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  1. So literally this guy hided his weapon from Rebel Gang (Vanquish) and they saw it,plus i saw it straight way .This is what I see at rp life as a medic Will record more ! I had plenty more funny moments than this one but didnt had a recorder . Hope you guys enjoy the video. http://plays.tv/video/59716eed34b4086167/what-i-see-when-i-play-as-medic-xd
  2. Looks an awesome idea.
  3. Awesome ideas ! Love it!
  4. My pleasure!
  5. Good to know @Kazz and @Jayyy If you guys need any help will be my pleasure to help you both.
  6. In my opinion staff should add a section with prices. Would be awesome! And would save us time! Dont you think? But anyway good job!
  7. Maybe because you duplicate the storage boxe in your inv ? And that one in your inv its fake...Buy another one .I´ve heard someone trying to do the same ...Bug exploits are forbidden..Just saying (I´ve heard when I was getting robbed and he hostage me at his house)
  8. I found out I cant join the interview of AMS when I was a civ. You guys should check that.
  9. Useless suggestion for sure and water dont even costs like 50$ or 5$ its like 1$ or less
  10. Thought the objective was to get xp
  11. I believe its easier to catch like tobacco and remove it again from the inventory.
  12. Thanks for the answer.
  13. My suggestion is when you join Phoenix RP there should be a popup like a board saying all the rules plus theres should be a scroll in that after that a button saying Agree with the rules and other called I dont agree which means you get instant kicked from the server .Simple as that .I think this is the best way to show newcomers the rules because most of them dont even check the forum ,as they usually only check when the got any problem like ban appeal or application ,etc... This suggestion if implemented in my opinion it will reduce the players who dont want to check the rules and now they are obligated to check them plus if they ignore them a ban with more days.I saw many ban appeals this days and most of them they make the excuse they are new to RP and they didnt know the rules . If you guys think this is a good suggestion please ,comment down bellow and leave a like
  14. I would like to know if the perk works while playing as a civ and if do I need to have a ziptie on my inventory?
  15. repack magazines

    +1 But -1 for the perk ,I dont see the point of adding that perk for a repacking magazine.