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  1. Ban Appeal - MK-1 - 10/15/17

    I can see that you understand what you did wrong and you are sorry and thats a good thing. Because i already dealt with your last appeal and declined it i will leave this one to another member of staff as i feel my judgement on this could come to being unfair, So make this fair could i ask if @Tim @Jeffers @Raymond Reddington @Ryan Wilson @Thomas Malteser @Jelle @Kayle Ravelle could look into this please and i would also advice looking at his old appeal because he has taken some of the points i mentioned into account.
  2. Ban Appeal - MK-1 - 10/11/17

    Denied The reason this is as followers. To my understanding you actively knew you were going to dupe the items, however if you had found out a way to dupe or heard of a way you should have contacted a member of staff and brought it to the attention. Because you admitted this @Victor has kindly already reduced this to a 14 day ban which was 3 days ago in, I believe that this isn't long enough for you be issued an unban because you haven't sat through half of it. Also the fact that your gear was wiped is standard procedure of any duper and cannot be reversed. I understand you want to come to this event however you still need to follow the circumstances of your actions
  3. Player Report - Aayaayron, Kelby - 10/10/17

    @Soldierofgames if you are in teamspeak what's your name and come talk to me in support
  4. Player Report - Aayaayron, Kelby - 10/10/17

    May I also without looking at the video because I'm unable to and going of what has been read. This doesn't sound like RDM and more like a prime example of power gaming / fail RP
  5. Player Report - Aayaayron, Kelby - 10/10/17

    Sorry to sound rude I don't believe we have spoken about this
  6. Ban Appeal - Goofy White - 10/09/17

    @Ryan Wilson what are your comments in this please
  7. Player Report - [RF] Dylan - 10/08/17

    https://gyazo.com/3bd08f6b98f8c8fd877486fdb1e22cf8 These are the chat logs. I will be honest without video of the situation i will not be able to do much in this case. However @Dylan Rebelston Takse this as a warning that you cannot just shoot anyone without saying anything to them or declaring them as a hostage. Declined - No video evidence situation is unclear warning given

    I have noticed since the change to Kavala the server Pop is up and a lot more hobo's with more stuff to do. +1 Ninj i could also say im enjoying this change
  9. LOA 2 weeks

    Just to make everyone aware that i am taking a personal break for 2 weeks maybe longer i will be back when it deems fit. Staff Leads and Police command have been notified. As in regards to NPAS while im gone BOSH is over looking everything.
  10. Player Report - [RF] Dylan - 10/08/17

    @Dylan Rebelston Could you please explain your side of events on what happened. Without evidence i would rather have a discussion on how it happened. The way this sounds at the moment is a fail role play due to the fact he isn't declared as a hostage and only was to rob so you have no right to shoot him.
  11. Please provide a player report that is more detailed and sufficient evidence. Also as far as im concerned this is actually a rule break and more a police matter . DENIED
  12. Player Report - Johnny Smith - 09/30/17

    @James Hunt @Chaffo @Peter Seeming that you guys are all involved in this situation / saw it happen it would be great if a video of 3 mins or more could be provided as @Zinner is correct in the fact that a Screenshot is not valid evidence for an RDM. If video cannot be provided then i will unfortunately have to close this case.
  13. Player Report - Johnny / ed miliband - 09/29/17

    @Ed Miliband has received 5 warning points and therefore been banned from the forums. He has received warning points in the past for rude content posted on the forums. Will try and resolve with you both in teamspeak due to the hostility between you both. Accepted Moved Locked
  14. Ban Appeal - [V] Dylan - 09/25/17

    In the Support Case he was calling Nick stuff like a cunt and a spastic. The case was originally started by nick with concerns with nick about comment he made about his mother during the week. he came to support saying it was earlier in the week and was at uni until now so he was reporting it. During the case he was rude towards nick and ninj and seemed really not to care about his comments and even admitted he did it. After a sly comment about nick being a spastic i chose to ban him after warning multiple times to calm down and watch how he spoke to people. After seeing that i banned him @Kayle Ravelle spoke to me and increased it to a T3 ban.
  15. Player Report - [T.S.A] Adam - 09/16/17

    @adam What what i gather in the video and from what you have read this is a rule break of 7.1 Value of Life - At all times you must value your life as if it was your last. If you're at a clear disadvantage, for example, a gun pointed to the back of your head whilstyou're looking the other direction, you must comply with their demands. No where in that rule does it say 3-1. In my eyes 2 people point guns at you and telling you to do something is a clear disadvantage and you should have followed this rule. I will also like to say, in more of an opinion, that you shouldn't have shot anyway because the medic was right there and shot shouldn't have been fired if is was in the way. You will be issued a 3 day ban for 7.1 Accepted Locked & Moved

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