hector really sad to see you leave. So I'll just say aufwiedersehn as I hope we will see each other again at some point. Had a great time watching you in admin cam xD
  14. Zinner

    Just some venting

    I welcome Theo to this role as the situation has not been good for us in management either. I have full faith in Theo to help solve the issues we have.
  15. Ryanm__

    i have the sponsor role in ts but not in game do you know why i dont have it in game 

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    2. Ryanm__


      i havent tho but ok 


    3. Stephen


      @Ryanm__ Fixed, I see you also donated twice in the span of a few hours so I've also fixed the amount of days you will receive sponsor for.

    4. Ryanm__



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