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  1. FlashPie

    Squeeze as much xp possible from processing

    I found out what he was trying to say.Literally when you take to the processing you just use one item at the time its lile less than one second for each one plus you allways get the 10 xp.
  2. FlashPie

    British Firm - Gang Recruitment

    Good luck! Btw nice name
  3. FlashPie

    Map Editors - Crowdsourced Map

    Pyrgos as main city is pretty sh*t.In my opinion Zaros should be the main town .I really like it .And the CP for havoc its too small for them.
  4. FlashPie

    Drivers/pilots license

    Poor ninj ! Dont bad to him!
  5. FlashPie

    New Economy + Wipe? Vote

    Can´t agree more with rulle. Server was doing fine a month ago .This changes destroy everything ! In my opinion many people left because of the change of Zaros ,I love Zaros more than Kavala but other people don´t because they are stuck and used to Kavala which is stupid to say that they dont want a change. About the Economy can´t agree more with Pugs to .Increasing price and lowering money income? Not a good Idea , at all!Literally in real life you buy a bottle of water for 1-5$ (example) just try to put the real life economy and wipe every account money and items or just go back to the old economy. Suggestion About people whinning for no wipe literally your thinking only on yourself not for the server this is all about RP not a server to show how rich you are! Getting started again with a nicely done real life economy(Dont need to put abuse prices, literally dont abuse on prices ! Water bottle 5$(Example) Driving license 1000$.Cars and stuff like that 10.000$ Just my opinion. Wipe it do it as good as real life because this is what a server suposed to be .Pretend that this is real life.This is just my opinion with a suggestion in the middle. Remember guys ! NO PAIN NO GAIN!
  6. FlashPie

    Leaving for Work

    As the title says im going to be off for about a month .(On August) Hope the server will be playable when I get back! Remember guys dont break the rule guys and enjoy this RP SERVER as much as you can! Bye to you all !
  7. FlashPie

    New economy + Working in HAVOC land.

    What you mean with this? @Matt
  8. FlashPie

    New economy + Working in HAVOC land.

    I´ve been at the teamspeak as well I checked some people asking on Support for management to talk about the economy at the moment.This change just made a big hole on the players presence at the game not really made them play more its a bit more the reverse.
  9. FlashPie

    Housing Super bug

    Thanks Tim! But still its kinda weird because one of the houses after I open the door im unable to close it but im not sure.When I get online Ill try. [Edit] Fixed it ! It´s okay to archive
  10. FlashPie

    Housing Super bug

    They actually dont open literally like if I wasnt the owner. (It appears the locked animation).
  11. FlashPie

    New economy + Working in HAVOC land.

    It can be developed easily like a driver license test which you need to pass it. And the driver license would cost like 40k and if you fail you could repeat it for 20k and maybe befora doing the driver license test (driving) you could answer some questions.
  12. FlashPie

    New economy + Working in HAVOC land.

    1+ Completely my opinion on the economy!
  13. FlashPie

    Housing Super bug

    So Ill be the most direct as possible bought 2 houses ... First house -Im not able to close the doors Second House-Im not able to open the doors Already relog ... [EDIT] After the restart cant get in or out(if i spawn there) in both of the houses.
  14. FlashPie

    Market values incorrect

    You´re kind right tho.
  15. FlashPie

    Market values incorrect

    You might help the admins putting the correct value in this topic .You can help them ,as they usually are busy and this isnt a big problem .

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