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  1. Taru For Orca

    Its been stuck in my head for along time now what is the use in NPAS for the Taru Transport or The Bench Variant. I understand the Bench Variant is to be used for bench sniping for CTSFO in certain situations but they choose to use the Hummingbird because its harder to spot in the air quieter and more agile if they take shots. Meanwhile the Taru is heavy and not really practical in that situation. I under the Transport version is to be used to transport officers to locations and situations, The problem i find with this is that its too big to slow and too heavy and easy to spot and people target it. If we had the Orca to Replace both Taru Variants it would benefit the server and NPAS in different ways . Its Faster and more Agile it can land in tighter spaces opening up transport of multiple people to more remote locations Its stronger when under fire If it would replace the Taru Variants it would make the mission file smaller This is a suggestion for management and police command. It the most unused Heli and no one likes it. Thanks for reading and im open to feedback and your guys opinions Tom Stark ( Chief NPAS )
  2. Ban Appeal - Kappa Venom [SFU] - 12/25/17

    I am not longer a member of staff jord, however if you still need an opinion or input here it is. I believe the reason you got banned was the lack of respect and your disrespectful attitude towards players on the community and NinJ especially. At thetime you were the sort of Toxic little kid who would argue you and chat shit about nothing a bit like another jay Brean, I also seem recall you personally attacking me and thats one the reasons why i banned you. ( this happened long ago and i dont hold grudges so i dont care what was said) It isn't down to me to make the decision to unban you or not thats totally up to the staff steam i respect there decision fully.
  3. Ban Appeal - Tom Stark - 12/04/17

    I may also like to add in the video they talk about DDOS and IP grabbers and they werent punished and you can also in the end of the video they fail RP and Metagame by messaging me through the phone system. Is it really fair for me to be punished and them not?
  4. Ban Appeal - Tom Stark - 12/04/17

    Time Submitted: 08:17:24 PM | 12/04/17 Submitted By: Tom Stark (1180) In-Game Name: Tom Stark Steam / Player ID: 76561198042633169 Administrator who issued ban: Conner Merlin Date of ban: 12/04/17 In your opinion, why were you banned?: I was banned because i initiated on a moving helicopter as it took off and it was not classed as valid. What reason was given for your ban? Failed Initiation and 2.2 RDM - Random Deathmatch is not permitted. RDM is shooting and/or killing another player without the prior engagement of Roleplay. You must give the other party enough time to comply with your initiation. You must provide at 10 seconds as a minimum. Why should you be unbanned? Let me explain from my point of view. I saw this heli flew over me and landed in kore i drove over and saw 1 armed guy jumped in and attempted to stop it. I will agree yes it was rushed and looked really bad and i am sorry for that. Chunky Chips messaged me in teamspeak and i explained i would come to support when i am out of RP and he didn't care placed the report. I understand what i have done wrong and im sorry. It was brought to my attention that it was a T1 ban for the following reason, this situation and the one that happened saturday. This is my first ever banned and i understnad fully what rules have been broken i tried to resolve it with him also. I believe its also unfair that the ban is longer because of a previous situation that has already be dealt with and i am under limitations for. i am not asking for a fulll unban here just a possible reduction. Thank you for taking the time to read this yet again i am sorry. What platform / server were you banned on?: Altis Life (Server 1) Link to initial report (if applicable): https://phoenixrp.co.uk/topic/7556-player-report-tom-stark-120417/
  5. Player Report - Tom Stark - 12/04/17

    I would also like to say because i was in RP i couldn't come on a reborn. I came straight up to support and got told you had reported me on the forums. In your video also you are talking about IP grabbing. I was on Reborn In RP in a gunfight then had to talk to admins i advised you of all of this. I said to you in messages that it wasnt RDM which is what you originally stated and i explained i didnt RDM. I came straight up when that situation ended and sat in support tried to discuss it with you and ended up just getting into an Argument about it. What do you want from the player report I initiated on the heli as it was taking off, yes i see that is shit initiation okay sorry i would have explained it to you if you listened in support. https://gyazo.com/79fbe64176ee5e6eda7e39ed68b331a7
  6. Player Report - Tom Stark - 12/04/17

    I did try to resolve this with you in teamspeak, I explained to you that i was in RP on Reborn and would be up there shortly. And you put this report up
  7. Ban Appeal - V Lil John - 11/30/17

    I will not be dealing with you because it was justified in my opinion can someone else deal with this please
  8. Player Report - Ellisjuh Dutchman[KV149] - 11/17/17

    Actioned Regardless this is un acceptable and you will be banned for these actions
  9. Player Report - Ellisjuh Dutchman[KV149] - 11/17/17

    They are in prison so under no circumstances are you allowed to shoot them. No initiation, Fail RP, RDM. And many cop rule breaks. Please feel free to comment why you did this.
  10. Ban Appeal - Bosh - 11/16/17

    apology accepted. Please understand it’s a rule break and it’s our job to deal with them that’s why you ended up banned. We spoke for about 15 minutes of the outcome of this and decided it was far giving that it meant to be a perm ( I believe that’s a sorta grey area ). Taking your ban record it account it actually should be a Tier 2. The reason it’s a T1 is because you have kept your nose clean and haven’t been banned or in support, for the most part, and received punishments taking this into account and because the nature of what actually happened I think in my opinion this should ban 100% stick and you should wait it out. But that’s my opinion as I am not dealing with this appeal. @Thomas Lubanga your input?
  11. Ban Appeal - [Nexus RR] MK-1 - 11/15/17

    @Thomas Lubanga, I couldn't agree more with you I trusted a staff members view and banned you for this offence after receiving video however you didn't break this rule but it became apparent you did break another rule. I wasn't originally going to make a decision on that and i ensured you there is a chance you might not get punished for it. However after a discussion with @FoxHound we decided to remove the original ban of 90 days for "DPI Glitching" and re issue you with a [DSC] ban of 7 days, The reason because the rule is in black and white and has been for many months since i first joined Phoenix back in August. From the situation at hand your side could have gained a upper hand due to this and if this was the case the punishment would have been more, but because you didn't thats why its low. To have the excuse "everyone things its 1.5km so i thought it was okay" doesn't make it right just because others break rules does it make it right for you to break them too?
  12. Ban Appeal - [TITAN] Dennie - 11/13/17

    DENIED - If you are going to have piss poor RP on a RP server then is there anypoint me unbanning you? I trust Foxhounds Judgement alongside harry's. Also the fact that you didnt even wait a day before appealing your ban doesn't help. Sit it out mate
  13. Ban Appeal - [TITAN] Dennie - 11/13/17

    Can you upload a Video of what made you get banned please so i can investigate this.
  14. Ban Appeal - bengbob2k - 11/13/17

    You are not banned on our servers
  15. Ban Appeal - Thomas Murphy - 11/12/17

    Just waiting on an input from @Kayle Ravelle and i will decide the outcome

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