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  1. Ban Appeal - JoshDF - 03/16/18 - Altis Life

    You have hoften 2 bans for RDM in less than 4 hours. You will get a third chance, make sure not to throw it away. Appeal Accepted
  2. Ban Appeal - JoshDF - 03/16/18 - Altis Life

    You have been playing for 4 hours on our servers and in that time you got 2 bans. I need an answer on these two questions to consider unbanning you. 1. What sort of gameplay is it that you seek on our servers? 2. Have you closely read and understand our server rules?
  3. Hello @4lpha The admin who banned you has stated that you drovein front of, arround and into a HEMTT about 5 times. That is why you were banned. This unbanappeal does not show that you understand what you did wrong or that you won't do this in the future. Ban appeal Denied
  4. NLR

    Thanks for the constructive addition to the discussion @Fonzey ..............
  5. NLR

    I think and this is my personal meaning and interprication of the rule. If a Police or rebel died at a bank robbery the selling of the gold is still the same situation ergo they can not be called in as backup. I also think that is how this rule should be read and that it makes it fair on both parties. But I do appriciate that we discuss these rules:)
  6. NLR

    Well that is a good question. If every cop dies how do they know the bank has been robbed? They breake NLR by remembering what happened. If there are cops still alone following the transport or watching them it is still the same situation and they can not return. The only exceptions is if the Police catch you in a different situation. Lets say you drive an ifrit and they spot you going to the dealer.
  7. Player Report - Nick Coca - 03/08/18 - Altis Life

    @Thomas White is this something you are up for?
  8. Ban Appeal - Rickson Jackethead - 03/08/18 - Altis Life

    Please be carefull not to do this or break other server rules in the future. This unban appeal has been accepted. Welcome back
  9. Player Report - Nick Coca - 03/08/18 - Altis Life

    @Nick Coca got anything to add here on why you logged of while Police was in your house?
  10. Rule Changes

    This rules looks like they are build around the role as a robber. You can now shoot vehicles without initiation and you are allowed to slingload vehicle without RP. Single player initiation for VDM and RDM which will lead to discussion in support if the VDM was intentional or not and If the following death was RDM or not. I think these rules will make it unbalanced for the unarmed civ. And cause alot of confusion in support
  11. Ban Appeal - stijn - 03/07/18 - Altis Life

    You recieved a full player wipe. Gang funds is not affected by that. You are free to use those 4 mill to get started again. Perhaps help your other gangmates aswell @stijn
  12. Player Report - Fleur Knight - 03/03/18 - Altis Life

    Here is the thing @Moh Lester the server only compensate when there is a server side issue or a player has broken server rules and are banned. I agree that the RP banks should not require documents and the reward should be based on the quality of the RP. However this is not a staff issue and should not be on player reports. I suggest you make an IPCC and solve it with police command there. Sins no server rules were clearly broken I am forced to reject the player report. But I do hope this goes to an IPCC so incidents like this can be discussed in the community and in police command. RP banks should be easier to do then combat banks and should be rewarded in my opinion.
  13. Player Report - Fleur Knight - 03/03/18 - Altis Life

    I would say that this is not the outcome I personally would like to see in a RP bank where they players have taken time to prepare and organize like they are in this video. If you are unsatisfied by the outcome by the bank this should go to an IPCC and not a player report if no server rules were broken. In player reports we deal with server rule breaks. I have watched through the video and I can not see where Fleur is meta gaming. Could you please give me a timestamp on where this is happening @[DGN] Stefan? I am also confused about what happened in the support case, Player reports is for server rule breaks and as @Moh Lester and @fleur has already discussed this was not fail RP or meta gaming. I can not see that in this video either even though in my personal opinion the police should have acted differently. In the end we do want RP banks so why not make it worth the rebels time. If no server rules were broken and you still think the police did something wrong this should have been an internal police issue and not a player report. The player report has been unlocked but only to reply to my questions. No further discussion.
  14. Ban Appeal - Tang - 03/06/18 - Altis Life

    your account has been wiped and you are now a fresh spawn. Be careful not to do this sort of things again. We use a lot of time balancing the economy. You have been unbanned
  15. Compensation Request - Madhead - 03/04/18

    Yes I can confirm this. I tried to add the license twice on statspanel but it did not work. If you look on stats panel admin logs the evidence from logs is posted there

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